Sunday, September 10, 2006

P.R. !!!!!!!

******* Weigh-in 09-11-2006 ------ began this run at 401, today 395. Next weigh in, 09-20-2006. Goal 390*****************

P.R. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to thank the Academy. My family. The director. I know I am going to forget a few people. . .

My COACH, my coach (tears) Anne, aka, fitbird! WE DID IT!!! (hysterically crying) WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.R. = Personal Best.

Today I had a personal best. While it was happening I continued to second guess myself. As I looked to my Garmin, that tells me my average speed, I was baffled.

“There must be a strong wind at my back????” No. “Everyone must be going much faster than their average on this course.” After looking at the times, No.

On my bike, I simply went faster than I ever have before in a race. Here is a little history for you. Last year my average speed of the season was 12.9mph. This year it has been just shy of 15mph.

Today . . . 17.2 MPH!!!!!! Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am elated. This is what I needed after my last race, DeGray Lake in Arkansas where I had a little mishap. I realize for most “normal” triathlete’s 17.2 is nothing, but for THIS GUY, WOO HOO!

Here is a little snapshot of my race at Cajunman in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Last year this race was canceled as a result of our Nation’s worst natural disaster, hurricane Katrina. This is a wonderful race. ½ mile swim, 20 mile bike, 5k run.

Swim was good. I felt great the entire way and stayed in my 4 stoke per breath cadence the duration. Normally I have to begin taking a breath each stroke, but with my hardcore coaching by Anne, and my awesome training schedule from I kicked tail in the swim.

It was an odd exit from the water. You had to be helped out. Poor guy. My helper was one muscular dude, I mean ripped, but only about 5’5”. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty. I think he thought he was coming in the water about midway through.

The run to transition was a little weird. It was a LONG way from the water exit to transition and the concrete hurt like heck!!!!!!

My transition was ok.

I got out on the bike and I could feel the trainer workout kicking in and I felt strong. The SLD (single leg drill) I did on the trainer was a benefit on my P.R. I felt strong the entire bike. Of course I was passed by many a racer, but not as much as most races.

The last 2 miles I felt so good, I pushed it up a notch. I was already at 17mph for my average, but I figured, why not, let’s do it!!!

Bad idea. While I gained a few tenths of a second, I paid for it in transition and on the run. My transition after the bike was 5 minutes.

My friend Mitzi came in off the bike while I was gaining the mental strength to head out on the run. She was off on the run before me and I was in transition a long time before her.

The run was an out and back HOT run. Let’s just say I finished.

Thanks to my friend Rocko for cheering like a mad man for me. I did hear you brother! Kristi, you are the woman!!!! Thanks for the wonderful conversation, but more the friendship and a friend that goes further than most would, thank you.

It was a good day.

Thanks to all of you that have sent motivating and kind emails and posts to me since the last race and my day of “Reality” hitting me in the face.

This is a short post since I have to get to my new office and hang more pictures and all the other fun stuff that comes with moving from one office to another.

Tomorrow I weigh for the first time since my Reality post, when I weighed in at 400lbs. A tough day for me. However, I have been eating with me new system and only strayed a couple times in two weeks. I will post how the weigh in goes tomorrow morning.

Have a brilliant week!!!!

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Chris that bike speed rocks!

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