Monday, March 27, 2006

Holy Toledo!!!!!!!!

I didn't race.
I ate smores like a champ however! So this is a spectators report.
Man. I don't know where to begin?
Saturday was a blast. If there is one thing I am learning form this experience of triathlon itis . . . If you're not racing in an event, go support the event for your fellow club members.
I have gotten more out of IM Florida and Holy Toledo than out of my own races. You get to see how others hurt, smile, sweat, it is awesome. Seeing them in their transitions isawesome too! GO TO RACES even if you're not racing.
I arrived about 3:00ish???? Timbeaux had been there since Friday night I think? I pulled in and we began to work on the TV and antenna for the LSU/Texas game. Man we were excited. I the woods, watching the game, shooting the bull, what could be better!!??
So, the antenna didn't work, Joe Lee used his engineering skills, I used my "where is the aluminum foil"?" skills and we listened to the game on the radio at Big D's camp site.
This is funny. Big D, gets the camp site with water and electric. Timbeaux, Joe Lee, Myself Oh wait . . . EVERYONE else put our tents . . . on Debbie’s camp site too. IT WAS AWESOME. We had probably, hmmmm? At a minimum 12 tents around her site. These tents ranged from Timbeaux's smartly chosen (after having to break them down and pack them Sunday) tent for his child to another members Waldorf Astori tent which had the Kennedy Suite, Bridal Suite and President's Suite. I stayed in the Kennedy Suite and Rocketboy in the Bridal Suite.
Roughing it in the woods!!! My inflated air mattress, 2 pillows and down comforter came in handy, I tell ya I was roughing it!
If you go camping with Big D. I will tell you what to do.
Sit. Observe.
It is amazing. We had been at the site for more than 2 hours. She was stillgathering wood that I thought at the time was enough for a remake of Back Draft. She was putting out food and forcing it on you as if you were a refugee child from Cambodia and you would only be here for 10 minutes and then back to starvation.
Everyone was putting in their share in the beginning. Collecting wood, manicuring the site, but hell after an hour I think everyone realized, "there is no way I can keep up with that girl!" and we all sat and listened to the Glorious game of basketball where the Tigers from LSU defeated the Longhorns of Tejas! Big D continued to gather.
About 20 minutes after the game more people began to show up, unload and set up. This made Big D happy since she was able to feed more children of her camp.
The sun began to set. What a beautiful day it had become. The fire was a blazin. We all talked around the fire. Smak was laid. Jokes were told. Beer was drank, wine was poured. Rest Stop stories were shared. It was such a safe haven. Everyone felt comfortable in being themselves and kicking the crap out of one another verbally. It was awesome!!!!!!
I got to know so many, so much better. This should be a mandatory event for all members even if you're not racing. Also my Wife, Amanda thought we should all go up on Friday night instead of Saturday. I wondered if she just enjoyed me being out of the house, but I think she saw the pure excitement on my face while I was telling her stories of the weekend.
Our friend Oliva, Trip's daughter 5. Gave lessons on Smore making. Kona boy really took these lessons to heart and being the engineer he is created a smore roasting system the enamored us all. Soon after he began the quest of the EPIC marshmallow roasting stick.
Norse wooed the ladies.
Then one by one, victims of the Holy T began to disappear into the night, Ty first, then Neilr, until there were only a few.
As I lay in my suite relishing the evening and thinking about the morning to come, I hear the faintest, melodic, SNORE coming from a tent to the rear. TImbeaux? Joe Lee? hmm? Turns out that the snore tent was none other than the tent of Ladies. Way to go girls!!!!!! Putt’n the men to shame!
I slept like a log. A warm, soft bed, one pillow under my head, the other laying on the tent floor, oh I squandered! Rolling and tossing around in my suite with the 6 ½ foot ceilings.
Morning came. We all began to trickle out. Norse christened (s/p) a tent or two (sorry) and I began to re kindle the fire.
Soon, the fire was roaring with the help of so many and coffee was abundant. If this had been survivor, we couldn't have kicked anyone off!
Darius was manning the pancakes which I wanted one so badly, but I felt that racers should partake and not lowly cheerleaders. Smiles were everywhere even though there would be much pain in a few short hours.
As everyone began to head to the race area, Olivia and I had more Smores.
I had a nice HOT shower. Put on a fresh change of clothing and meandered to the race site. What a glorious day!
Mitch, Rocketboy and I sat around shooting the bull talking about who looked strong. Pat was out of the H20 first and fitbird AKA Race day, was the first female out, but more so the 4th overall out of the water.
I watched as they transitioned in. Man, awesome. This was a weird setting. Most of the transitions you see have much tension. Great competitiveness. At times some triathlon transition sites feel like a mine field of explosive aggression to me, but not today. Today this race, this transition was full of smiles and relaxation. I felt like everyone was realizing that this was not a race against one another, but more a race WITH themselves and against the course. I am not naive. I know some where bucking to kick the crap out of one another out there, but for the most part, it was a very different T2.
I went to the finish line when I heard a runner was coming.
“BRIAN?” Was what shot through my head. No, it was some other dude, he was flying. This dude was a stud. Props to him on that win. But he soon got on my bad side. I don't know him from Adam and he is probably an awesome dude, but when he was talking to BoBo about his "in race strategy" concerning Brian, he was a little too cocky for my tastes. But still, much props to that big dog.
Darius came in very shortly after for the relay. Man. Wow. Holy Toledo. He was flying. That is one running fool. I personally feel it was the Boudin.
I began to notice at the bottom of the hill where the finish line was that runners would get confused and enter the wrong road and not go into the parking lot for the finish. So I climbed the hill with deliberation. Made it to the top! And I . . . DIRECTED TRAFFIC!
When I would see a runner way way down the road I would yell to them so they would know they were almost home. Sometimes they would raise their arms in recognition. It was awesome to see the looks on everyone’s faces as they topped the hill and could se the finish at the bottom. A look of pure joy and more than that a look of success blanketed them, even if they didn't know it.
It was awesome to see all of the Brtri Uni's out there. We, in my opinion, were the absolute dominant group out there, by far. Kudos to you guys.
Ty, you kicked azz. NeilR, seriously dude, you spanked it man. Don't knock your swimming. You kicked tail.
Vanilla, you da man. You could have done another 10 miles of that. Jeremy, you are one happy dude, with a great attitude, but where the heck were you for the camp fire?????
PatK, man, what can I say? HACK! HACK! HACK HACK, HACK. And HACK over the HACK HACK, but don't HACK HACK, because you never HACK HACK HACK HACK. Great job!
Big D. Big D big D big D. Can I have your autograph, for so many things. You are a trooper, a competitor and more over one awesome, happy, lovable chick!!!!!!!! You mopped the course up and smiled the whole time.
Timbeaux, way to be out there, brutha, The bike will come. Build on it, and it will come.
Joe Lee. Man I am so sorry. After all you suffered on the course, then to suffer the brunt of my irresponsibility of loud music playing. Man. Sorry about the pork. But you are one hell of a racer and one really cool dude.
Tripp, it was very nice meeting you and your lovely wife and daughter. They were GREAT company. I sent a missing purse, pen, and pad with Joe Lee to give you at the YMCA.
ROCKO!!! What the heck are you doing!!!!???? Are you trying to lose that name??? You did awesome and not only on the swim, but everything. I hope I didn't traumatize your dog when I took her into the shower with me.
Erissa (s/p) man. Way to be girl! Man. Oh the places you'll go!
My hero, Brianna the Konaboy, nipps. You kicked ass and I think you could have kicked a little more ass. You are the shiznick and I am going to Hawaii this year with you. Book it brutha.
I know I missed a couple folk, sorry. You all did great.
Tim, thanks for trying to jump start my truck after a night of listening to the game. You were a lot of fun, sorry you didn’t get to race.
But, last, to my friend Ann, the race day fitbird. You rock. You rock you rock you rock! Nothing else, you just rock. Hope you are feeling ok today.
NEXT YEAR, mandatory attendance for all BRtri Society, club, members. You don't have to come, but if you don't you will never know about all the stories I DIDN"T TELL!!!!!!!!
It was great hanging out with you all, thanks for your friendship.
Peace out!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Opelousas Duathlon


Today was the best day for me when it comes to racing except for one small thing . . . HUMIDITY.

It was awesome. Cool about 64 degrees. It was overcast, no real hard hitting sun. A little windy but, not anything that would affect my racing. The day was everything I like in a race day, except the Humidity.

As I set out this morning at 5:45am for a 1 hour drive to Opelousas Louisiana I thought that I might want to pack a few extra water bottles to take for the race. Then I felt the nice cool breeze outside and dismissed the idea. They call in intuition. Women seem to have it and utilize it. Men, or at least this man, seems to have it, but use it? Not so much.

Amanda, my beautiful wife and I talked and joked on the ride there. It was nice. We didn’t talk about racing at all. Usually I am talking about my goals and I hope I don’t bonk on the second run, and all that jazz. Today, we just talked about making a baby one day and our friend Brent who is coming to work with us next week and other things of that nature. It was quite relaxing.

We passed my friend Clay and Corey and their family on the way there. Our Tri Club had a really strong showing at this race. I was very proud of that. Also one of our members, Darius was there not racing but, cheering. I hold a special spot in my soul for those guy. Last year Vanilla did it at Meat Pi, a tri in Natchitoches LA. When you are not racing, but you still wake up early on a Sunday or Saturday morning to root on your friends and club members, that to me is really awesome.

We arrived and I racked my bike and checked in. Amanda met Clay and Corey’s family that was there. I began to sweat immediately. This began to worry me. All I did was rack my bike and put on my shoes. Sweat was everywhere. Now, I wished I had packed those other water bottles.

Transition area is all set up and I begin to walk around a bit. I saw my new friends Brandy and John. They are awesome. I enjoy them because one, they are down to earth cool people, but also good people. Brandy is just starting out in triathlons and this was her first race EVER! She was nervous, but I new she would do well. John is a triathlete and had good skills and also hauls butt on the bike, I’ve never seen him run. I socialized with them a bit and then went to see how Eric and Charles were doing.

Charles, not so good. He had a flat on his front tire and needed a whole new front wheel, which he didn’t bring. He said, “I always have a spare front wheel with me”. I didn’t ask him, but maybe his intuition failed him too!

Eric is new to racing as well. It is so awesome to see so many getting involved in triathlons. Eric is a super nice guy and is in the same business as myself and Charles, Finance and financial planners. He raced awesome, not for his first race, but just plain awesome. I was proud of both he and Brandy on their first races, more on Brandy later.

Last weekend I came out to this race course with Brandy and John and we rode the bike loop and I ran the run loop. I was concerned because my heart rate on the bike was in the high 150’s and mid 160’s, which on the bike, that is really high for me. Then on the run my HR was in the 170’s from the get go and went as high as 182. So needless to say I was a little nervous about the race.

Today was different for some reason. My HR on the run never got about 170 and averaged about 158 and on the bike never above 162 and I averaged about 148. No worries this week.

I was trying to pace myself this race unlike the last duathlon at Evangeline Oak a couple weeks ago. At Evangeline I shot out, HA, I started running at a 14 min mile pace and kept it there and finished the first run with a 15 minute mile pace. Then on the bike I was dead and on the second run I averaged 19 min miles. Yuck.

My pacing method, didn’t work. It was still the exact same and I had a little left in the tank at the end which bothered me. John and I were talking before the race and we both wanted to leave it all out there on the course. I didn’t.

The first run was ok. I could have pushed a little harder and kept up with Mamma Bear as she is know, my friend Angel and Brandy, but I was going to stick to my plan of pace. I finished the run very calm and ok.

Bike kinda sucked. A little windy, but not too bad. I let the hills on the south bound side of the double loop get me, both times. I was ticked. But I finished the bike strong, for me and went into the transition excited.

I got out on the second run and about ½ mile into it began to bonk a little like I usually do. I began to think about my pains, the new blister forming on my foot, my exhaustion.

I kept telling myself, make it to the water/aid station and you’re halfway to finishing this thing. I needed some water. I took gel with me in my fuel belt, but no water so my mouth was icky. I turned the corner where the water station was the first run and it was NOT THERE. Talk about messing with your psyche!!! I guess they thought everyone had passed, I would have I guess.

Then my mind really got to churning. At one point I was afraid of finishing. Blahh! I had less than a mile. Then God sent me some little Angels.

As I made the turn along the golf course, a little less than a mile to go, there were about six kids on their bikes. They were just riding around the block. They started to talk to me, asking me questions. “What are you doing?” One kid asked. “I am racing”, I responded, “but not too fast huh?” They laughed. “Where is everyone else?” Another kid asked. I giggled to myself, you gotta love kids. I told them that everyone else was done with the race and having jambalaya, beer and Gatorade.” I was ready to answer the next question before it was asked. Then it was asked, “Why aren’t you finished yet?” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and honestly tell them, “I am not finished yet because I am fat and slow and you guys better eat right and exercise so you don’t get fat and slow one day.”

What was brilliant about this is that I was now on the last turn to the finish only about 500 yards to go. I love those kids. They took my mind off of all the bad stuff I was thinking for a good 5 or 6 minutes.

As I made that turn I heard someone yell, “You’re almost here RoadDawg!” I think it was my friend Matt. I kept chugging away. I tried to pick it up and finish really strong, but my legs weren’t having any of that. Everyone was hollering and cheering. MAN I LOVE THAT. I may be last, but that just leaves more people to cheer me in. THANK YOU EVERYONE who does that, whether it is for me or for those at the races you go to. Cheering in those last few people, those are the people who need it and your cheers may keep them coming back.

I finished.

I love the direction I am going. It is slow and it is challenging, but it is the right direction.

Until next time,

Go walk, run, or bike. It doesn’t matter, just go outside and do something.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Come along for the trip!

I really don't know where to start.

I am at a loss for words. Don't laugh it happens to even the best of us.

I am spending this week digging into my young life. Trying to find some click to my relationship with food.

Next week I am spending time looking at my teen life and young adult life.

Some may think I am crazy putting this all out on a blog for the world to see. I say it is the only way I can be honest with myself. That may seem weird to say, but I tend to sugar coat things in life and let mishaps slide off my shoulder, it takes a lot to upset me. I tend to look at the good in everything and not at the hurtful or indifferent issues in life.

I don't want to put up a battered child, feel sorry for me monologue. I want no one else to be hurt by my writings, but I need to be honest about my past so I can fix the future. I won't do that by keeping a journal or diary of thoughts. I will when I am held accountable by my writings and knowing that those who know me and have known me in my life can discern reality versus my perception.

It is going to be difficult to put all of this out there.

Everyone has had bad experiences in their lives.

I don't want this to be a pity party and I especially don't want to hurt my family, Mom and Dad, when it comes to my revelations and mental digging into my past, but at the same time I want to be honest FOR myself.

My Momma, who is a brilliant woman and has the kindest, sweetest heart says to me on a regular basis that the past is the past. She says I have to stop dwelling on all of the bad things that happened to me in my life. I agree. However, this is not dwelling. What you will read over the next couple of weeks is interpreting my past, trying to understand my past.

I want you to know, that my past is a blur to me. I remember little of my childhood and less of my teen-hood. This is a problem for me.

I say, I have friends who hold dear memories of their child hood and friends and family. I wish I had those, but I am not bitter, I am not dwelling and I won’t be dwelling in the upcoming posts. I will be digging. I will be telling my story. I want to correlate my relationship with food in a way that I might realize why I am the way I am.

Here is a quote from a dear friend of mine. I think it is important for all of us to realize that we each have our on vices. Mine is food and compulsion. Someone else’s my be alcohol. Another’s may be confidence and self worth. Here is how my friend put it.

For me, food has never been a problem issue. But, there is no man who doesn't have some issue, whether he realizes it or admits it or not, that is comparable for them what the food issue is for you. What's one man's food issue, is another man's obsession with gaining people's approval, or another man's struggle with relationship intimacy, or yet another man's drive toward defining himself through monetary success.

I want everyone to understand before I begin this process, that I am not pointing fingers at anyone else for my issues. I am the only one who “allowed” them to happen and I feel I am the only one who can recreate this relationship with food.

Many of you are probably much stronger than I am with your vices. You may have been a smoker, as I was 12 years ago, and stopped cold turkey, as I did. You may have had issues with your appearance that you simply fixed. I am happy and so proud of you for that.

I think I need this investigation. My mind is a knowledge sponge. I have to know the ins and outs of everything.

I am not satisfied with something until I know how it works, what makes it tick. I think that is why I disassembled all of my Christmas presents.

The problem there too was, I didn’t know how to put them back together after I figured out how they worked.

I am going to figure out what makes me tick when it comes to food. I am going to put it back together.

Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts on my last blog.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cure for Cancer 5k

This was a fun run for breast cancer research.

The big news is, Amanda, my beautiful wife, participated in this run with me! This is her first ever any kind of race. I was so happy and excited.

Amanda is not what you would call an athlete. She is however, the cutest thing ever when she runs. I can’t explain her run, you’d have to see it for yourself, but trust me, it would make you smile.

It was exceptionally hot in Baton Rouge today. It got up to 86 degrees today and then it was quite humid. I had my goal set to average sub-15 minute miles. I was feeling good for about 10 minutes of the run, and then I noticed my heart rate above 180.

I slowed and even walked at one point to try and bring my HR down, but it stayed near 165, so I just pushed it in. I finished at 50:01, which is about 15:30 minute miles. I didn’t make my goal, but I did as well as I could considering the heat and humidity.

Amanda finished in just a bit over 40:00. I was so proud of her.

The best part was, after the race she said to me “Maybe I could do a triathlon relay?”

What a perfect day.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Tri-ing Fat Man: Before Picture - 10-10-2005

Tri-ing Fat Man: Before Picture - 10-10-2005


2006 Triathlon Race Schedule (REVISED)

I am preparing for an eventful year in 2006. I have lofty goals and no fear!

Let’s have a recap and then I will list my schedule for the entire year.

I plan to be down to 300 LBS. by my first race in May.2006
I am to complete 1 International/Oly sized TriathlonBy 12/31/2006
I am to weigh 250 LBS.
2007 I am to complete 1 Half IM
12/31/2007 I am to weigh in at 210 LBS.
2008 I am to complete my first FULL IM (probably IMFL)

So that is the recap of the goals I had set for myself.

In 2005 I raced in nine sprint triathlons and completed eight. Since the former post of my 2006 race schedule I have been motivated through peer pressure and kindness from the BRtri Club to complete a Half IM in 2006 so that I can complete my FULL IM in 2007 instead of 2008.

After much deliberation and prayer . . . I will race in a half Iron-man in 2006
I will race in IMFL in 20072006:

Feb. 1-5 training campSan Diego CA (DONE)

Feb 11th Evangeline Oak Duathlon (my first Du) (01:57:27)

Mar 11 Cure for Cancer 5k, Baton Rouge LA (46:21)

Mar 19th Rotary Oppelousas Duathlon (02:27:29)

April 2 T-Gator Series tri at Lake Charles LA - Race #1 of Alex/BR Challenge (01:27:37)
Pate 1 Boggs 0

April 6 Fat Boy 5k Baton Rouge LA (43:17)

April 15 Crecent City Classic 10k New Orleans LA (01:48:11)

April 22 Louisiana Tri at New Roads Sprint - Race #2 of Alex/BR Challenge (02:38:34)
Pate 2 Boggs 0

May 6 Crawfishman, Buch LA (Sprint) (2:53:31.22)

May 21 Memphis in May Int/Oly Triathlon Memphis TN (4:43:17)

June 3 Heatwave classic Int/Oly Tri Jackson Ms - Race #3 of Alex/BR Challenge (4:07:19)

June 10 Buster Britton Sprint Tri Pelam AL (2:21:36)

June 24 Yam City Sprint Tri Oppelousas LA (1:39:57)

July 8 Sunfish Sprint Tri Meridian MS (Unable to compete)

July 16 T-Gator #3 Sprint tri Lake Charles LA - Race #4 of Alex/BR Challenge (2:08:01)

July 23 Tri-America Int/Oly Tri Louisville KY (Unable to compete)

Aug. 6 Rivercities Tri – Sprint Shreveport LA - Final Race of Alex/BR Challenge (2:47:46)

Aug. 20 Degray Lake Sprint Triathlon - Arkedelphia AR

Sept. 10 Cajun Man – Sprint tri Lafayette LA

Spet. 24 Disney World Int/Oly tri Orlando FL

Oct. 1 Tri-Andy's Tri - Sprint Houston TX

Oct. 29 Ironstar HALF IRON MAN Conroe TX

I hope all of my friends and family in the Kentucky Ohio area can make plans to come down to Louisville for the race in July.

Notice I am doing 3, yes THREE International size triathlons in 2006!


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Self Therapy???

I am spending the next few days looking inside my life of eating. I want to try and figure out why I have such a problem with food. There is a reason or maybe a few reasons? I want input on this. Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings or say something that you think. You can post it on the blog or email me directly. I want input and thoughts.

I want to start in present day and then look back, even into my childhood.

I have tried to recognize my eating habits of late. I have also taken time during my meals to examine myself, as I am doing right now.

Let’s begin at the grocery store. When I am going to cook, whether it be for myself, my wife, family, friends, I have to select the largest cut or piece of meat there is. If there is not a size of beef thick enough, I will ask the butcher if he/she can cut a thicker piece.

If I am cooking for 5 people, I will select a meal and buy groceries to feed 10 people easy. I go overboard. But more over, when I go to Whole foods to pick up a couple things to make for just me, I leave having spent $50 and food for three! I can’t simply pick up a small filet, or A, single chicken breast, it has to be the thickest cut of a ribeye, or better yet a WHOLE SMOKED CHICKEN!!!! Yes, I will eat it ALL when I get home.

I have tried making a list. I have tried eating a little something before I go shopping. Somehow, it all goes right out of the window when I get there. My mind is an unbelievable negotiator and I have no chance!

“Yeah, I know you have a list, but look, when is top sirloin going o be $4.99 a pound EVER AGAIN!” my mind says.

I say, “Ummm those sausages look good, but I don’t need them, but man they look really good.” My mind, “Just pick them up and you can have them as an appetizer or eat them during the game tomorrow!” “Yeah.” I respond silently.

I am trying and becoming a bit more proficient at my grocery shopping. I also have my friend Pat, who is making meals for me and my wife is also cooking and keeping me from overeating. She is such a good little cooker. I will continue to focus on only purchasing what I went in for and no more and I will stay focused and not let my mind sway me into the OTHER STUFF.

Now, this leads perfectly into Dining out. OH BOY!! Dining out is not much different to grocery shopping.

How many people open a menu and look at it, trying to decide what has the largest portion? Not, what looks really good, but what steak has 16oz. What entree looks like it is really big, a give away is the word PLATTER, oh platter must mean it is big!!!! Seafood platter, Catfish PLATTER, Boiled peanut PLATTER! Yum, I want platter!

Then there is the price! If it cost more, it must have more on the plate! Let’s look at prices! Oh here, this $27 entrée must have more food than the $12 one. I will have that one!

At times I do find myself looking at what the meal is first. What type of food always goes into the process of selection, however usually not until the size and price bases are covered, THEN I will look to see whether I want the shrimp scampi or the fried chicken feet!

Once my meal has been selected I am fine. I can socialize, joke, shoot the bull, all that jazz.


I have often wanted to watch myself at the dinner table. I think one day I will give my video recorder to a friend and have them sneak and tape me eating at a restaurant. Until then I have to picture this in my head.

When my food arrives I go into some sort of trance. I am being serious here. When I begin eating, I don’t stop until I have finished everything. I stop talking unless directly addressed, I think I stop breathing as well. My focus is this food. Finishing the food. Consuming the food. The whole time . . . The food is not what is being consumed. I am being consumed. I have caught myself in the middle of one of these episodes and stopped to look around and think. I didn’t like what I began to think about.

Listen, let’s not over dramatize this. I am not like the Tasmanian devil, pillaging through my plate with bones and slurps flying everywhere. It is a science, very controlled looking. It is also VERY subtle to me. It is difficult to recognize. But it is oh so obvious when dissecting it later.

I have decided that when I go to restaurants that I am not familiar with, I will have my wife or friend read me the entrees without prices obviously, and I will decide that way. If it is a business meal, I will not look at the menu and ask the server to tell me their top three entrée preferences and chose one of those. That way I am not perusing the menu for my tell signs of BIGMAN MEALS!

This goes along with the trance state during feeding time. I also can’t stop. I will eat everything on my plate. I will stuff myself to the point that I feel sick. Literally want to get sick. TMI, I know, but I am laying it out on the line here. Do you want to know what is worse? After putting myself in this state, he server will ask who is having dessert and I will actually entertain the idea and if it is a dessert I really like (bread pudding) I will get it.

“What kind of sick mind lets himself do that?” is all I can ask myself when I look back on it.

Exercise is not my problem. I might weigh close to 400 pounds, but I carry this extra around while on a 3 mile run, a 20 mile bike, or swimming 2000 meters.

I had a dream a few weeks ago. A really funny dream. There was a triathlon race, but it was like a handicapped horse race. The handicap was that everyone had to weigh 400 lbs. So they were all wearing weight vests and ankle weights on the bike and added dumbbells on he run! So you had all of these people carrying around as much weight as I do, participating in the race!!!!

I didn’t win. I think I could have, but I was helping my friend Matt finish. He might weigh all of 150 lbs at 5’4”. But it was a weird dream. I think it was a self medicating dream or even a selfish dream, since everyone I was passing on the bike and run were telling me, “Now I see how hard this is for you.” And things similar. Funny how the brain works. I guess my brain was telling me it is ok to be last in every race, you’re doing this for other reasons.

Let’s stop there for today. I have given you the present and what I see in myself as compulsive, uncontrolled, eating habits. I will begin sharing my life with you from childhood and see where that leads us.

I am very afraid to do this, but I am not afraid for the reasons you might think. I am proud of my background, which I think you will see is quite diverse and exciting. What I am afraid of, is hurting peoples feelings when I discuss critical times in my life when it comes to my battle with food. I love all of my family. I love my friends that I will mention, but I think there are deep issues to my problems with food that have to do with my childhood and eating. Nothing serious like abuse, or abandonment (I don’t think) but, habits and things. We’ll leave it at that.

I look forward to you sharing with me your thoughts and similar experiences.

Thank you for allowing me to share mine.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Biggest Loser Comments

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking valuable time from your day to write to NBC’s The Biggest Loser on my behalf.

I received emails from many of you that have touched my heart and increased my motivation!

Most of you know that the email address that NBC has on their website is not working right now and your emails have been returned. I am sorry that you took time out of your busy days for not. However, it meant so much to me.

I wanted to post the emails I have received from those of you who forwarded me your letters to The Biggest Loser.

Thank you again for all of your support.

Next week I will be posting a look into my world of obesity and my questions as to why I am so fat.

Greetings friends at NBC,
I have been asked by my close friend and financial advisor, Christopher Boggs, to write to you. I have known Christopher about 6 years, since I asked him to aid in planning my retirement from the local telephone company. I want this to be brief, yet to convey to your shows producers, what an excellent choice Christopher would be for your program. I want all of America to know Christopher as I do. The entire time I have known him, he has been struggling to stay healthy and to lose weight. I have seen the astounding transformations that have taken place on your program, and I want so very much to see this fine, kind, man healthy and happy. I have often stated to my wife and friends, that the principles you instill on your show, could be used to help with other debilitating habits or life styles. The structured enviornment at the ranch is vital to the success of these folks, hoever, the fact that nearly all of your guest's continue their strict regimens after the show, is what is the most astounding fact about it all to me. Please, give Christopher Boggs all of the consideration you can when selecting the new "stars" for you program.
Most Sincerely,
Robert Louis McGrath
Walker, Louisiana

What follows is a non exhaustive list of why you should have my friend Christopher Boggs on your show. If you would like pictures of him in compromising positions and or dirt for future episodes, please feel free to email me at your convenience. With that said here goes.

1.He is FAT and is not sensitive about the subject. I thought I would start with the obvious.
2. He will do anything you say to lose weight. This includes drinking pure garlic puree, 500 sit-ups, eating a goat’s nut (or probably any nuts for that matter, goat or otherwise, etc. etc.

3. He is serious and unafraid. Also if he refuses to do anything you say, you may email me and I will let him have it on our triathlon forum (a place where much smack talk is delivered).
4. Did I mention he is FAT!
5. He showed up at our Triathlon Club meeting last year unashamed and ready to get help with his training and weight loss. No one at this meeting approaches anything close to overweight. THIS TOOK MORE COURAGE THAN ANYTHING I HAVE EVER DONE! Now that is a set of balls. (I cannot attest to the physical size thank goodness)
6. He takes well to being called names and being yelled at, which is good for training. I have not yelled “Hey fat ass, get moving!” to him as he would probably kick my ass, but he wouldn’t hold it against me.
7. He will out will anyone in this competition.
8. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals of being around 200 lbs.
9. He is going to do a half Ironman triathlon this year and a full Ironman the next. To those of you who don’t know the distances, a half is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run 70.3 miles of fun. A full is double that for 140.6 miles.

10. He has completed something like 8 or 10 already. Most people will never complete a sprint tri (800 m swim, 18 mile bike, 5 k)
11. He spent a ton of cash to go to a triathlon camp with 15 other people all of whom were some of the best triathletes in the nation. It was led by 5 or 6 professional triathletes. Again, big balls. 12. He called me one day to come to his house and take pictures of him in his drawers which he promptly posted on his blog so the world could see how fat he was.
13. He is the type of guy who would give a stranger a $20 if they really needed it.
14. He likes puppy dogs, bubble baths, romantic walks on the beach, teddy bears and those who will really listen to his dreams of being a dancer.. I would appreciate it if you did not tell his wife that I know that.
15. He is the type of guy who would wipe an eye booger out of a dogs eye. And I mean that in a good way.
16. I jumped his case on his blog one day about his eating/slip ups etc. My phone rang and he said, “Damn you got me good, what can you help me with.
17. He is FAT!

So there’s seventeen (13 if you count the repeats). What is most interesting about all of the above is that I have only known Chris since June of 2005. He is one of the nicest, genuine guys I know and he is willing to do anything to lose weight. I want him to be successful because he deserves this. On his own he has taken it on. However, he needs help. He has issues with food that need attention. Whether it be an imbalance, psychological issue or something else, I feel this could be the jumpstart that could get him over the hump. All dramatic bullsh*t aside, if this show was simply who could work the hardest and want it the most, Chris would be the winner. Easy. I hope you folks in TV land make the right decision and give him a shot. He would be the star of the show on so many plains, you all may have to hire him on a soap-opera or at least on one of those crappy shows that gets cut every year. Clearly he has the skills to be on COP ROCK or something.
Patrick Fellows

Dear Biggest Loser Show Host:

I am writing to express my support for Christopher Boggs of Baton Rouge as a candidate for your show. Christopher is a business associate who I have had the pleasure of working with for some time. One of his finest qualities is that he is a very sensitive individual who cares for his clients. He takes care of them, is patient with them, and is always empathetic to their needs. I have been fortunate to be able to observe him personally interact with many of his clients on numerous occasions – and I call on many financial advisors in my profession but few ever display the kind of compassion and professionalism that Chris does.

He has been fighting the battle of obesity with every fibre of his being. As you may know, he has entered (and finished) 8 triathlon events – a true testimony to the lengths he is willing to stretch himself to in order to accomplish his goal. I’m not sure that I could personally imagine just how difficult a triathlon would be at my own (normal) weight – much less with the weight Chris is so desperately trying to lose. Even after mustering this strength and fortitude, his battle has continued with much desperation and disappointment at not being able to lose enough weight.

I know you get many candidates to pick from, but I think your listening audience would not only enjoy watching Chris but I think they would be able to really FEEL his struggle and hopefully his victory. You will also find Chris very articulate and entertaining with a great sense of humor – qualities that should really help you hold your audience in their seat. As just one example of his sense of humor – he and his wife, Amanda, thought about going to a Halloween party last year in a very uniquely paired costume. Chris would dress up in a chicken suit (what a huge chicken!) and Amanda would simply wear a royal blue swimsuit but paint herself to look like one of the Blue men. Amanda would put a red rope around her waist and Chris would hold the rope. You have to picture this in your creative mind – she is so cute, but so tall and skinny – they almost look like Popeye and Olive together! You are probably wondering by now what they would represent with this pair of strange costumes . . . Chicken Cordon Bleu, of course! What a sense of humor and what a great pair for your show!

So, I highly recommend them and would tell everyone I know across 6 states to watch. Thanks for listening and considering Christopher Boggs!

Brian Ragle
Richardson, Texas

Dear Biggest Loser NBC Program Director -
I'm a slightly overweight 52 yrold female, who also participates in triathlons in Louisiana, just likeChris Boggs. Chris has applied to your network, to participate in theBiggest Loser show. I think Chris would be a great candidate because he hasthe will to "JUST DO IT" and would definitely give 150% to be the biggestloser on your program. He has never been concerned with what other peoplethink, or if he looks like the typical triathlete. He just "DOES IT". If he were selected for your show, he would motivate other overweight peoplethat YES you can participate in sports and YES there is a healthy way tolose excess pounds and body fat. His motivation has inspired many of thehard core athletes in our Baton Rouge Triathlon Club, and we've all acceptedhim as an inspiring, highly motivated team member. He would truly inspireall over weight people who have dreamed of competing in sports, that thereis a means and a process to make that happen. Regards,

Janice Owens
Membership Chairperson
Baton Rouge Triathlon Club