Monday, February 07, 2011

Extra Extra!!!!!!

There have been a couple changes to the race schedule this year and I have begun the training.

First - I've added a couple races.

The following races are on the schedule AND registered for:

April 2    Oxbow Tri - New Roads LA (Sprint)
April 17  New Orleans 70.3
May 7     Gulf Coast 70.3 - Panama City Beach FL
May 15   New Orleans 5150 (Oly)
July 10    T-Gator #3 - Lake CHarles LA (Sprint)
July 21-3 (You gotta do this one day - This will be my third year)
Sept 11    Nation's Triathlon - D.C. (OLY)
Nov 20    Ironman Arizona - Tempe AZ

The races NOT yet registered for:

Meat Pie Triathlon - Natchitoches LA (Sprint)

TRAINING in 2011:

This has been rough starting.  I had a few consistent weeks of running while doing the slowtwitch 100 runs in 100 days challenge.  I was building what I considered a good base and great start of running minimum 30 minutes a day.

Then came Florida family vacation and then came family sickness until recently.  BUT, I am back on it.

Runs have been good and quality.  Bike is getting there.  SO FAR - (knock knock) the leg that gave me so much trouble last year after surgery is not giving me any problems.  It hasn't even shown the slightest sign of opening back up.  Woo Hoo.

I decided to build back up to my 70.3 training plan quickly.  I am feeling it, but I think it is the best thing versus either 1. jumping right back into it where I left off, which would put me way behind come April.  OR 2.  Start the plan where I am supposed to be, but then I feel I would risk injury.

So nice and steady, but focused and hard for the next few weeks until I catch up to the plan.


Down a couple but, nothing to be excited about.  I've been focused on my nutrition and it is paying off with no added exertion . . . Let's get some work done!

I hope your training is going well.




Two cents from the peanut gallery... give up one of the 1/2 IMs that are so close together.

Christopher said...

Yes . . . And you are no peanut gallery.

It was a long and difficult decision.

Here is my plan:

Race April 17 - Rest 18-22 (no nothing for 5 days)

Begin taper training on the 23rd.

This will give me 3 total weeks between races and a 2 week taper.

Gulf Coast is going to be a FUN race. No expectations. It is more a way to fit a 4 day vacation on the beach into my schedule and justify it in my own head!

I am thankful for your thoughts and I de heed all advice so keep it coming.



Of course I forgot to tell you the alter ego side.. I always say, "don't ruin a perfectly good training day with a race" so if you look at these "races" as training days and don't push it, all is OK