Sunday, February 25, 2007

The beginning . . .

It is February 25. I leave for Hawaii in 6 days. I am going for a conference, but it is also a pilgrimage!

I am going to the finish-line of Kona and I am going to pray there. I am going to meditate and feel the strength of so many who have completed the ultimate goal for me when it comes to triathlon.

I begin my season in 21 days. I am putting in BASE miles right now (base simply means building up your “base” for endurance. You put in a lot of long easy miles running, swimming, and biking) I begin my training program on March 19th. I am using my friends at for my program. They do race specific programs for buku (a lot) ½ Ironman races and it is VERY interactive.

I am going to use an offer from a very dear and awesome person named Big D to help me focus and train hard. Big D wins her age group in EVERYTHING! If there was and age group for pancake making, she would win.

I am doing two races before my half Ironman in Florida; LA triathlon and Crawfishman. Louisiana Tri is a Sprint and Crawfihman is a semi Olympic distance, semi because the run is only 4 miles.

I want everyone to think positive thoughts from march 19 to May 12 (the day of the half IM).

Woo Hoo!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Slim-Down 220 - The Story of a Triathlete

I received probably 25 to 30 recommendations to rename my blog. I presented about 5 to a few friends and we have decided.

Slim-Down 220 – The Story of a Triathlete

That is my ultimate goal, to slim down to 220 lbs. That will be 200 lbs. lost, never to be found again!

Let me know what you think.

Thank you everyone who submitted ideas.

The fight continues . . .