Monday, May 18, 2009

DIng Ding - Round 1

I want to thank all of my blog friends for their suggestions and encouragement regarding my current sucky situation with the broken foot.

I am still a little pissed and mentally under the weather . . . But for the most part I am getting back in the saddle.

I rode the bike on the trainer a couple times and today hit the pavement for about 10 miles to see if I remembered how to ride.  Good news, I think I remember!

I go to the Dr. in a week and a half to see if I can get this boot off.  I am not sure what he will say.  When I walk a few steps without boot the area with fractures feel weak and painful, but that may just be from lack of use???

I am up 22 lbs, but I stopped eating crap.  I have been working on core strength mostly doing sit ups, push ups and plank.  

I a ready to run.  How funny.

Thanks again to everyone.  

I know I might get thrashed for this, but I am allowed to ride, so I am signed up for a bike race this weekend.  I am going to do it, but take it super easy.

My Ironman Florida training program begins May 25.  


Monday, May 11, 2009

No Motivation = No Training = Depression


It's been 3 weeks since I was put in a foot cast with stress fractures.  It doesn't feel any better.  I rode the trainer a little this past weekend, but the foot aches afterwards and I'm not sure if that is helping the healing process?

I am coming out of my non-training depression slowly.  Sounds stupid I know.  I'm not feeling sorry for myself.  I am more pissed than anything, but the realization that I was (and still am a little) depressed has helped me begin to focus.  

Sriously - I have 6 months until IM Florida and I need to begin my preparation mentally, and get my focus right.  I can't do that acting like a little baby because I have a little broken foot, right?

My "official" training plan is supposed to begin May 25.  I get out of this boot June 3rd (hopefully) and then I will need to take it easy so that I don't end up right back in da BOOT!

I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know how screwed up my thinking is right now!!!!!!

I have put on 17 lbs since IM NOLA 70.3 and I am eating crap and I actually miss running - Does THAT tell you how screwed my brain is!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!

I go Back to the knee Dr. in one week to see if I should consider surgery to fix my detached knee cap and in 3 weeks for the foot.  POSITIVE THINKING, POSITIVE THINKING, POSITIVE THINKING!!!  I'm not sure how well that works, but I'm all over it right now!

Peace and word to yo mutha's!!!!!  Happy belated Mothers Day.