Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weigh-In and Pictures

June 28, 2007 - 434 Lbs.
March 23, 2008 - 289 Lbs.
June 28, 2007 - 434 Lbs.
March 23, 2008 - 289 Lbs.

March 23, 2008
Joking Around!
There Ya Have It!
June 28 2007 - 434 Lbs
March 23 2008 - 289 Lbs.
Total weight loss - 145 lbs.
Weight Goal - 210 Lbs.
Loss to go - 79 Lbs.

My goal is to be at 210 Lbs. by August 1, 2008. I will then maintain that weight until the second week of November when I plan to undergo surgery to remove the excess skin I already have and am disgusted by.
I have been slacking on my reports of my races. I have completed 4 races in 2008 and have become FASTER AND FASTER in each area at each race.
The biggest tell is that in my first year of triathlons I averaged 12.9 mph this year I am averaging about 19 mph on the bike.
Saturday I raced in the Crescent City Classic 10k run. In 2006 I finished in 1:49 and this year I finished in 1:19. I cut 30 minutes off my 10k time!
Thank you to all of you and have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Pics and Weigh-In

Sorry Folks!!!

Pics and Weigh-In coming this afternoon, promise!

Friday, March 21, 2008

First things first . . .

I DO NOT deserve this bike. As it sits across the room next to my TV (strategically placed so I can gawk at it) it just LOOKS FAST. But when I get on it, not so much, but I do love it!

Amanda wouldn’t let it sleep in our bedroom the first night . . . Hater.

I have waited for this bike for a while, but the wait is worth it.

We picked it up from the Spokesman in Mandeville on Wednesday night. When we arrived home at about 10:00pm, I had to ride it!!!! So there I was 10:30ish at night riding my new gear!

Here in Baton Rouge we have a great Tuesday and Thursday training ride around River Road. It is a 34 miles loop with a great bunch of folks. I have not joined in on a training ride until this past Thursday. I didn’t want to be dropped on the ride, so I have worked hard at gaining speed. I wasn’t ready for this one but with the new bike . . . I had to show up.

I think I did pretty well. But the main part is, I didn’t get dropped!

Tonight I weigh-in and take pictures to post on the blog . . . I think we will have some pretty good results . . . TO BE CONTINUED.