Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year

Tis the Season to be . . . Heck no!

I did it.

This is my first holiday season that I actually LOST weight.

I am happy with where I am today and I am feeling wonderful. I know how hard this time of year can be when it comes to eating. I love the holidays with Thanksgiving turkey, cornbread dressing and then right around the corner is Christmas with ham, sweet potatoes, and so much more . . . I just love it. But, this year was not going to set me off course to get down to 195 lbs.

I did stall and stop losing weight for a couple weeks around Thanksgiving, but then I began to hit it hard training wise. I found I have a crush on the whole mountain biking thing. I rode our local trail here in Baton Rouge every morning for about a week after Thanksgiving, then came the wreck.

I took a spill and fractured a couple ribs as well as pulled two other out from the cartilage. Ouch. After three weeks of heavy pain killers and rest, today I did a short ride and short run. I was a little sore, but had an overall strong day of exercise.

Lastly, I know this season of eating may have set you back a bit, but get back on it! Start right now. Eat a smart meal today and go run, walk, or ride a stationary bike, but just do something! I believe in you.

I get wonderful comments on the blog and many emailed directly to me with questions and so many positive, thoughtful comments for me. Thank you for that.

Have a brilliant day, week, and month.

You can do it!!!!!!!


June 28 2007: 434lbs

Nov. 19 2007: 328lbs

Dec. 28 2007: 312lbs

Total weight lost – 122 lbs

Here is the real measurement:

July 9 2007: Dec. 27 2007:

Neck – 20.5 in Neck – 17.5 in
Bicep – 17.5 in Bicep – 16.5 in
Forearm – 13.5 in Forearm – 12.5 in
Chest – 60 in Chest - 53 in
Waist – 67 in Waist - 61 in
Hips – 62 in Hips - 55 in
Thigh – 31.5 in Thigh - 31 in
Calf – 19 in Calf - 17 in

Total inches lost – 3+1+1+7+6+7+2+.5= 27.5 in