Monday, September 25, 2006

Disney Olympic Tri. Whew, glad that one is over!

Cigars, Wrecks, Mickey Ears, Twins and an IV cocktail . . .

September 25, 2006 will go down as a day of fun, fear and fatalities!!!

Disney World Olympic Triathlon 2006 in Orlando Florida was a tough day for me and a few others. I would like to start this post out with a sincere prayer for a few people who had horrible crashes; one in particular was med-evaced by helicopter. When I passed him he was still unconscious on the pavement.

There were many complaints about this race, the bike course in particular. It was a little challenging and tight. I was run off the road about mile 17 by a group of no less than 15 people drafting.

There were no marshals on the course. Disney would not allow them on the course without training on the motorcycles. So there were, and I am not exaggerating, at a minimum 4 groups of between 4 and 15 people drafting the entire bike course. How sad.

I feel judgmental when I address this, however this was such an outright abuse of the rules of triathlon that I feel I should say something. That something is;

How can you feel good about yourself and cheat? How?

So what if your 3rd in your age group OR if you happen to win your age group, YOU CHEATED! OK, Enough of that.

My friend Pat (aka rocketboy) was here at this race with his family too. He was flying until he too crashed and bit it pretty hard. He destroyed his bike cracking the top tube to the point that he won’t be able to ride it again. He is OK, minus some bad road rash and a busted up knee, but it could have been much worse. He crashed at about 24 MPH.

My day consisted of:

“You know it is race day, cause you have diary.”

That was the quote of the day from Amanda, as I ran to a port-a-potty just before the swim start. I don’t know what it is that causes my bowels to get so twisted, but almost every race morning I have the (sorry for the graphic) runs.

A pretty good swim, however I am sure the swim was more than 1500m.

The day before the race Amanda and I were coming back from downtown Disney and we saw an alligator in one of the lakes. This bothered my wife. I assured her that I could take on any gator less than eight feet, “anything else, and let’s just hope I’m not the slowest swimmer!!!” I passed quite a few folk who started off really fast and faded faster. Coming out of the water we had a nice little ½ mile run back to transition. I was whooped!

As I transitioned into my cycling wear I was beginning to dread the 10k run.

Off on the bike. The course was a bit odd. I was holding 19 MPH the first 12 or so miles, and then I began to stress out about the 3 or 4 wrecks I witnessed and the two that I saw the aftermath. It was an out and back course with the last 4 or so miles running along side the cyclist heading out on the course. We are talking about 2 feet between you and the oncoming bikers.

That is where Rocketboy wrecked.

The last mile you rode opposite of the runners heading out for the 10k. Again it was a really odd bike course.

I hit transition and began to wish this was a 5k and not a 10k. I did make a decision during this 10k. I am no longer going to wear my grey shorts on the run. I am going to run with my tri shorts and not worry about my big buttocks.

It was H O T, hot.

About mile two I stopped slogging (slow jogging) and walked. About mile 3, my bro Rocketboy found me on the run course and kept my spirits up. About mile 4 I really didn’t think I could finish. I told Rocket this, but about 100 yards later I told him not to let me quit. He promised he would get me to the finish, and he did.

It was amazing that he seemed to know when I was ready to give up. I am guessing he could see it in my face, and each time he would get on me or remind me how close we were.

We entered Epcot and the tour of the worlds and I began to feel confident that I would finish. There were not many patrons in Epcot at this time of day but there were a few and one was smoking the NASTIEST cigar. He decided he would walk ahead of us as much as he possibly could have.

Then I began to notice twins in Mini Mouse ears. There were more than two. There were a few. Wow? Cool. I saw like three sets of them?

Then I began to lose it, just about France. It must have been the French music? I only hope it is not a fore shadow of my trip to France in November?

Niagara Falls . . . Enough said. I lost all my fluids.

There was somewhere around a mile and a half left and I was not sure I would finish. I began to cramp EVERYWHERE. I cramped in my neck?????? What is that???? Rocketboy continued to push me and then I heard it.

Cheers coming from around the corner. I knew I was close. I wanted to try and slog in, but after three slog steps, I was done and my right calf was locked up tight in one of the most painful cramps I think I have ever had.

I saw the finish. I was wobbling in and I know it must have been the ugliest sight of the day!!!

A new friend of mine “doughboy” from was there at the finish and so was another woman who introduced herself to me on the run, I wish I was coherent enough to remember, but she was AWESOME. I think, I am not sure, but I think I tried to slap her hand as I headed into the finish.

OK, until this moment I had never experienced the finish line flop. The, cross the finish and lose control of your entire body movement. Today was my day.

The poor volunteers, having to witness this and some even having to hold up this 390 pound body.

I was taken into the medical tent and soon found myself hooked up to an IV pumping in wonderful fluids directly into my veins. I was a sight for sore eyes. Once I learn how to download pictures off of my camera I will post the beautiful picture Amanda took of me in this predicament. It is a keeper!

We caught the bus back to transition, loaded the bike and gear up and I proceeded to take a 2 hour nap trying to recuperate ANY energy for the festivities of the evening, Meadevil Times!!!!!

If you have seen The Cable Guy with Jim Carey, you know why I needed to regain my strength. Let’s just say Rocketboy, myself and our wives had one heck of a time watching OUR YELLOW Knight conquer the evil knight and save the kingdom!!!!

All in all it was a good day. I don’t plan on doing this race again, unless they make a few changes, but again, all in all it was a good day.

More than 1500 people started this race and less than 1200 finished. I really hopr the man they had to take away in the helecopter is doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If anyone knows anything about his situation please post it on the blog.

I finished in 4:13:11. The two other Olympic size tri’s Memphis in May and Heatwave I finished in 4:45 and 4:06 respectively. I have a LONG way to go before the Ironstar ½ Ironman at the end of October. Keep positive thoughts coming my way for that race.

I ALMOST FORGOT!!! There was an 86 year young gentleman racing too! He finish about 15 minutes or so after my, Amanda said. HOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a brilliant day and we’ll talk to you soon. Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Weigh - In and a little extra . . .

Today my goal was to have lost 5.5 pounds in the last 8 days. From 395.5 to 390.
My weight at 7:45am . . . 392.5.

Not where I wanted to be, but I am losing.

My next weigh in is October 2nd and I aim to be down to 380.


As many of you are aware I began my 1/2 IM, HIM (half iron man) training almost 3 weeks ago. It is a killer training schedule and my body is feeling it thses days, but I am loving it.

My swim is having the best results. The first week I was having problems completing the 2700m training session and todayI did my 3800m training session fairly easily and my AWESOME swimming coach, Fitbird said I did an excellent job on the drills. I personally felt great.

Remember this date, October 29, 2006. That Sunday I will be Swiming 1.1 miles, cycling 56 miles, and running 13.1 miles.

I am heading to my Olympic Tri this weekend. This is only a little shy of a 1 mile swim, 24.5 mile bike and 6.2 miles run.

My friend Pat (Rocketboy) and his family are going to Florida too for the race.

Thanks to everyone for your support and we'll talk to you after my race on this coming Sunday.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

P.R. !!!!!!!

******* Weigh-in 09-11-2006 ------ began this run at 401, today 395. Next weigh in, 09-20-2006. Goal 390*****************

P.R. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to thank the Academy. My family. The director. I know I am going to forget a few people. . .

My COACH, my coach (tears) Anne, aka, fitbird! WE DID IT!!! (hysterically crying) WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.R. = Personal Best.

Today I had a personal best. While it was happening I continued to second guess myself. As I looked to my Garmin, that tells me my average speed, I was baffled.

“There must be a strong wind at my back????” No. “Everyone must be going much faster than their average on this course.” After looking at the times, No.

On my bike, I simply went faster than I ever have before in a race. Here is a little history for you. Last year my average speed of the season was 12.9mph. This year it has been just shy of 15mph.

Today . . . 17.2 MPH!!!!!! Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am elated. This is what I needed after my last race, DeGray Lake in Arkansas where I had a little mishap. I realize for most “normal” triathlete’s 17.2 is nothing, but for THIS GUY, WOO HOO!

Here is a little snapshot of my race at Cajunman in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Last year this race was canceled as a result of our Nation’s worst natural disaster, hurricane Katrina. This is a wonderful race. ½ mile swim, 20 mile bike, 5k run.

Swim was good. I felt great the entire way and stayed in my 4 stoke per breath cadence the duration. Normally I have to begin taking a breath each stroke, but with my hardcore coaching by Anne, and my awesome training schedule from I kicked tail in the swim.

It was an odd exit from the water. You had to be helped out. Poor guy. My helper was one muscular dude, I mean ripped, but only about 5’5”. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty. I think he thought he was coming in the water about midway through.

The run to transition was a little weird. It was a LONG way from the water exit to transition and the concrete hurt like heck!!!!!!

My transition was ok.

I got out on the bike and I could feel the trainer workout kicking in and I felt strong. The SLD (single leg drill) I did on the trainer was a benefit on my P.R. I felt strong the entire bike. Of course I was passed by many a racer, but not as much as most races.

The last 2 miles I felt so good, I pushed it up a notch. I was already at 17mph for my average, but I figured, why not, let’s do it!!!

Bad idea. While I gained a few tenths of a second, I paid for it in transition and on the run. My transition after the bike was 5 minutes.

My friend Mitzi came in off the bike while I was gaining the mental strength to head out on the run. She was off on the run before me and I was in transition a long time before her.

The run was an out and back HOT run. Let’s just say I finished.

Thanks to my friend Rocko for cheering like a mad man for me. I did hear you brother! Kristi, you are the woman!!!! Thanks for the wonderful conversation, but more the friendship and a friend that goes further than most would, thank you.

It was a good day.

Thanks to all of you that have sent motivating and kind emails and posts to me since the last race and my day of “Reality” hitting me in the face.

This is a short post since I have to get to my new office and hang more pictures and all the other fun stuff that comes with moving from one office to another.

Tomorrow I weigh for the first time since my Reality post, when I weighed in at 400lbs. A tough day for me. However, I have been eating with me new system and only strayed a couple times in two weeks. I will post how the weigh in goes tomorrow morning.

Have a brilliant week!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On the Road Again . . .

On the Road Again . . .

Reality is tough on a fat guy, however I must say that I really do know when I am slipping back into my old ways. I just chose to ignore it, until I hit a point where I was not satisfied with the direction.

This is not easy.

I have said it before, being fat is a choice as is being healthy, but why does it seem so easy to be fat? Don’t get me wrong, I know nothing in life is free, and the good things in life are those you really work hard for, but being fat is cake (no pun intended).

Last week my wonderful wife Amanda purchased for me a “FoodSaver”. One of the machines that sucks the air out of something you want to keep fresh for later and then seals the food for you.

The past two Sundays I have gone to our local Whole Foods and purchased one weeks worth of meals, brought them home, cooked them in a healthy manner and then sealed them for the week.

The past two weeks I have had, daily Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack. All healthy meals and small portions. I have not had more than 1,800 calories in a day for the last two weeks. I am averaging 1,733 per day as of today.

I began my half iron Man training for IronStar, an HIM (Half Iron Man) in Conroe Texas on October 29th. Monday was my first day and my swim coach is awesome!!!!!!!!!

Awesome at kicking my butt!

So far so good on the training. It is difficult, but I am doing it. I realize it will take a great deal of training for me to complete a HIM, so no griping here.

Just wanted everyone to know I am back on it and working hard. One of these times it will be permanent. One of the times I will look back over all of this a be thankful for it and appreciate where I am at that time, hopefully 220 Lbs.

Thanks to everyone who sent me kind emails and posts. I truly does mean a great deal to me. I read them and instantly begin to plan and focus. We all need that at times. While I know only I can take care of me, it is still nice to know there are people like you that are behind my aspirations.