Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!



Today was a pretty darned good day.

I woke at 5:45am. I ran 40 minutes (almost 3 miles).

I watched football and had black eyed peas and rice for lunch.

After the Saints game I began making Lima Beans from scratch – with a healthy twist – No butter, no salt pork (pure fat) and less salt.

I had two bowls of that, I would say it was 8oz total.

I also had cran-water and water with lemon.

The ONLY bad thing was . . . I didn't eat dinner until 9:30pm.

All in all I was pretty satisfied with my day.


Tomorrow I am meeting a few folk for a ride around river road. One loop from where we are starting is probably 15 miles, flat.

THEN IT IS A DAY OF FOOTBALL!!!!! I love Jan. 1!!!!!!!

Even though it is a football day – No fried food, No fast food.

No sodas.

No more than 3 beers, of pint size.

I will also begin my half ironman training tomorrow. Woo Hoo!

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Kisses to all!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

First Day of my Daily Goal Setting, I give myself a B- . . .

Log – 12-30-2006

Creating smaller more definitive goals on a daily basis is much more difficult than I imagined. However it does make the day more interesting.

I always seem to pick great times to start a new “thing”. Today was one of the worst storms we have had all winter. It was 70 degrees and thunder storming! My neighborhood was flooded for most of the day.

This daily goal setting makes me think about my activities in eating and training with more intensity . . . I think that is the descriptive word I am looking for. What I mean is, when I woke, I immediately began thinking about every aspect of my day. I was unable to simply go through the motions, which required me to focus.

Focus is good.

So here is the day in a nut shell.

Woke 830am Storming!

Had Cranwater LLC

Had Lemon water

Had 2 ham sandwiches 1 16 oz glass of milk

Lunch 8oz cranwater

Dinner – Naked burrito Izzo’s –(sorry Rocketboy) Rice, Black Beans, Steak, Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream (light). Large – Sweet iced Tea.

I ran between the thunder showers. I ran 24 minutes. I averaged 14 minute miles.

I am going to bed early tonight.

I didn’t have any fried food or fast food! I did have sweet tea which isn’t good. No more of that.

I also only had two meals, two BIG meals. I need to have three smaller meals.

Goals For Sunday 12-31-2006

No fast food or fried food.

Have Healthy Meals – Eat 3 meals!

Run - 20 minutes

Eat dinner before 7:00pm.

Since it will be New Years – In bed by 12:02am!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

One Day at a Time . . .

One Day at time . . .

I have received several comments that have the same thread of advice in them. I am a planner. I plan all day long. I do it for a living and if I weren’t proficient at it, I wouldn’t have a business.

I plan an individual’s retirement plan . . . FOR THEIR LIFE. It is expected that I plan long-term.

The comments/suggestions have been to stop planning . . . So far in the future.

I doubt I will be able to stop since I have the next 10 years of my triathlon life already planned, but I get the idea my friends, you all that read my blog, are suggesting.

I need you help sticking to this.

Every evening I am going to set my goals for the following 24 hours! I will plan the simple aspects of my day, such as meals, training, what I won’t eat, etc.

Work with me on this.

I will post each evening and the also follow up with how the days plan transpired.

Here we go!

Saturday December 30, 2006

There is a weather forecast for heavy thunderstorms tomorrow, so I have to take that into consideration.

If it is not storming - Wake at 6:30am, ride river rd. from split 2 loops (22 miles)
Run the levee at river rd-20 min.

If it is storming - Wake 6:30am, run 60 min on LSU lakes.
Trainer 20 minutes

I will eat 3 healthy meals and 2 healthy snacks.
NO FRIED food NO FAST food!

NO Sodas.
I will have dinner BEFORE 7:00pm and nothing after.

There you have it. Tomorrow’s goals!

I will fill you in about 10:00 tomorrow!

Thank you and Peace, Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

New High

New High . . .

December 18, 2006

Dear Friends,

I have had several inquiries regarding my hiatus from blog posting. Well, my keen minded friends, most of your preconceived notions have been correct. I have been slacking and dreadfully so.

After a full tri season of 14 events, 2 duathlons, 12 triathlons and setting new PR’s
(personal records) and completing new, longer distances I think I lost it upstairs in the
mental part of this “new me” thing that I still can’t quite define.

I am royally screwed right now. I have reached a new PR that I am not so excited about.

I weight at this moment 423 lbs.

My previous high prior to my first triathlon was 421 lbs.

Last year I reached 362 lbs.

I can put weight on faster than . . . I don’t know anything faster? I am embarrassed and
upset. I have avoided my blog for that reason.

But today I am back. Thanksgiving – OVER. Christmas – OVER. No excuses about
“It’s a holiday!”.

I am just amazed! How does a person put on that much weight so damn fast! (I know
how, that was rhetorical)

Tomorrow is a new day and time to begin my new me thing again. I will continue doing
my new me thing until I am my new me.

2006 in review:

I had what I think was a great year. I did 14 races completed 3 Olympic distance
triathlons and had fun doing all of it! I turned a new page in my triathlon career, on the
annual USAT triathlon rankings, I was not DEAD LAST this year!!!! I was second to

I increased my mph on the bike from a 12.2 average in 2005 to a 17.1 average (my goal
was 15mph) I slowed on the run and I remained the same in the swim.

This year I have a lofty schedule. Less races but, not so much.

In may I will compete in my first ½ Ironman at Gulf Cost tri in Panama city. Then in
November I will compete in my first Ironman at Ironman Florida.

I will only do 4 other races in the year, but I am sure I will actually train more than I have

Here are my goals:

By May (Gulf Coast Tri) - weight 340 lbs
That is a loss of – 63 lbs

By Nov. (Ironman) – weight 290 lbs
This is a loss of 50 lbs.

I am going to also set weekly goals so that I have interim accomplishments.

Here is my Goal for this week:

Tuesday: Run 3 miles

Wednesday: Run 3 miles am – Basketball in pm

Thursday: Run 3 miles

Friday: Off

Saturday: Ride 2 loops at river road (approximately 22 miles)

Sunday: Ride 2 loops at river road and run 2 miles.

There are this weeks goals. The reason I am running so much this week is that I am in
Arkansas for early Christmas celebration and have no bike or swimming opportunity.

Thank you to everyone for your inquiries into my life while I took this dreadful hiatus
from my health.


Still in search of the new me!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Disapointment . . .

What a let down . . .

I am so disappointed in so much right now, mostly with myself.

As you all know today the clocks turned back an hour. I didn’t know this until last night when we had the informational session at the host hotel.

Then Amanda reminded me as well.

Last night I went over my gear, lubed my chain, re-checked my gear and got ready for bed.

I use a cell phone PDA called the 8125, by m cell phone carrier. I have had it for a short time. It is a good phone and it also keeps my calendar up to date and I can get my email and check the internet on this phone. It is great . . . Except for last night.

It was about 11:00 PM. I knew I had to reset the clock on the phone since I use it for my alarm. I did this, I set the alarm for 5:45 AM. This would give me time to shower, load my bike and drive 30 minutes to the race site. I don’t like standing around for 30 minutes or an hour before the race. I will not do that anymore!

I set the phone back an hour, set the alarm and watched a little TV, then went to sleep. For the first time I slept great before a race. I did wake up at about 2:30 and got sick a little, I think it was the pasta I had for dinner.

My alarm goes off. I instinctively reach over and tap it to shut it off. Get up stretch, shower, turn on the TV. I eat an energy bar.

I put on my watch. It says 7:03 AM. 7:03 AM!!!!!!!!!

I also moved my watch back an hour.

I grab my phone and there is a message on it that say it automatically reset my clock for me as a result of daylight savings.

My swim start was in 2 minutes. I was 30 minutes away and didn’t have my bike loaded.

I sat on the bed in disbelief. I am still in disbelief. I worked hard for this race and I am sitting in my hotel while it is beginning.

I am so sorry to all of you that supported me and gave me motivation for this event. I feel so horrible.

I was angry at first, but I only had me to be angry with. I should do like everyone in this sport and get there right when transition opens incase something goes wrong.

I am very sorry.

I am signed up for Gulf Coast. This is another half Ironman in Florida early next year. I will work hard for it and do well.

I have to forgive myself for this mistake and move on. While I feel bad and feel like I have let all of you down, I have to move ahead so I don’t fall behind.

I fly out tomorrow at 4:00 PM. I am going to ride the bike course tomorrow morning.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Eleven Hours . . .

Eleven Hours . . .

It is 9:42 PM. I am setting he clock back one hour. Daylight savings, or whatever. I am in good spirits.

I had a good dinner with my buddy Rocko and the informational session for the race was nice.

I aim to sleep well. I never do, however tonight is going to be different.

I will wake at 4:00 AM, check my gear, load up and head to the race site. After I set up
my transition site I will head up to Rocko’s room and nap for 30 minutes or so then get
mentally focused and head to he swim start.

I will finish around 3:30 PM and it will take me about an hour to get under control and
showered. The second I am out of the shower I will post and let you all know how I did
and that I am living!

Keep me in your thoughts.


Friday, October 27, 2006

30 Hours and counting . . .

30 hours and counting . . .

I am in Conroe TX. It is about 68 degrees and sunny. I am wearing a fleece jacket. I am happy!

It is said to be 40 degrees Sunday morning. High of 71 degrees! The Lord has answered one of my prayers today!!!!!!!! Let’s just hope he knows his Fridays from his Sundays! (Just kidding big guy)

As the start of the race becomes closer my muscles begin to tighten. I ran this morning, 3 easy miles. This afternoon I am going to drive the bike course and ride about 10 easy miles.

So, this morning I did it!


It you ask?

Shaved my body!!!! I know geeky, and it feels as weird as it sounds! If I had thought ahead I would have brought a BIG plastic trash bag, you know the size for your lawn to pick up leaves. I could have made so serious cash with the amount of hair I could have sold to a sweater making shop!

Instead, I have simply pissed off some poor hotel cleaning person. (I left a pretty good tip for my mess and the new vacuum cleaner they will have to buy)

Let me tell you how odd this feeling is. It’s odd!

I don’t have anything to compare it to so I’ll do my best to describe the feeling.

The shaving part was tough first of all. First I used my beard shaver/trimmer and took off the long hair. Then in the shower I lathered up with soap and went to town. I probably should have notified someone of what I was doing so there would be confusion if I were found dead in the tub as a result of the loss of blood. Poor women . . . Poor women.

I look real stupid right now out in public with Kleenex tissue stuck to the blood spots!!!!!

Once I was out of the shower it was instantly obvious this was new to me. As I tried to dry off, the towel just stuck to my body. I had to sort of pat try.

Then there was walking by the A/C. WOOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Cold!

Putting on my pants and shirts was wild! The clothing just flutters around me now, touching me in ways that some might find erotic. This is a whole new clothing wearing feeling.
THEN! There was the sunlight!

Once I hit the sunlight I began to see the infractions of my earlier work! I missed some serious real-estate!!!!!! There are long stripes going up the back of my calf, and worse from my elbow to my wrist I missed two big patches!!!!!!!!

I am first time shaving gone bad.

However I will say, it feel quite liberating. I feel lighter. I know I’m not . . . Well, maybe? While I think about it I did see about 4 pounds of hair around the bathroom! I know TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of you may be reading this and asking yourself, “why would he do this?”.

Great question. I have no idea.

I really don’t. I read about it I a tri article about 6 months ago and it basically said that it doesn’t improve you performance really, but it creates a unique feeling on race day. Well, I have to disagree with that article. It creates a unique feeling, INSTANTLY!

As I am writing I just noticed a new patch I missed, on my right wrist!!! HAAAA!

I need to give a shout out to my friend that sent me two mix tapes (isn’t it funny, I still call them mix tapes even though they are CDs!!!) just for the race. I have been listening to them non-stop. I am listening to them right now. This friend is the best Triathlete I know period. And she is smok’n hot! Thanks for the CD/s C.

My friends from the BRtri club are heading over tonight. My friends Bear and Momma Bear come over tomorrow. Race Packet pick up is from 11:00am until 6:00pm tomorrow and the lodge where the race is.

I thought about shaving my head, but I thought is the key there. I don’t know how much thought into shaving my body, but once you start, you really can’t stop. Stopping would be much worse. Much worse. (I did leave my chest hair)

I am in very good spirits. I am excited, but focused. I have confidence, but I realize it will be very difficult to finish and that finishing is all I am here for.

Thanks for ALL and I mean AAAALLLL of the positive emails and phone calls. Please understand this . . . Your emails and calls are the number one motivator for me in the endeavor I call health seeking. Thank you.

Well, I will try and write tomorrow about my pre race mental state. If I don’t forgive me, I am probably going over my check list for the four hundredth time.

Thanks again and I will post after race for sure.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Yes this Michelle Jones Pictured with your very own ME and the Incredible HEATHER FUHR!!!!!

T - Minus 6 and counting . . .

T – Minus 6 days and counting!

Monday – It is 4:15 in the morning. I am tired. I didn’t sleep at all. I am on my way out of the door to run.

My run will be 3.5 miles to the NAT (where I swim) then back home 3.5 miles.
The swim in between will consist of 3200 yards mix drills.


I will detail how it all went when I get back!!!

7:33 AM

WOW! I can only hope the weather is like this in Conroe next weekend. It was brisk and chilly, perfect for what I did this morning.

Got off on my run right at 4:22 AM. Took it easy the first mile to warm up. Once I made it to the lakes at LSU I picked it up to my top speed! Sadly the turtle I startled moved faster than me to make his escape.

I have never ran to the LSU Natatorium before. I wasn’t sure the best route so I simply ran the way I drive there every morning. It seems so much shorter when you’re in your vehicle.

About mile 2.5 I realize I was going to be tired on the way back home.

I have a friend who is an awesome Triathlete, she said something twice to me, once in a letter and once in an email.

She said when something negative comes up, acknowledge it, then let it go.

I put this into practice several times on the way to the pool and double that on the way home.

I twisted my ankle just a tiny bit on a curb, nothing bad at all. I acknowledged it and let it go.

Got to the pool right about 5:10 AM. Had to go to the bathroom the last mile, thank goodness I made it. I could just see calling home at 5:00 in the morning . . . “Yeah, hun, it’s me, can you a come bail me out? . . .What for, well, uh, public peeing.”

The pool has never felt better. I swam in the slightly heated pool. It was like magic. I headed straight into my 800 warm up, nice and easy making sure my mechanics were on time and smooth.
I have this one horrible problem in my crawl, I forget to kick. Sound ridiculous I know. I don’t mean I let my legs go limp and drag behind me, but I just sort of flutter my legs behind me, not really making them work. I actually have to remind myself to kick. I hope no one else has this problem.

After 4 sets of 100 descends, 200 kick, and 500 at just above race pace, and 400 at race pace, then another 800 cool down I was ready to run home.

After 3100 yards in the pool I actually felt ready to run, until I hit the out doors and realized just how heated that pool was. For the first mile I thought I might lose a nipple. I was pretty darn cold and anyone who knows me, realizes what a feat that is, to cool me down.

But it didn’t take long until I was hot and back to sweating like only a Boggs can.

The run home was definitely a mental test. I forgot to mention that my Garmin 305 registered 4.2 miles form my drive to the pool, so I was putting in 8.4 miles this morning with a nice little swim.

As I passed my Friends Gloria, and Scott’s house which was about mile 2.7 I was pretty pumped. My heart rate was in good shape, my breathing was awesome and my legs hurt like heckle and jeckle! I was ready to be home.

The sun was coming up and it was ending up to be a really pretty morning. I crossed Stanford and new I only had 1.3 miles to go and I began to get a second wind, too bad my legs weren’t in on that plan!

As I coasted in on my street I let out a short little woo hoo!

I thanked the big guy upstairs and headed straight for the dry clothes then the computer to make my post.

I will ride later today if I get back from New Orleans in time if not I will put in double time tomorrow.

Everyone, have a brilliant day!

I am off to shower and begin my day and make a difference, I am not sure how yet, but it will happen.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sevn Days . . .

Being fat seems so trivial . . .

I have a friend. Yes I do!

This friend has such a positive spirit and this friend has been very motivating to me in my effort to become healthy and lose weight through triathlon.

While it may be an infrequent occurrence, there are a few times I have allowed myself to give into self pity and self sorrow regarding my weight.

Today I realized how little my situation is in the world we live in. I can change. On my own with no surgery, no drugs, nothing but my own will. I can make myself into a healthy person through exercise, through effort, and focus.

I am one lucky guy.

My friend, she is going to have a mastectomy. She has cancer. She is 30. It is hard for me not to get emotional while writing this. I wish you all could know her. She is such a positive person with the strength of a lioness.

She doesn’t want me to feel sad for her. She doesn’t want me to pity her.

Do you know what she does want?

She wants to live through me over the next 3 to 4 months while she goes through the fight which as she says will be another notch in her belt.

My friend asked me to train for her.

She is doing Florianopolis, Brazil next year.

She wants to train through me and finish races through me, until she can get back on her training and on her feet.

Whoa. I will admit . . . this is pressure. I know how hard she trains.

I only have one race this season, but I will post daily for her to read. I will post the silly nuances that go on in my daily grind. But more than that, I will race for her this coming weekend. I will cross the finish thinking about her and as she put it, she will feel like she crossed right along with me.

On November 12, I begin my training for next year. A crazy year, 2 half Ironman races and then ending the year with my first Ironman in Florida.

Please keep my friend in your thoughts. I know she will be fine for the reasons I listed above, but kindness and positive thoughts always helps.
To my friend. You are loved for you and what you become everyday.

A very short report on my race yesterday.

It was awesome! I cut my time by 19 minutes from this race last year! This is a lot of time considering how short this race is.

From beginning to end I felt strong.

I even had a lot in the tank at the finish. Good thing since I am going to need every ounce of it this coming Sunday!

The best part of the race was about mile 1.5. A guy comes flying by and then starts walking. I catch up to him and he has stopped running to talk with me. He is a PT and shared his thoughts with me. We talked for a good 5 minutes. As he ran off to the finish he said this, “You are an inspiration to a lot of people, you should know that.”

When I began this effort or triathlon I didn’t do this for that reason, selfishly. I did this because I wanted to get better, healthier.

But each time I hear someone share that with me, it makes me smile. It pushes me to do better. When I hear a comment such as that I feel a commitment to those I inspire and I am beginning to realize something.

I am doing this for me, but there is another result here. I may be helping others?

My only hope is . . . That I don’t let you down.

Thanks to everyone for your kindness and your motivation.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Nine days . . . Nine days.

Nine Days.

Things happen.

It has been a tough two weeks. My favorite part of the training I haven’t been able to do. I have had a major ear infection that is today still fighting to stick around. My doctor has restricted my swimming and I am miserable.

I have been running and cycling, but the ear is not letting me train to my needs to complete the race.

I am keeping my spirits up and I will try and get enough in this next week to complete the race.

I have been prescribed physical therapy for my nagging calf issue. My doctor feels that there was at some point a tear in it and it needs to be worked with.

There you have it. “Things happen”.

I am remaining optimistic.

I am not an Olympic athlete. I am not going to place in my age group. I am going to finish.

One of my best friends from college, who I miss a great deal, said it best. He said “I know you will do great, you’re too stubborn to quit.”

I would say that about sums me up.

I race tomorrow (Saturday) in a very small sprint triathlon. I am looking forward to it.

Keep me in your thoughts the next nine days. Send me positive thoughts. I will need them and I will also need your thoughts and prayers on Sunday, October 29th.

I am going to attempt to post immediately after the half Ironman, but forgive me if I can’t.

On October 29th I will Swim 1.2 miles – Bike 59 miles – Run 13.1 miles. I will.

Have a great week!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

2 Weeks and Counting . . .

2 weeks . . .

You know, when I signed up for my HIM (Half Ironman) about seven months ago, it seemed like such a long, long way away.

Not so much today.

It is 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday. My little sister is getting married today and then she won’t be my little sister anymore. I have just returned from an 80 minute run around Ridgeland Mississippi and I can only hope the weather in Conroe Texas is the same as it was this morning, however with my luck or lack the of, it will be the opposite of this morning.

As I exited the hotel at around 4:05 AM, I was welcomed by a brisk cool morning with dew on the ground and I was happy. I began to run with a hop in my step that I haven’t seen in a while. After about mile 2 I began to think about Conroe and the two weeks between now and then.

I am doing a sprint tri next weekend in Lafayette. Amanda is participating in her first tri as a relay participant!!!! I am so excited! She has been training on her own, running twice as fast as me in her first day out. I am so excited, it was worth a repeat.

We depart for Texas on the Thursday before the race. Big D from the tri club is riding and staying with us. I love Big D to death. She is about (man I hope she doesn’t kick my butt) 40’ish, maybe 42’ish? And one tough mother!! I can only dream of having her body (only in the male version) when I am her age. She works had at it and it pays off.

I think a lot about how difficult the day will be and if I can hold up. After the 1.2 mile swim and 56 mile bike I think I will be ok. It is the 13.1 mile run after all of that which worries me. I know that after mile six my body, hips especially, will be in bad shape, but I will not give up. I am a little worried about the cut-off time. In my head the numbers work and I see myself finishing a good 30 minutes before the cut-off of eight hours.

I have also made one last resolution. After this weekend I am only allowed to think on the progressive side, the positive side. I am only allowed to see myself succeeding and doing so with style. Or just not crapping in my pants!!!

I believe in visioning and I will put the belief to the test in 15 short days.

I must admit, I have not trained as I would like to have, but I have trained to the extent that my body has remained intact. There have been days that I couldn’t lift my left leg to put on my pants because my hip was in such bad shape. I look forward to dropping to my goal weight. My thought is that I will not be in so much pain from the training aspect of the sport.

However I have to work with what I have right now and I am doing the beast that I can. I am in what is called the TAPER portion of my training. This is where I begin to lower the distance of my training and begin to push the speed portion until I get close to race day, where I let the body recuperate for the big, long, weary day.

This has been a journey.

Amanda stop asking me about a week ago . . . “Are you still going to do your Half Ironman?” I think she is finally grasping the fact that this is going to happen. I know she worries about me. I am not sure the Disney Tri and Medical Tent experience helped her.

That was the last question she has asked me regarding this race, “Is it going to me a Disney finish again?”

My response . . . “Likely.”

Thanks to everyone, Timbeux, Anne, Amanda, and everyone else for your thoughts and encouragement. I will take that with me on my journey.

Here we go!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Todays weight: 386

It's not 380, but it isn't 405!

Next weigh in: October 18th

Goal: 375

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Disney tri pictures

Pictures from the Disney Tri

ESPN for Monday night football: Saints vs Falcons!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Disney Olympic Tri. Whew, glad that one is over!

Cigars, Wrecks, Mickey Ears, Twins and an IV cocktail . . .

September 25, 2006 will go down as a day of fun, fear and fatalities!!!

Disney World Olympic Triathlon 2006 in Orlando Florida was a tough day for me and a few others. I would like to start this post out with a sincere prayer for a few people who had horrible crashes; one in particular was med-evaced by helicopter. When I passed him he was still unconscious on the pavement.

There were many complaints about this race, the bike course in particular. It was a little challenging and tight. I was run off the road about mile 17 by a group of no less than 15 people drafting.

There were no marshals on the course. Disney would not allow them on the course without training on the motorcycles. So there were, and I am not exaggerating, at a minimum 4 groups of between 4 and 15 people drafting the entire bike course. How sad.

I feel judgmental when I address this, however this was such an outright abuse of the rules of triathlon that I feel I should say something. That something is;

How can you feel good about yourself and cheat? How?

So what if your 3rd in your age group OR if you happen to win your age group, YOU CHEATED! OK, Enough of that.

My friend Pat (aka rocketboy) was here at this race with his family too. He was flying until he too crashed and bit it pretty hard. He destroyed his bike cracking the top tube to the point that he won’t be able to ride it again. He is OK, minus some bad road rash and a busted up knee, but it could have been much worse. He crashed at about 24 MPH.

My day consisted of:

“You know it is race day, cause you have diary.”

That was the quote of the day from Amanda, as I ran to a port-a-potty just before the swim start. I don’t know what it is that causes my bowels to get so twisted, but almost every race morning I have the (sorry for the graphic) runs.

A pretty good swim, however I am sure the swim was more than 1500m.

The day before the race Amanda and I were coming back from downtown Disney and we saw an alligator in one of the lakes. This bothered my wife. I assured her that I could take on any gator less than eight feet, “anything else, and let’s just hope I’m not the slowest swimmer!!!” I passed quite a few folk who started off really fast and faded faster. Coming out of the water we had a nice little ½ mile run back to transition. I was whooped!

As I transitioned into my cycling wear I was beginning to dread the 10k run.

Off on the bike. The course was a bit odd. I was holding 19 MPH the first 12 or so miles, and then I began to stress out about the 3 or 4 wrecks I witnessed and the two that I saw the aftermath. It was an out and back course with the last 4 or so miles running along side the cyclist heading out on the course. We are talking about 2 feet between you and the oncoming bikers.

That is where Rocketboy wrecked.

The last mile you rode opposite of the runners heading out for the 10k. Again it was a really odd bike course.

I hit transition and began to wish this was a 5k and not a 10k. I did make a decision during this 10k. I am no longer going to wear my grey shorts on the run. I am going to run with my tri shorts and not worry about my big buttocks.

It was H O T, hot.

About mile two I stopped slogging (slow jogging) and walked. About mile 3, my bro Rocketboy found me on the run course and kept my spirits up. About mile 4 I really didn’t think I could finish. I told Rocket this, but about 100 yards later I told him not to let me quit. He promised he would get me to the finish, and he did.

It was amazing that he seemed to know when I was ready to give up. I am guessing he could see it in my face, and each time he would get on me or remind me how close we were.

We entered Epcot and the tour of the worlds and I began to feel confident that I would finish. There were not many patrons in Epcot at this time of day but there were a few and one was smoking the NASTIEST cigar. He decided he would walk ahead of us as much as he possibly could have.

Then I began to notice twins in Mini Mouse ears. There were more than two. There were a few. Wow? Cool. I saw like three sets of them?

Then I began to lose it, just about France. It must have been the French music? I only hope it is not a fore shadow of my trip to France in November?

Niagara Falls . . . Enough said. I lost all my fluids.

There was somewhere around a mile and a half left and I was not sure I would finish. I began to cramp EVERYWHERE. I cramped in my neck?????? What is that???? Rocketboy continued to push me and then I heard it.

Cheers coming from around the corner. I knew I was close. I wanted to try and slog in, but after three slog steps, I was done and my right calf was locked up tight in one of the most painful cramps I think I have ever had.

I saw the finish. I was wobbling in and I know it must have been the ugliest sight of the day!!!

A new friend of mine “doughboy” from was there at the finish and so was another woman who introduced herself to me on the run, I wish I was coherent enough to remember, but she was AWESOME. I think, I am not sure, but I think I tried to slap her hand as I headed into the finish.

OK, until this moment I had never experienced the finish line flop. The, cross the finish and lose control of your entire body movement. Today was my day.

The poor volunteers, having to witness this and some even having to hold up this 390 pound body.

I was taken into the medical tent and soon found myself hooked up to an IV pumping in wonderful fluids directly into my veins. I was a sight for sore eyes. Once I learn how to download pictures off of my camera I will post the beautiful picture Amanda took of me in this predicament. It is a keeper!

We caught the bus back to transition, loaded the bike and gear up and I proceeded to take a 2 hour nap trying to recuperate ANY energy for the festivities of the evening, Meadevil Times!!!!!

If you have seen The Cable Guy with Jim Carey, you know why I needed to regain my strength. Let’s just say Rocketboy, myself and our wives had one heck of a time watching OUR YELLOW Knight conquer the evil knight and save the kingdom!!!!

All in all it was a good day. I don’t plan on doing this race again, unless they make a few changes, but again, all in all it was a good day.

More than 1500 people started this race and less than 1200 finished. I really hopr the man they had to take away in the helecopter is doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If anyone knows anything about his situation please post it on the blog.

I finished in 4:13:11. The two other Olympic size tri’s Memphis in May and Heatwave I finished in 4:45 and 4:06 respectively. I have a LONG way to go before the Ironstar ½ Ironman at the end of October. Keep positive thoughts coming my way for that race.

I ALMOST FORGOT!!! There was an 86 year young gentleman racing too! He finish about 15 minutes or so after my, Amanda said. HOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a brilliant day and we’ll talk to you soon. Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Weigh - In and a little extra . . .

Today my goal was to have lost 5.5 pounds in the last 8 days. From 395.5 to 390.
My weight at 7:45am . . . 392.5.

Not where I wanted to be, but I am losing.

My next weigh in is October 2nd and I aim to be down to 380.


As many of you are aware I began my 1/2 IM, HIM (half iron man) training almost 3 weeks ago. It is a killer training schedule and my body is feeling it thses days, but I am loving it.

My swim is having the best results. The first week I was having problems completing the 2700m training session and todayI did my 3800m training session fairly easily and my AWESOME swimming coach, Fitbird said I did an excellent job on the drills. I personally felt great.

Remember this date, October 29, 2006. That Sunday I will be Swiming 1.1 miles, cycling 56 miles, and running 13.1 miles.

I am heading to my Olympic Tri this weekend. This is only a little shy of a 1 mile swim, 24.5 mile bike and 6.2 miles run.

My friend Pat (Rocketboy) and his family are going to Florida too for the race.

Thanks to everyone for your support and we'll talk to you after my race on this coming Sunday.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

P.R. !!!!!!!

******* Weigh-in 09-11-2006 ------ began this run at 401, today 395. Next weigh in, 09-20-2006. Goal 390*****************

P.R. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to thank the Academy. My family. The director. I know I am going to forget a few people. . .

My COACH, my coach (tears) Anne, aka, fitbird! WE DID IT!!! (hysterically crying) WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.R. = Personal Best.

Today I had a personal best. While it was happening I continued to second guess myself. As I looked to my Garmin, that tells me my average speed, I was baffled.

“There must be a strong wind at my back????” No. “Everyone must be going much faster than their average on this course.” After looking at the times, No.

On my bike, I simply went faster than I ever have before in a race. Here is a little history for you. Last year my average speed of the season was 12.9mph. This year it has been just shy of 15mph.

Today . . . 17.2 MPH!!!!!! Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am elated. This is what I needed after my last race, DeGray Lake in Arkansas where I had a little mishap. I realize for most “normal” triathlete’s 17.2 is nothing, but for THIS GUY, WOO HOO!

Here is a little snapshot of my race at Cajunman in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Last year this race was canceled as a result of our Nation’s worst natural disaster, hurricane Katrina. This is a wonderful race. ½ mile swim, 20 mile bike, 5k run.

Swim was good. I felt great the entire way and stayed in my 4 stoke per breath cadence the duration. Normally I have to begin taking a breath each stroke, but with my hardcore coaching by Anne, and my awesome training schedule from I kicked tail in the swim.

It was an odd exit from the water. You had to be helped out. Poor guy. My helper was one muscular dude, I mean ripped, but only about 5’5”. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty. I think he thought he was coming in the water about midway through.

The run to transition was a little weird. It was a LONG way from the water exit to transition and the concrete hurt like heck!!!!!!

My transition was ok.

I got out on the bike and I could feel the trainer workout kicking in and I felt strong. The SLD (single leg drill) I did on the trainer was a benefit on my P.R. I felt strong the entire bike. Of course I was passed by many a racer, but not as much as most races.

The last 2 miles I felt so good, I pushed it up a notch. I was already at 17mph for my average, but I figured, why not, let’s do it!!!

Bad idea. While I gained a few tenths of a second, I paid for it in transition and on the run. My transition after the bike was 5 minutes.

My friend Mitzi came in off the bike while I was gaining the mental strength to head out on the run. She was off on the run before me and I was in transition a long time before her.

The run was an out and back HOT run. Let’s just say I finished.

Thanks to my friend Rocko for cheering like a mad man for me. I did hear you brother! Kristi, you are the woman!!!! Thanks for the wonderful conversation, but more the friendship and a friend that goes further than most would, thank you.

It was a good day.

Thanks to all of you that have sent motivating and kind emails and posts to me since the last race and my day of “Reality” hitting me in the face.

This is a short post since I have to get to my new office and hang more pictures and all the other fun stuff that comes with moving from one office to another.

Tomorrow I weigh for the first time since my Reality post, when I weighed in at 400lbs. A tough day for me. However, I have been eating with me new system and only strayed a couple times in two weeks. I will post how the weigh in goes tomorrow morning.

Have a brilliant week!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On the Road Again . . .

On the Road Again . . .

Reality is tough on a fat guy, however I must say that I really do know when I am slipping back into my old ways. I just chose to ignore it, until I hit a point where I was not satisfied with the direction.

This is not easy.

I have said it before, being fat is a choice as is being healthy, but why does it seem so easy to be fat? Don’t get me wrong, I know nothing in life is free, and the good things in life are those you really work hard for, but being fat is cake (no pun intended).

Last week my wonderful wife Amanda purchased for me a “FoodSaver”. One of the machines that sucks the air out of something you want to keep fresh for later and then seals the food for you.

The past two Sundays I have gone to our local Whole Foods and purchased one weeks worth of meals, brought them home, cooked them in a healthy manner and then sealed them for the week.

The past two weeks I have had, daily Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack. All healthy meals and small portions. I have not had more than 1,800 calories in a day for the last two weeks. I am averaging 1,733 per day as of today.

I began my half iron Man training for IronStar, an HIM (Half Iron Man) in Conroe Texas on October 29th. Monday was my first day and my swim coach is awesome!!!!!!!!!

Awesome at kicking my butt!

So far so good on the training. It is difficult, but I am doing it. I realize it will take a great deal of training for me to complete a HIM, so no griping here.

Just wanted everyone to know I am back on it and working hard. One of these times it will be permanent. One of the times I will look back over all of this a be thankful for it and appreciate where I am at that time, hopefully 220 Lbs.

Thanks to everyone who sent me kind emails and posts. I truly does mean a great deal to me. I read them and instantly begin to plan and focus. We all need that at times. While I know only I can take care of me, it is still nice to know there are people like you that are behind my aspirations.


Monday, August 28, 2006


I had a rude awakening today.

It has been coming on for a month or two now. I’ve known it and it more than likely is why I passed out at my race in Arkansas last week.

I have not been training. I have been pretending and lying to myself and in a way to you guys that read my blog.

I am sorry.

I am sorry to me and to you guys.

I have been eating horribly for the past couple months and only training here and there, but nothing to talk of. I have been on my bike very little and running even less and swimming not so much since Heatwave the OLY in Jackson Mississippi.

Up until then I was training hard for Memphis in May and Heatwave. I was logging my training and watching what I ate. Then I slowly fell off the wagon until I wasn’t doing anything for my health. No training and eating like a horse on a blubber diet.

I am mad at myself and a little disgusted.

I am 6’2” and as of today, when I got on the scale for the first time since May 23rd when I logged my weight and I weighed in at 378 pounds, today I weighed in at 401 pounds.

I weighed 421 pounds at my highest weight and 405 when I did my first triathlon in May of 2005.

I am right back there!


I knew I was doing badly.

I bought a food saver and put it into use tonight making my meals for the week at 1,440 calories a day with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack between each and after dinner so I am eating 6 smaller portions a day, again totaling 1,400 calories.

I am going to swim tomorrow at 5:30am and run 3 miles tomorrow evening.

Monday, September 4th I begin my Half Ironman training.

I am not happy with myself right now, but I will post September 10th and let you know where my weight is and hopefully I will show progress.

Keep me in your positive thoughts.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Know When TO Say When . . .

Know when to say when . . .

I have been called many things in my short lifetime. Hard Headed has been amongst them.

Amanda and I pulled into Arkansas around 3:30AM Friday morning. I had been driving since 6:30AM Thursday for meetings with clients and then a retirement party in Lake Charles which was so much fun.

I didn’t sleep well and was up and slowly moving around 9:00AM. I worked on the computer and was up and around about 10:00AM.

The BRtri Club members that were racing this weekend in the ½ Ironman were swimming around 5:00PM. I joined them and swam about 500 meters. The water was a little warm, but not as bad as River Cities a couple weeks ago.

I began feeling a little yucky while eating dinner at Pizza Hut.

Saturday morning I woke and went to see the ½ Ironman and root on my club friends. It was HOT. I felt bad for those racing. I was a ball of sweat and I was only standing and watching.

Our club really did well in this race. Konaboy came in 5th overall with a sub 5 hour race which is awesome on this course. Rust Queen came in third overall female AND sub 5 hours pace too.

Vanilla was the stud of the weekend. He raced just minutes above a 5 hour ½ IM, I think it was like 5:07???? He came in 4th in his age group which is very competitive and THEN HE raced today in the Sprint Tri and came in 4th AGAIN!!!! Kudos brother!

About 2:30pm my friend Ashley suggested I head out and keep hydrated. I am not sure if she saw I was feeling a little yucky, but I was. I just hate not being there to support everyone in their finish. Most times I am one of the last to finish so I never get to cheer people in and I like to take advantage of that when I can.

I saw everyone but Big D and Michelle finish. Sorry guys.

As I tried to rest Saturday evening I found myself continuing to sweat. I made a little pasta and Amanda saw the sweat all over the cooking mat in front of the stove. I overlooked it and continued to drink my Gatorade.

I have a difficult time sleeping before a race, but last night was an exception. I didn’t sleep. I laid my head down at 10:00PM. I was up at 2:00AM and I think I was able to get in an hour sleep.

As I arrived to the race course I felt tired. I wasn’t in a good mood. I wasn’t talkative as I usually am. Amanda sat beside me on the boat ramp and made comment on my looking a little rough.

I have a suggestion for everyone.

If you are not ready to race for whatever reason, KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN.

This will be repeated a couple times in this post.

I saw Caroline Smith, a tri stud form Team Earthquake, and a hottie across the field of racers. She waved and I actually began to feel a bit better. As I tread out to the start in the water I cooled down and was ready to race.

The under 34 males went off first, my group went out 5 minutes after them in a wave start. I started off slow to get my new stroke that I have been working on down and about 200 meters in I began to pick it up.

I was feeling pretty good about 400 meters and turned it up a little more going 4 strokes to one breath. I cruised into the boat ramp and jogged into transition.

My Dad said he thought I had a great swim. I figure I came out of the water middle of the pack in my age group and my Dad said that I passed a few of the yellow swim caps from the below 34 racers. Woo Hoo!

I felt my first signs of dehydration or whatever it was as I entered transition. Just before I arrived at my bike I began to feel light headed. I took my time at transition and headed out on the bike.

Just out of transition about 500 yards there is a nice hill that you have no momentum and really your legs haven’t adjusted from the swim yet. I focused and climbed as hard as I could. It took everything I had to get up that hill. As I topped the summit of the hill I knew I was in trouble. My legs were done. Not even one mile into the bike and I was shot.

The good news is there was a down hill to a spillway and I cruised down it hitting 39mph! I passed more than 10 people going down it. I am telling you, that the day there is an ALL down hill triathlon I am winning that sucker!

The wind seemed to be behind us on the spillway since I was cruising at about 18mph which is very fast for me. We went across another spillway in the resort area and the road was pretty rough.

Then came a little bit of stress for me. I was sweating bullets and there were fairly decent hills all along the backside of the golf course there at the resort. I wanted to stop several times. I continued to remind myself that I had conquered hills much harder than these in Birmingham and more of them. It worked and I chugged along.

Then there was a sweet downhill on the back side of the golf course and I was flying again passing three of four folks.

Then I had a mental laps. As I was flying down this hill I saw bikes going to the left, a HARD left. I freaked out and slammed on the brakes slowing way down. There was also a small laps in the volunteer as well. He was talking to his friend and didn’t see or hear me coming down the hill until I had started slowing down. He yelled “GO straight through!”

Oh CRAP!!!!! I blew my speed thinking I had to turn. My bad, I should have known the course better. I saw the loop and turn on the map but, I just flubbed it.

After several more little hills it was back across the main spillway.

Remember the hill I almost reached 40mph on? Yeah, well, I now had to go up that hill.

I were not to excited. (The bad grammar is for my little sister Natalie)

I tried to push in a strong gear as far up as I could and then slowly shifted into easier gears as needed. I only had about 3 miles left to finish the bike.

Finally I hit the point on the hill where I had to stop and walk it up. I clipped out of my pedals and swung my foot over and began to walk up the hill.


I was a little dizzy at this point. It was hot but more it was so humid. I was actually leaving a sweat trail.

I decided to stop and take a swig of Gatorade.

“Big guy! Big Guy! Talk to me big guy!”

As I opened my eyes I saw a little man in a red T-shirt standing over me slapping me in the face.

I jumped up. I think I freaked him out a second time then. I leaned on the metal railing beside the highway. He was pouring water on me and then I head the sirens. The ambulance pulled up and the two EMT guys came over and started asking me questions to which I think I aced!!!!!!

I don’t know how long I was out but I had a nice cut on my knee and I had dirt all over my left arm. When I looked on the ground where I was passed out you could see my body marked in sweat!

Tonight my left elbow and shoulder are very sore and my knee is a little banged up, but for the most part only my pride was permanently scared.

They put me on the bumper of the ambulance and took my blood pressure and gave me an IV. About 15 minutes later they were ready to haul me back to transition. I didn’t want to go in an ambulance. I was persistent. They made me sign a waiver. I did.

I rode back in the truck of a really cool volunteer fireman with bike in tow. I was so embarrassed.

I was a little pissed when I got to transition and threw a little bit of a tantrum that really no one would have noticed. I continued to sweat like a horse and I was becoming really hot.

As soon as they opened transition for exiting I was out of there and didn’t care if I ever saw De Gray Lake again!

After a few hours of cramping and trying to drink enough fluids I have decided that I will be back next year.

When I did Buster Britton in 2005 it took me around three and a half hours to finish and I walked 90% of the hills. This past year at Buster Britton I finished almost an hour faster and walked only a small part of one hill.

Next year I will conquer the De Gray Lakes Sprint Triathlon!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Antz In My Pantz!

Sports Spectrum’s, River Cities Triathlon has been long touted to me as one of the best races in the south. That is a mighty claim considering I have raced in many a good triathlon here in the South.

Heading into Sunday’s race I was a little apprehensive since I had been training in San Diego for the last week in 76 degree weather. I don’t mean 76 here in Louisiana, I mean little to no humidity California 76. It was awesome. However, it left me wondering how I would acclimate to our Louisiana 97 degree, 80% humidity weather.

Macaroni Grill. Such a good place to enjoy a pre-race carbo loading dinner, unless . . .

Bear, Angel and their twins, two people I have already forgotten their names, sorry. Laurie (s/p), Derrick, Matt and myself all sat for dinner. We are all members of and we were sharing time together before the race. As we were sat we realized there would be little to no communication between us during dinner. We were sat in the kitchen.

I don’t mean “in” the kitchen, but more . . . Hmmm? How do I relay this picture?

Ok, picture our table of 8. Now picture a small thoroughfare walkway loaded with people grabbing plates of food, loading them onto large trays and hollering “RUNNER!”. I almost jumped up a couple times thinking, Hey, I’m a runner!

Then just past the long stainless table loaded with rush hour dinner plates and managers calling for runners, were the chefs in a slightly messy cooking area. This may have been the most exciting meal I have eaten. It was busy!

Our server was super cool and took very good care of us. At some point she asked if we were celebrating anything special. Someone at the table with an unusual sense of humor quickly responded that we were celebrating Bear’s acceptance as a United States Citizen.

Now Bear was born just that, he is from down home Louisiana, but she took it hook line and sinker. She offered to bring a nice cake for him at the end of dinner, we assured her he would appreciate that AND even more, he would be honored if you would have him stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance which he had to do when he received his American Citizenship.

OK, so none of that has much to do with triathlon, except I think it shows there is more to racing and training in the triathlon family you join. We enjoy one another’s company.

At the hotel I am all packed, I have checked my list three times so I know I have everything, I have loaded the truck. I am ready to get a good night sleep.

Not going to happen. You may be able to see a thread in my race reports. I never sleep well the night before a race. I wake up on the hour every hour until I am supposed to get up. I am going to fix that.

Matt and I ride to the race site together. It takes a while to get in the park since there is only one road in and there are 1300 participants and probably another 100 volunteers and 500 cheerleaders!

We unload, set our transition and warm up in the water. Wow, the water was warm. My friend Mike Pate whom I refer to quite often, called me the day before to give me a couple pointers for this particular race. He said the water would be warm, but this, this was hot.

I was well hydrated. I began two days earlier pounding water and Gatorade.

The swim was actually ok. It seemed more in the neighborhood of 900 to 1000m, but who’s counting! I held a nice strong pace throughout the swim and again, I passed several folk.

Coming out of the water this time was a unique experience. I have been sprinting out of the water the past 7 or 8 races. OK, sprinting for me. However, coming out of this warm water, I began to sprint, but my legs almost gave out on me. It was a little scary for a second. I continued to run, but cautiously.

Transition sucked, both of them. I just lollygagged around trying to catch my breath.

As most of you know my goal this season is to average 15mph on the bike. Last season I averaged 12.9mph. I heard through the grape vine (do you think of those California raisins when you hear that phrase?) that this was a really fast bike course. Needless to say I was excited about this, until I actually began the bike.

About 5 miles into the bike I was trucking, average was about 16mph. Then.

Mike Pate warned me. The hills. Poop! I was averaging 7 and 8 mph up a few of these hills. Now, I kicked it up to 32 mph on one down hill, but the hills kicked my hiney! On a couple of hills I had to psyche myself out. I don’t recommend everyone try this tactic, but it worked for me.

As I was halfway up one of the larger hills, I wanted to stop and get off my bike and rest. My legs were jelly, my butt was sore, my feet were hot. I were not happy!! (I used bad grammar there on purpose as opposed to all the times I use bad grammar unknowingly!) So, I motivated myself by yelling, out loud at myself.

It went something like this. “Come on you fata$$! You will not stop! COME ON! COME ON!!!!!!!!!” Repeat as needed.

Luckily most people were passing me so quickly they didn’t have a chance to enjoy the crazy fat guy yelling at himself on the bike course.

When I arrived back into transition I was a little disappointed. My bike average on my Garmin was 14:9 mph. Oh so close!!!!!

Here is an additional thread you may be picking up on. As I put on my running shoes, sweat cap, and glasses I decided I didn’t want to finish the race. It is funny how my feet continued to move forward even when my brain was screaming “Stop”!

I was sick. I was not feeling well, but I was not quitting. After a couple jet propulsion-ed pukes I began to feel better, but my legs were shot. One thing that made the run bearable was the shade. Basically the entire run was shaded, minus maybe ½ mile total out of the 3.1. There was an interesting trail run that actually got me going. That is, until it went up a hill and I was back to being a little hot and not so happy.

The most exciting part of the day happened here, on the trail part of the run.

I run with a sports bottle that I fill at each water station. I shove it into my spandex in the back. I accidentally dropped it on the hill part of the trail. Now, when you are exhausted and doing everything you can to make yourself go forward, the last this you want to do is, turn around walk down hill and pick up your water bottle that slid half way down the hill.

I almost left it.

I turn, wobble down this wet and slightly muddy red clay path. It is a little slippery. I reach for my bottle, almost fall over and miss it!!! Argh! I take a breath, focus, and go for it again, got it! So I don’t knock it out of my own hand again, I immediately shove it down my pants.

About a half mile further I begin to notice that my butt is on fire. It feels as though someone is running behind me and sticking me with safety pins! I look. Nope, no one is sticking me with safety pins. OUCH!!! I reach back pull out my water bottle and it is covered with ants!!!

At this point, I begin to laugh! As I am shoving my hands down the back of my pants and through the front of them, attempting to run out all of the ants. I hit my water bottle on a tree as I run by. Oh, yeah, by the way, I am doing all of this as I am running!

I began to laugh harder thinking about the people who would later that day be talking about the fat guy in the purple spandex who on the bike course was cursing himself out and then a person in that same conversation says, “yeah! I saw him on the run course, he was laughing and violently shoving his hands down his pants!!!”

Then there was the last mile.

There is something about that last mile. Whether it is a 10k, 5k, or 2 miler, that last mile is so awesome. All the pain, the mental stress I put on myself, all of it, gone for that one mile. Timbeaux’s wife approached me with about ½ mile to go and introduced herself. I tried my best to hear her say her name but all I heard was “Go Chris! Hi I amTibroo mite yoo aee os okf !!!!!!!!” I was a wreck. She was awesome to go with me towards the finish.

I found out later that their son and daughter did the kids triathlon the day before and did very well in it. By the way, Timbeaux, your wife is beautiful!

My new friend Mitzi from Alexandria was also there with . . . I’m gonna be wrong here, Lori???? Mitzi had a cup of something cold and I reached for it, she warned me it was beer. HA! I said she warned me . . . She announced to me that it was beer and I think, I am not sure, but I think I was prepared to tackle her for it if she didn’t give it to me! She did and it was so cold.

As I made the turn into the finish line I heard the announcer say my name over the loudspeaker. Such a great feeling. Then I saw another person with a cup, he was standing about 50 yards from the finish. I was so hot, I reached for his cup. He mumbles something like, “It’s not water . . . It’s a deer.” I grab it and it is another ice cold beer.

Yeah, I was almost drunk before I crossed the finish! Just kidding.

I was so happy to finish this race. It was an awesome race course, but one you were happy to be done with.

Is it the best race in the South?

So far I have to say yes for a combination of reasons.

1. The SWAG! The race packets are too awesome! We received a race bag, not some knock off cheap tri bag, but a really nice race bag. 2 shirts both awesome, a hat, and sunglasses, again, not some cheap glasses, nice ones. I wore mine during the run.

2. The volunteers. There were many and there were water stations all over the run course. Awesome.

3. The race course was pretty nice. I loved the run course and the shade. The water is a little warm. Maybe they could airlift an iceberg in the night before and drop it there? Maybe I’ll write the race director?

4. The after race event and medal was very nice.

Heatwave in Jackson Mississippi is still my favorite race course, but I have to say RC is now my favorite overall race venue.

I had a blast and can’t wait to do it again!

Thanks to all of my friends and club members, you guys rock!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Massage . . .

Once a year my Broker Dealer has a conference in San Diego. At this conference we are in meetings all day, but they are so enlightening and full of good information to help me and my team better serve our clients.

The other great thing is, it is in San Diego!

71 to 79 degrees all day low humidity, it is awesome and coming from Louisiana that is heaven! I still sweat as bad on my morning runs, but the breeze coming off the water and 72 degree weather, I couldn’t have been happier during my runs.

The reason for this post is a new friend Cara. I treat myself on trips such as this and get a sports massage. Today was an awesome experience! Cara races in triathlons. She also loves Exterra (s/p sorry Nissan) off road races, and runs races such as 5k, ½ marathons etc.

Why is this so unique? Why am I so excited about it? I have met and ridden with Heather Fuhr, Michelle Jones, Roch Frey, and talked with Farris Al-Sultan, these are the top pros in triathlon. I am excited because she was where I am and now she is where she wants to be . . . Maybe I lost you there.

She may not want me sharing everything, but she was once bigger than she wanted to be. She made a decision to change her body, her life and SHE DID IT! She looks awesome now. I am sure she was beautiful before, but I could tell she was happy with where she is today and is more beautiful for it.

I love seeing and hearing people success. I am not as excited about one thing in particular it is the culmination of many pieces of the puzzle that creates harmony and self confidence, TRUE self confidence in ones self. I am confident, but I am not self confident.

Sound weird? I am confident in many skills that I have in business. I am confident in my kindness. I am confident in other areas of my life, but I am not self confident. I don’t have close to the whole packaged product that I want, that I will one day have and seeing Cara’s success is so motivating.

You know, we have so many questions when we are fat and wonder so many things about being healthy. One of my biggest hurdles is my skin. Bear with me here. I am so fat that I have like 4 spare tires. I have a belly that hangs well over my belt line.

Here is the kicker. One of my biggest set backs that I use to dissalousion myself is what will happen when I lose all this weight? I will looks so ugly with all of this loose skin and yuck.

Isn’t that stupid!

Seeing Cara and seeing that it is a false concern helps me set that fear aside and focus on what is important to me, my health.

There is one bad part to this story. I don’t want anyone to think that all is perfect in the world of triathlon. If you have read my posts you know through my experiences in races there are some shallow people in this sport as there are in life, no different. The majority of folk in this sport are AWESOME! They are supportive, motivating, and kind. But you do have a few who don’t think we (fat people) belong out in their sport.

You see it in those trying to lobby for shorter cut off times in long distance races. I read a post in Triathlete Magazine (which I love) where an accomplished racer questioned those who race and, in his opinion shouldn’t be because of their size. I have heard comments. Mean ones, but you have to find it within yourself to shrug them off and stay focused.

Cara was talking to me about a few of her experiences with triathletes in San Diego. In case you don’t know, San Diego is the triathlon mecca of the world. Most of your pros train here and many of them move and live here. This is a great place for triathlon. Cara expressed her dislike for the attitude of the sport in San Diego. That saddens me.

I have friends in my club in Baton Rouge that are TOP NOTCH races. They finish number 1 or 2 in their age group at every race and could stomp the average joe racer into the ground, but they are kind and supportive. I am sure a couple of them questioned this 400 pound dude showing up at their meeting last year to join. I am sure there was talk, but through my dedication and their support I couldn’t be happier with they friends I have made in the club.

I think this sport is going to have to realize that there is a change in motion. The popularity of this sport is taking hold of the average person and in my case, not so average, but none the less it is a sport that is on the rise and becoming more popular every season.

If you are an advanced athlete that has a problem with those of much lesser skill and ability competing along side of you, or as I read in that same article the racer who questioned in his opinion, unqualified racers with his support of shortening the cutoff time, he also made a crass statement that went something like this . . . If you’re putting a cheeseburger in your special needs bag, then you might want to re-think doing an Ironman or other long distance triathlon.

What a prick. If only he knew how hard we had to work to just finish a race, to just SHOW UP, he might think differently, however with a comment like that . . . He probably wouldn’t.

I am going to work on finding Cara a good club here in San Diego. I know they exist. This is too awesome of a sport for there not to be at minimum one club that is supportive of the average joe who wants to do triathlons.

If not, I will help her get one started!!!!!!!!!!!!

My point again for writing this post . . .

You can do it! Period. I know you can. It may take a long time, but just stay focused, when you stumble, who cares! Get back into it. We all stumble and if you have a run in with one of those triathletes that doesn’t respect what you are doing out here . . . Remember this . . .

Respect goes both ways and someone who would look down on you for your drive, they are the ones deprived of respect. If their only motivation in the sport is split times, and winning . . . Just remember respect goes both ways.

I know the best of the best in this sport. They have a desire to be the best and as a matter of fact they just happen to be the best, but they also have a love for this sport and its success. People such as that, they have my respect and you have my respect, even if you haven’t ran a mile yet, or even gotten up off of your couch yet, you still have my respect, but now you need to earn your respect within yourself, get out there and DO IT!

Have a great day, do something, walk, ride, swim, or mow the lawn, I believe in you!

Cara, thanks for an awesome massage and better conversation!

Peace Out!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot to Trot at T-Gator #3

Hot to Trot

The sun was hitting me in the face harder than a Saturday night demolition derby in South Georgia!

I am not a big fan of heat, but this was ridiculous. But, man I had some fun!

Kristi (aka, the RustQueen) Brian (aka Konaboy) and I loaded up and headed out around 4:40am. One thing I learned about this triathlon lifestyle is that if you’re not a morning person you will soon become one out of necessity. RustQueen was wearing sunglasses at 4:45am and though she didn’t need to, she informed me she was not a morning person.

We made it to Lake Charles just in time to check in, rack our bikes, and set up our transition.

OK, that is not quite accurate. We did have time to practice our penmanship one another.

At check in they had massive markers for us to write our race numbers on our bodies. I found a little humor in the size of these markers and offered to body mark Konaboy. First I made an honest mistake and began writing MY number on his arm! Not a good start. Then I fixed it with the MASSIVE marker and put HIS number on and he didn’t realize what I was doing until the 7 of 471 was on his elbow! Meaning I was writing the number so big that it stretched from his shoulder to the bottom of his elbow!

Rustquess was not privy to this transaction, so I offered to body mark her as well. What good friends we are, Kona, as all good friends would do in this situation, knowing that she was about to become an interstate billboard . . . DID and SAID NOTHING!!!!! HA! What are friends for?

There was a great man or woman who once said, “payback is hell.:

And it was. I ended up with my race number from my shoulder to my lower forearm! Woo Hoo! As the space shuttle was coming in from space they could have seen my race number on my WHOLE arm!!!!!

Swim was uneventful. Fast and smooth.

I felt great out of the water. Ran into the transition area and slipped off on to the bike course. My goal was to average 17mph on the bike. I had raced on this course earlier in the season and remembered the course being suitable for a personal record on the bike, but . . .

I have made so many friends that have been so motivational to me whether it is their cheers on the race course or their emails of motivation and advice. Today was unreal. On the bike I heard my name followed by encouragement by so many people and their cheers of encouragement makes the race so much better.
One f the funny ones was Cissy (s/p). She swam with us at Clay’s camp on the False river about two months ago. At the time she was not happy about swimming in open water. The next problem was on that day False River was rocky. Cissy did not have fun and I think she questioned her choice to swim that day. Fitbird and I swam with her that day. When she did swim without in trepidation she did great, but then she would panic a little, but overall I thought she did great that day for her first open water swim.

Today was here first open water triathlon. We gathered at the entrance of the water and she was in high spirits and ready to go! I worried about her being kicked and bumped out there, but she is a tough little firecracker and I knew her competitive side would kick in when the horn went off.

She started two groups ahead of me so on the bike course she was heading in as I was heading out. She looked strong and hollered out to me, “You did have to rescue me today!” I was really happy for her. She kicked butt.

The wind was awfully odd. On my out on the course the wind felt as though it was pushing against me. I was averaging around 14mph. I thought this would be ok since I would have the wind at my back on the way in to the transition site. At the turn around I put the big ring in and cranked it out!
However, this wind oddity began to worry me. The wind was pushing against me AGAIN??? We call this head wind. I had head wind BOTH ways????? How is that possible? What I found out after the race was that there was a hard cross wind.

I decided to push it as hard as I could. I averaged about 17ish on the way back and averaged a little over 15mph overall. The most important part of the bike was that I managed to drain my legs with a very hot run ahead.

Whipped into transition, racked my bike, put on my running gear and headed out, slowly and wearily.

It was H O T, hot! Heat and liquids don’t mix well for me. I am not sure yet if it is too much liquid intake on the bike, or too much Gatorade and not enough water? Not sure yet, but the last two races, which have both been extremely hot, I have puked on the run course. That may possibly be the problem, that it is just really hot. But today I ralphed three times, pure liquid, but charged head, one foot in front of the other.

About 300 yards form the finish Konaboy and RustQueen (and you didn’t think you’d get a nickname!!!!!!!!) were there waiting for me and cheering AND with a cold bottle of water! Mmmmmmmm!

I crossed the finish line as strong as I could then stood in the shade for a long time, regaining my bearings.

When I moved my bike the front tire was flat? My friend, John form Alexandria told me tha he was standing there when it happened. He said as I walked away to start my run the tire just went – POP, Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst.

In our tri club there are many fingers being pointed at a “Bad Karma” person where when you train with that individual you have a bad training day with a flat, or wreck, or some other mishap. I think after my front tire experience, I am clear of that title. WOW, someone was looking out for me on this race to keep that tire safe until I racked it on transition!

After a while we loaded up and headed home.

I had such a great day and so much fun.

Until next time!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I had a slackers weekend.

I have not been at the top of my game for the past three weeks. This is what happens to me when I don’t have a race in my immediate future and I am paying for that now.

July 23rd in my Olympic Triathlon in Louisville KY and I am not nearly prepared for it. I have a small 800m swim, 15mi bike and 5k run triathlon this coming weekend, but I am no where near ready for my OLY in two weeks.

Woo Hoo!

I missed my triathlon this past weekend due to a family reunion and I am not so happy about it. I am happy that I went to the family reunion and was able to meet some truly special family that I had not seen since I was a small boy. Don’t you love when people tell you stories of how they remember you as a small child, I do, even though at times I am a little afraid of what they might say!!!

I am frustrated that the tri and reunion was on the same day 300 miles apart. I was trying to go to the tri AND the reunion, however wiser heads (my wife) prevailed and helped me realize that would have been an impossible feat. Since this was important to family that I be there the decision between the two was not too difficult as to which one to attend.

This leaves me with the not training scenario for next weekend in Louisville.

I will be ok, I won’t look good and it will be an ugly finish but, I will finish. I think I will have a bunch of friends form Cincinnati coming down to see me race so that will give me added encouragement and motivation to do well, but I don’t think I will be breaking any records of my own there.

Why am I writing this on my blog? You might be asking that question. I am writing this because I received a wonderful piece of advice from a fellow tri club member while discussing my concern for lack of preparation for this race.

He said “Nothing you can do about what you haven’t done, there is only today, so what are you gong to do today?”

Therefore, TODAY I am going to run 3 miles and drink a lot of water. Then tomorrow I am going to pick up where my training schedule is and get back on track for the rest of the season . . . Remember that half Ironman I am doing in October. All of this training and racing is for that and I must be prepared for that.

1 ½ mile swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run

I better be prepared for that.

I am looking forward to seeing my friends from NKU at the race in Louisville. The link is below for any information you might need. Email me if you want my cell phone so we can get together. I know Saturday night we are meeting at The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner and anyone is welcomed, 5:30PM.

And the race info is below as well. I can’t wait to see all of you and I know you can’t wait to see me in SPANDEX!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yam City 2006

Yam City Tri second go around . . .

It is funny how we learn lessons when it hurts or . . . it hurts. As a child we learned not to touch something after we touched it and it was hot. Plus, it hurt. Or we learned to be careful walking down stairs AFTER we fell and hit our head. And it hurt.

I learn in that manner today, as an adult. I know many of you have probably taken some sort of a leadership test or Myers Briggs, or some similar standardized test to evaluate your characteristics. I am an extrovert; however I debate this with a few folk since I feel I have been turned into an extrovert when I have many introverted tendencies. However that is another blog post.

I am a charge in, locate the objective, and fasten together a plan, then implement the plan, individual.

There is not an issue, objective, or problem that I can’t put together a respectable solution for and implement said solution. The problem with this is that it is like the old “don’t touch the hot stove” advice and then I touch it and learn, “you know, that was a mistake.”

I have friends that go into a situation and they think through the individual pieces of the puzzle. They analyze, plot, and put together a plan that is possibly more informed than my plan would have been.

I will say this. This is strictly to keep my ego intact. Between the two philosophies the success rates are quite similar. So I do a pretty good job completing my objective.

Today was a typical learn from your experiences day for me.

I’m just going to say it.

I have been sick for about four days. Three days leading up to this race. I didn’t feel bad by any other means and I felt this wouldn’t have a negative effect on my race. Remember, how I learn what not to do. This race experience taught me not to race if you’re under the weather.

Amanda was concerned that I might be de-hydrated because of my illness. I decided to pour down the electrolytes and drink plenty of fluids leading up to this race. As I drove to Opelousas I felt fine.

I arrive, unload, air the tires, roll into transition and see my friend Mike Pate. I know I talk about mike a lot, but he is such an awesome person. Not just because she does triathlons at 320 pounds. He is simply a kind, energizing person who cares about you and your success. I am lucky to have a friend like him. If you have a second go to his site.

I hope Mike and I are good for the sport. I hope that we motivate people by our experiences and our challenges. We are human and we have this BIG problem. We have an idea what you might be facing in your daily battles, whether it is food, money, compulsion and we want you to succeed. We also know that you can do it.

After setting my transition area for the race I began to taunt my friend Janni Pani from the Tri Club. Last year she motivated me to push myself and this year when all was said and done she brought the pain again. Next year Janni, next year.

I had HIGH aspirations for this race. Bad idea being sick.

I was #15. The race numbers were set up by how fast you think you would finish the 150 meter swim. I have been swimming my 50m laps in around 45 to 50 seconds. Therefore I felt I would finish the swim portion in around, 00:02:45 – two minutes and forty-five seconds. That is what I put on my registration.

Needless to say I was bringing in quite a few stares and glances my direction. I am standing in the midst of the swimming elite. Well proportioned, lean body mass, intimidating swimmers. Then there is the opposite, me.

One lady walked up to me and asked me what swim time I put on my registration. I told her 245. She didn’t even respond, just turned around walked back to her place in the line. I didn’t look to see where that was, but in my mind I pictured a small discussion going on about the fat guy in the front. I laughed inside.

Let me state something for the record right now.

99.999% of the athletes that participate in triathlons are AWESOME. They are supportive, amazed by you, comforting when you struggle, and I would not have continued in this sport were it not for my tri club and their kindness.

So, please, focus on all the good I write about in my blogs. The support and the positive response I have been given along this pathway of triathlon.

The race begins.

I jump in the water and go to the bottom and lose my goggles, great! When I come up the race director in mortified thinking he might have to come in after me. There is only 10 seconds between each racer for the start so I didn’t have time to find my goggles at the bottom of the pool. “GO!” he hollers. I’m off!

The first 75 meters I was flying. I thought I would get caught by the truly fast swimmers behind me, but not so far. Problem for me was the pool was extremely warm. Around lap 4 my legs felt like rubber????? I can only attribute that to the warm pool since that never happens to me.

In the middle of the 100m lap I was passed quickly by one guy. I made the turn on the next lap and let a guy go by, I don’t think he was happy about that, he looked a little tired, but he did pass and took off. In the last lap at the wall to turn around another guy was on my heels. I don’t like to hold people up. I don’t want to give anyone a reason to think I ruined their race so I let him go by at the wall, problem was I think he was gassed since I slapped his feet the whole way to the exit. I didn’t mean too and at one point I lifted my head up and slowed down so he could get ahead.

Overall I felt good about my swim. I was only passed by three folk, I think I held my own???

Again the water was warm so transition was a little tough with my rubber legs. I had a decent transition #1. My goal was to average 17 mph on the bike. I had been pushing it in my training and was hold 17mph in my training.

The initial 7 miles I was flying (for me). I was at or above 20mph. I have not learned there is a reason for this, especially when I wasn’t really killing myself to hold that speed. At the turn around I realized why I was moving so fast. Now, as I rode back I realized the wind is head on. When you are as large as I am, your torso and body act as a sailing mast. I was averaging 13mph to 14mph for the next 5 miles.

Last year during this race I remembered how bad the frontage road was that we raced on for about 2 miles. My memory failed me miserably! The road was a gazillion times worse than my memory served me. Each bump which were about 2 feet apart was like hitting a curb in the street. I was miserable. This is where I lost a great deal of time as well as missing a turn.

This was really unfortunate for me. I was about 20m behind this professional looking racer, cervelo P3 (one of the best bikes out there) matching racing uniform. I saw the turn ahead sign, however I am used to having volunteers on the road pointing you in the direction you are supposed to be turning. There were none. He continued straight and I . . . Followed right behind him.

Bad idea. I realized quickly that we were supposed to turn back there so I turned around and headed back, he continued on. So I lost time there, but lesson learned.

On the frontage road the cervelo guy passed me again, I guess he figured it out or was told?

The bike was over and I thought I had done pretty well. I didn’t think for a second I had made my goal of averaging 17mph.

Transition #2 was difficult again. My legs were still like rubber. I drank a half bottle of Gatorade and began to walk to the run course.

As I exited transition I saw so many friends there. Momma Bear, Denise, and Eric. Others were cheering as well. I love this sport!!!!!!!

I walked about 100 yards and then decided to start a slower than slow trot. I was going to try and bring my legs along for the ride until they found a second wind.

Problem. Remember the whole not feeling well, sick thing. As I began that trot, I felt dizzy. The I upchucked (I can’t think of a more polite word??) about three times losing any electrolytes I had forced in my system. I were not happy!

At the turn a young man about 11 ran up beside me. I recognized him as standing with Momma Bear. He said, “hear, you might need this.” And handed me a water bottle, a cold bottle of water. Little Angel!!! I knew it had come for another Angel who knew I always complained about needing water on the race course.

I had to walk a lot. My legs felt fresh now, but my head was holding me back. I would get dizzy if I ran to hard, it was just a dismal attempt at running for me.

I did put in about a half mile continuous in the shaded neighborhood we ran through, but then I heaved again and had literally no fluids in me I don’t think.

In about the last mile, Vanilla (from the tri club) and a small group of guys trying to get a workout in after the race were running the course again. As we passed each other going in opposite directions I said, “show offs!” and laughed. One day, one day I will be able to do that.

The run turned bad when there was no more shade and the sun was letting me have it. I was ready to walk it in, but a voice said, come on big boy, let’s run it in. I thought to myself, that doesn’t sound like my normal voice in my head????

“Come on” the voice said, “”let’s go.”

It was Vanilla. He had run back to help me in. Awesome. He pushed me to finish strong. He continued to talk to me the last mile and motivated me to finish strong and I can’t say how much that meant to me. Two reasons, he is one of the best triathletes in the club and in his age group anywhere and because he is a good guy.

In the last ½ mile my harem was awaiting me! All of the people who had finished, mainly gorgeous tri babes, were waiting to run in with me. The tri babe of them all was Janni Panni, who once again kicked my butt in this race. Thanks guys, you made it fun.

I crossed the finish strong and was happy with my efforts, not so happy about my performance but, none the less happy with the effort I put in today.

I had to get home quickly today so I was packing and getting ready to head out, but I was waiting to see Mike finish. I saw him at the turn and yelled for him, then pushed my bike by the finish. And hollered him in to the finish.

I felt fine until Brandy, John and I were at my vehicle. The sun began to pour down and I was zapped all of the sudden. Thanks to John and Brandy for basically packing my truck and putting me in it to head home.

What did I learn from this experience? Don’t set goals if you’re racing sick. I think maybe it should read, don’t race sick??? Nah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I go to Florida this week so the training may be a little weak, but next week, I begin my ½ Ironman training for my race in October, IronStar!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

Go out and run today.