Saturday, December 30, 2006

First Day of my Daily Goal Setting, I give myself a B- . . .

Log – 12-30-2006

Creating smaller more definitive goals on a daily basis is much more difficult than I imagined. However it does make the day more interesting.

I always seem to pick great times to start a new “thing”. Today was one of the worst storms we have had all winter. It was 70 degrees and thunder storming! My neighborhood was flooded for most of the day.

This daily goal setting makes me think about my activities in eating and training with more intensity . . . I think that is the descriptive word I am looking for. What I mean is, when I woke, I immediately began thinking about every aspect of my day. I was unable to simply go through the motions, which required me to focus.

Focus is good.

So here is the day in a nut shell.

Woke 830am Storming!

Had Cranwater LLC

Had Lemon water

Had 2 ham sandwiches 1 16 oz glass of milk

Lunch 8oz cranwater

Dinner – Naked burrito Izzo’s –(sorry Rocketboy) Rice, Black Beans, Steak, Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream (light). Large – Sweet iced Tea.

I ran between the thunder showers. I ran 24 minutes. I averaged 14 minute miles.

I am going to bed early tonight.

I didn’t have any fried food or fast food! I did have sweet tea which isn’t good. No more of that.

I also only had two meals, two BIG meals. I need to have three smaller meals.

Goals For Sunday 12-31-2006

No fast food or fried food.

Have Healthy Meals – Eat 3 meals!

Run - 20 minutes

Eat dinner before 7:00pm.

Since it will be New Years – In bed by 12:02am!!!

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