Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 Goals and Race Schedule

Overall Goal is to have a fun year of racing and getting back into the groove of consistent training.  Anything beyond that will be lagniappe (Gravy).

Specific Goals:

Current Weight 268lbs.

Weight Goal:
April 1 - 250lbs
July 1 - 235lbs
Oct 1 - 225lbs
Nov 1 - 220lbs
Dec 1 210lbs

NOLA 70.3 Finish time - Sub 6.5 hrs
IMAZ Finish time - Sub 14hrs

2011 Races (A few Sprints will be scattered in throughout the year)

Jan 29     Miles for MOZ 5k run (Goal sub 35min)
Feb 5      Mardi Gras Mambo 10k (Goal sub 1:15)
April 16  NOLA 70.3 (Goal sub 6.5hrs)
May 12   NOLA 5150
July 21-Aug3) RAGBRAI
Sept 10    Nations Triathlon DC
Sept        Meat Pie
Nov       IMAZ



Good choice for a second Ironman and "comeback" race.
good luck sticking to the goals

Damie said...


amybee said...

Hey Chris! Welcome back! You were missed!

I read your update about 2010 and all I can say to you is that you got through it. It is over. You've got a great plan for 2011 and I'm confident you'll have a great year.

Looking forward to reading more about your comeback!

Happy 2011!