Monday, March 27, 2006

Holy Toledo!!!!!!!!

I didn't race.
I ate smores like a champ however! So this is a spectators report.
Man. I don't know where to begin?
Saturday was a blast. If there is one thing I am learning form this experience of triathlon itis . . . If you're not racing in an event, go support the event for your fellow club members.
I have gotten more out of IM Florida and Holy Toledo than out of my own races. You get to see how others hurt, smile, sweat, it is awesome. Seeing them in their transitions isawesome too! GO TO RACES even if you're not racing.
I arrived about 3:00ish???? Timbeaux had been there since Friday night I think? I pulled in and we began to work on the TV and antenna for the LSU/Texas game. Man we were excited. I the woods, watching the game, shooting the bull, what could be better!!??
So, the antenna didn't work, Joe Lee used his engineering skills, I used my "where is the aluminum foil"?" skills and we listened to the game on the radio at Big D's camp site.
This is funny. Big D, gets the camp site with water and electric. Timbeaux, Joe Lee, Myself Oh wait . . . EVERYONE else put our tents . . . on Debbie’s camp site too. IT WAS AWESOME. We had probably, hmmmm? At a minimum 12 tents around her site. These tents ranged from Timbeaux's smartly chosen (after having to break them down and pack them Sunday) tent for his child to another members Waldorf Astori tent which had the Kennedy Suite, Bridal Suite and President's Suite. I stayed in the Kennedy Suite and Rocketboy in the Bridal Suite.
Roughing it in the woods!!! My inflated air mattress, 2 pillows and down comforter came in handy, I tell ya I was roughing it!
If you go camping with Big D. I will tell you what to do.
Sit. Observe.
It is amazing. We had been at the site for more than 2 hours. She was stillgathering wood that I thought at the time was enough for a remake of Back Draft. She was putting out food and forcing it on you as if you were a refugee child from Cambodia and you would only be here for 10 minutes and then back to starvation.
Everyone was putting in their share in the beginning. Collecting wood, manicuring the site, but hell after an hour I think everyone realized, "there is no way I can keep up with that girl!" and we all sat and listened to the Glorious game of basketball where the Tigers from LSU defeated the Longhorns of Tejas! Big D continued to gather.
About 20 minutes after the game more people began to show up, unload and set up. This made Big D happy since she was able to feed more children of her camp.
The sun began to set. What a beautiful day it had become. The fire was a blazin. We all talked around the fire. Smak was laid. Jokes were told. Beer was drank, wine was poured. Rest Stop stories were shared. It was such a safe haven. Everyone felt comfortable in being themselves and kicking the crap out of one another verbally. It was awesome!!!!!!
I got to know so many, so much better. This should be a mandatory event for all members even if you're not racing. Also my Wife, Amanda thought we should all go up on Friday night instead of Saturday. I wondered if she just enjoyed me being out of the house, but I think she saw the pure excitement on my face while I was telling her stories of the weekend.
Our friend Oliva, Trip's daughter 5. Gave lessons on Smore making. Kona boy really took these lessons to heart and being the engineer he is created a smore roasting system the enamored us all. Soon after he began the quest of the EPIC marshmallow roasting stick.
Norse wooed the ladies.
Then one by one, victims of the Holy T began to disappear into the night, Ty first, then Neilr, until there were only a few.
As I lay in my suite relishing the evening and thinking about the morning to come, I hear the faintest, melodic, SNORE coming from a tent to the rear. TImbeaux? Joe Lee? hmm? Turns out that the snore tent was none other than the tent of Ladies. Way to go girls!!!!!! Putt’n the men to shame!
I slept like a log. A warm, soft bed, one pillow under my head, the other laying on the tent floor, oh I squandered! Rolling and tossing around in my suite with the 6 ½ foot ceilings.
Morning came. We all began to trickle out. Norse christened (s/p) a tent or two (sorry) and I began to re kindle the fire.
Soon, the fire was roaring with the help of so many and coffee was abundant. If this had been survivor, we couldn't have kicked anyone off!
Darius was manning the pancakes which I wanted one so badly, but I felt that racers should partake and not lowly cheerleaders. Smiles were everywhere even though there would be much pain in a few short hours.
As everyone began to head to the race area, Olivia and I had more Smores.
I had a nice HOT shower. Put on a fresh change of clothing and meandered to the race site. What a glorious day!
Mitch, Rocketboy and I sat around shooting the bull talking about who looked strong. Pat was out of the H20 first and fitbird AKA Race day, was the first female out, but more so the 4th overall out of the water.
I watched as they transitioned in. Man, awesome. This was a weird setting. Most of the transitions you see have much tension. Great competitiveness. At times some triathlon transition sites feel like a mine field of explosive aggression to me, but not today. Today this race, this transition was full of smiles and relaxation. I felt like everyone was realizing that this was not a race against one another, but more a race WITH themselves and against the course. I am not naive. I know some where bucking to kick the crap out of one another out there, but for the most part, it was a very different T2.
I went to the finish line when I heard a runner was coming.
“BRIAN?” Was what shot through my head. No, it was some other dude, he was flying. This dude was a stud. Props to him on that win. But he soon got on my bad side. I don't know him from Adam and he is probably an awesome dude, but when he was talking to BoBo about his "in race strategy" concerning Brian, he was a little too cocky for my tastes. But still, much props to that big dog.
Darius came in very shortly after for the relay. Man. Wow. Holy Toledo. He was flying. That is one running fool. I personally feel it was the Boudin.
I began to notice at the bottom of the hill where the finish line was that runners would get confused and enter the wrong road and not go into the parking lot for the finish. So I climbed the hill with deliberation. Made it to the top! And I . . . DIRECTED TRAFFIC!
When I would see a runner way way down the road I would yell to them so they would know they were almost home. Sometimes they would raise their arms in recognition. It was awesome to see the looks on everyone’s faces as they topped the hill and could se the finish at the bottom. A look of pure joy and more than that a look of success blanketed them, even if they didn't know it.
It was awesome to see all of the Brtri Uni's out there. We, in my opinion, were the absolute dominant group out there, by far. Kudos to you guys.
Ty, you kicked azz. NeilR, seriously dude, you spanked it man. Don't knock your swimming. You kicked tail.
Vanilla, you da man. You could have done another 10 miles of that. Jeremy, you are one happy dude, with a great attitude, but where the heck were you for the camp fire?????
PatK, man, what can I say? HACK! HACK! HACK HACK, HACK. And HACK over the HACK HACK, but don't HACK HACK, because you never HACK HACK HACK HACK. Great job!
Big D. Big D big D big D. Can I have your autograph, for so many things. You are a trooper, a competitor and more over one awesome, happy, lovable chick!!!!!!!! You mopped the course up and smiled the whole time.
Timbeaux, way to be out there, brutha, The bike will come. Build on it, and it will come.
Joe Lee. Man I am so sorry. After all you suffered on the course, then to suffer the brunt of my irresponsibility of loud music playing. Man. Sorry about the pork. But you are one hell of a racer and one really cool dude.
Tripp, it was very nice meeting you and your lovely wife and daughter. They were GREAT company. I sent a missing purse, pen, and pad with Joe Lee to give you at the YMCA.
ROCKO!!! What the heck are you doing!!!!???? Are you trying to lose that name??? You did awesome and not only on the swim, but everything. I hope I didn't traumatize your dog when I took her into the shower with me.
Erissa (s/p) man. Way to be girl! Man. Oh the places you'll go!
My hero, Brianna the Konaboy, nipps. You kicked ass and I think you could have kicked a little more ass. You are the shiznick and I am going to Hawaii this year with you. Book it brutha.
I know I missed a couple folk, sorry. You all did great.
Tim, thanks for trying to jump start my truck after a night of listening to the game. You were a lot of fun, sorry you didn’t get to race.
But, last, to my friend Ann, the race day fitbird. You rock. You rock you rock you rock! Nothing else, you just rock. Hope you are feeling ok today.
NEXT YEAR, mandatory attendance for all BRtri Society, club, members. You don't have to come, but if you don't you will never know about all the stories I DIDN"T TELL!!!!!!!!
It was great hanging out with you all, thanks for your friendship.
Peace out!

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