Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 Goals and Race Schedule

Overall Goal is to have a fun year of racing and getting back into the groove of consistent training.  Anything beyond that will be lagniappe (Gravy).

Specific Goals:

Current Weight 268lbs.

Weight Goal:
April 1 - 250lbs
July 1 - 235lbs
Oct 1 - 225lbs
Nov 1 - 220lbs
Dec 1 210lbs

NOLA 70.3 Finish time - Sub 6.5 hrs
IMAZ Finish time - Sub 14hrs

2011 Races (A few Sprints will be scattered in throughout the year)

Jan 29     Miles for MOZ 5k run (Goal sub 35min)
Feb 5      Mardi Gras Mambo 10k (Goal sub 1:15)
April 16  NOLA 70.3 (Goal sub 6.5hrs)
May 12   NOLA 5150
July 21-Aug3) RAGBRAI
Sept 10    Nations Triathlon DC
Sept        Meat Pie
Nov       IMAZ

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2011 Will Be Epic . . .

I think I literally took 2010 off.

I learned a lot about myself and I plan to put that to work this year.  I also had the opportunity for MAJOR frustration in 2010 and I didn't handle that so well, but I will grow from it.

Here is what happened . . .

I had an additional surgery as a result of my weight loss and my choice of activities.  At IMFL 2009 I did some major damage to the loose skin in my inner thigh area.  In the beginning of the year I had that area removed in surgery.

I had major issues with the healing of my left inner thigh. My surgeon is the best there is, but this is a very difficult area to work on AND with the damage I cause at IMFL it made the surgery that much more difficult.

The left leg continued to open up.  I had to wet/dry pack the hole for several months (ENJOY THAT VISUAL!) and finally by the middle of the year I thought I was good to go.

I stepped up my training in preparation for IMAZ . . . FAIL.

I continued to have issues until August, where I was finally able to consistently train.  I was beginning to enjoy things without worrying about the damaged area that wouldn't heal.

I debated racing in the Patriot's Half Ironman in Williamsburg with my bud Lance.  I was more concerned with the lack of racing and more the lack of training, but I paid for the entry right!!??

Ultimately, I am glad I raced in this race since it is an awesome venue and well run race.  The swim sucked since I swam against the current for most of the swim, but the bike course RULED and the run is awesome as well.

My issue came about mile 5.5 of the run course.  I knew something was wrong.  (Side note - I can't feel anything in the area where I had surgery and this is difficult since I can't feel if I do additional damage) I didn't know how bad the damage was until I returned home that night.

I had opened the area up again and it was not pretty.

My Dr. and I had a LONG heart to heart talk.

No nothing for 2 months.  I could walk lightly with brisk speed, but I had to be careful with even that amount of exertion and pressure on the damaged area.

2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!????????  NOTHING!!!!!!!!????????

This obviously meant no IMAZ.  I was not happy.

I did it.  I mean I didn't do it . . .

I became the old me for 2 months.  I could write a whole post about just those two months.  I was depressed.  I was angry.  I was difficult to live with.  I was gaining weight.  I was not in a good place.

Kinda like I was prior to becoming more healthy.

My weight got back up to 292lbs.  I was around 235lbs at IMFL.

In mid November I was allowed to begin jogging and light running.  I was also allowed to ride upright bikes like out beach cruiser and my mountain bike.  No Tri or road bike since that is where the rub is mostly.

I began riding my tri bike again about 2 weeks ago.  I think I forgot how to ride!  Time will tell.

I am now at 275lbs.

2011 will be a year of finding myself in this sport again and the healthy lifestyle I knew for the past few years.

I will be posting my 2011 goals and race schedule later this week.

I head for vacation this week to Florida.  I will begin the DBAP training there and I will be consistent and I will tear 2011 a new one!

Thanks everyone for the emails checking in on me.

Let's do this!