Monday, December 18, 2006

New High

New High . . .

December 18, 2006

Dear Friends,

I have had several inquiries regarding my hiatus from blog posting. Well, my keen minded friends, most of your preconceived notions have been correct. I have been slacking and dreadfully so.

After a full tri season of 14 events, 2 duathlons, 12 triathlons and setting new PR’s
(personal records) and completing new, longer distances I think I lost it upstairs in the
mental part of this “new me” thing that I still can’t quite define.

I am royally screwed right now. I have reached a new PR that I am not so excited about.

I weight at this moment 423 lbs.

My previous high prior to my first triathlon was 421 lbs.

Last year I reached 362 lbs.

I can put weight on faster than . . . I don’t know anything faster? I am embarrassed and
upset. I have avoided my blog for that reason.

But today I am back. Thanksgiving – OVER. Christmas – OVER. No excuses about
“It’s a holiday!”.

I am just amazed! How does a person put on that much weight so damn fast! (I know
how, that was rhetorical)

Tomorrow is a new day and time to begin my new me thing again. I will continue doing
my new me thing until I am my new me.

2006 in review:

I had what I think was a great year. I did 14 races completed 3 Olympic distance
triathlons and had fun doing all of it! I turned a new page in my triathlon career, on the
annual USAT triathlon rankings, I was not DEAD LAST this year!!!! I was second to

I increased my mph on the bike from a 12.2 average in 2005 to a 17.1 average (my goal
was 15mph) I slowed on the run and I remained the same in the swim.

This year I have a lofty schedule. Less races but, not so much.

In may I will compete in my first ½ Ironman at Gulf Cost tri in Panama city. Then in
November I will compete in my first Ironman at Ironman Florida.

I will only do 4 other races in the year, but I am sure I will actually train more than I have

Here are my goals:

By May (Gulf Coast Tri) - weight 340 lbs
That is a loss of – 63 lbs

By Nov. (Ironman) – weight 290 lbs
This is a loss of 50 lbs.

I am going to also set weekly goals so that I have interim accomplishments.

Here is my Goal for this week:

Tuesday: Run 3 miles

Wednesday: Run 3 miles am – Basketball in pm

Thursday: Run 3 miles

Friday: Off

Saturday: Ride 2 loops at river road (approximately 22 miles)

Sunday: Ride 2 loops at river road and run 2 miles.

There are this weeks goals. The reason I am running so much this week is that I am in
Arkansas for early Christmas celebration and have no bike or swimming opportunity.

Thank you to everyone for your inquiries into my life while I took this dreadful hiatus
from my health.


Still in search of the new me!


Anonymous said...

My Christopher,
No embarrassed. You try and then
try some more. But no embarressed.
I KNOW YOU and you are too freek'in smart to do this to yourself. Yes, it is a hard, hard battle. (i need to drop 30 lbs and
it is like giving up a heroin habit) nasty blipppp..
Take care of you. We love you and
care about you. And we want you healthy and well. AND HAPPY.
love you Mr. Hugs, Dory D.

Anonymous said...

great to see you back again Chris. I know you'll be better than ever!
Steve - Doughboy