Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Pics and Weigh In

January 24, 2008
June 28, 2007 - 434 lbs

November 11, 2007 - 328 lbs.

January 24, 2008 - 307 lbs.

June 28, 2007 - 434 Lbs.

November 11, 2007 - 328 Lbs.

I am a bit frustrated with the lack of weight loss the past 2 months. I have increased my training form about 4 hrs per week to over 7 hrs (plus) per week. I am going to go back to zero sugar as I was from the beginning. I remain NOT eating and fast food AND fried food.

Thanks to all who have helped me this far.

I WILL BE 195 lbs by July 21, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My First Race 2008 (UPDATE)

The link above has the race times. I WAS 122 out of 148!!!!! I ALMOST (really not close) got an award for third in my age group!

Since June 28 2007 I when I was 434 lbs until last Friday when I weighed in at 308 lbs.

I have lost 126 lbs. It was not easy and I still have 113 lbs that I am going to lose. But today was a great motivator for me! About three hours ago I finished my first race of 2008. Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon in Austin TX. It was the South West Regional Banquet last night followed by the race today. It was 20 degrees this morning when I went out to the truck and by the time I headed to transition to set up my gear it was 27 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrrr. Caroline and Blake came as well, but Caroline did a 15 mile training run before the race and Blake was cheering. They were cold too!

I was nervous as I always am before a race, but I guess that is what it is? Today was a short 2 mile run 10.8 mile bike 2 mile run. My goal was to finish in under 01:30 which is quite lofty for me, but I typically set goals such that will make me work hard.

I am learning this whole new training style utilizing Heart Rate Zones and I am in love. My friend and now Coach Will has been instructing me what HR (heart rate) he wants me to train in for certain training and it has been really good to my body. I have always been a hard trainer, meaning that I put on my running shoes and GO GO GO! But Coach Will is altering my thinking and I am liking it. Caroline, who is now a PRO Triathlete (WOO HOO! WAY TO GO CAROLINE!) has been instilling that into me as well. She said that had she known I was a (excuse my French) balls to the walls type trainer she would have gotten on me to stop, but I just didn’t know any better. Training in optimal ANEROBIC heart Rate levels is very good for you and if you need help figuring that out, go see a local trainer, most can help you understand that fairly easily, IF YOU ASK, which I never did since I didn’t know.

Back to the race. Today’s goal: Under 140 beats per minute on the first 2 miles, Under 150 on the 10.8 mile bike, and go for it on the second 2 miles.

What happened: Under 140 on first 2 miles and I was pissed. I was going kina slow and felt good, but I wanted to listen to Coach Will and Caroline. Stayed around 150 on most of the bike, but I lost my chain on a hill. (LESSON I WAS TOLD LATER) -à If you lose your chain on the front inside the small ring, put your derailleur in the big ring and pedal and usually it will put the chain back on. I never knew this, wish I had today. My HR went up when I pounded up the hill after getting off my bike to put the chain on, but brought it back down to about 160 BMP for the rest of the bike. When I came off the bike I FELT GREAT! Hit thee second two miles and tried to stay at about 160 BPM for the first mile then decided to go a bit harder after the turn around and was about 171 BPM with about a quarter mile left and then went for broke! When I crossed the finish I had nothing left and the HR was 187 BPM.

I was so excited!

I think I finished about 01:36 so about 6 minutes longer than I wanted, but I will take it!!!

I will post the actual time when I get home and see the official times. Until then, I am very uplifted and motivated to do more. I am excited to see where my times will be when I am another 100 lbs less!!!

Thanks Coach. Thanks Caroline. Thanks Blake. You all ROCK!

Until later . . . LATER

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

It is January 1st of two thousand and eight and I started it off right!

I did 4 miles running out at or local highs school cross country course. The ribs are still sore. They are getting better, but sore. They really only hurt when I run down hill???

We all set incredible New Years resolutions and we more than not ditch those resolutions by January 15th! Let’s do something different this year. Let’s make a resolution that we can follow through with, one that we should be doing just because we should be doing it . . . I know that last sentence was a bit confusing!

I am going to try and be a kind, loving, good man. I want to be a good husband to my wife, a good son to my parents, a good brother to all eight of my siblings, and a good friend and lastly I want strengthen my relationship with my God.

I think I am adequate in all of those areas in my life, but I am not where I want to be, certainly when it comes to my wife, and family. I hope they would say that I do a great job, but I want to do better and be there for each of them more, therefore my New Years resolution is . . .

Wake every morning with the intent to do ONE thing out of the ordinary for ONE of those listed above. Whether it be a phone call to my brother for no reason at all, or taking a moment to pray for my parents, or take my wife to a movie (a girlie one!).

I am not going to set an unrealistic goal for my weight or health. I have done it all before, but this year I want to choose a resolution that I should carry through the year and through my life.

I realize a New Years resolution is supposed to be something big and earth shattering, but I hope my resolution will end up being earth shattering and life moving.

What is your news year resolution?

What ever it is, I wish you the best.

Have a BRILLIANT 2008!