Saturday, June 18, 2011

Consistency . . . Its not just for Training anymore

I've taken several taken more than my share of personal days from my blog postings.  I've focused on my consistency in training and I'm going to make a solid attempt at being more consistent with the Tri-ingfatman blog.

2011 - Its been a fairly strong year so far.

My surgery infection is a thing of the past.  I've gone eight solid months without any issues or reoccurring infection.  That alone would suffice for a successful year since I spent most of 2011 shoving saline soaked gauze into my leg.

I've been racing well and actually hitting PRs (Personal Records) at pretty mush all of my races.  The best accomplishment in 2011 was Heatwave . . . IT WAS HOT!  I PR-ed by almost 7 minutes.  A small part of my soul died out of that course, but another part of me grew stronger.

My training has been pretty consistent too.  I put on more than 60 pounds during my DO NOTHING 2010 season, however I've dropped 25 or those pounds and I'm focused on an Ironman Arizona race weight of 210 Pounds.  Im at 265lbs as I post this story.

I've raced 5 times this year.  I have 5 races left on the calendar including IM Arizona in November, going for that sub 13 hour race.

I head up to Wisconsin for the Door County Triathlon in early July then my annual pilgrimage to Iowa for the annual bike ride across Iowa!

In September I get to race in D.C. with my bud Lance at The Nations Tri.

It's already a good year . . . That is only going to get better!

I had a good 3 hour HOT Humid ride this morning and a 2 hr run tomorrow.  What do you have coming up with your training and racing?