Sunday, February 25, 2007

The beginning . . .

It is February 25. I leave for Hawaii in 6 days. I am going for a conference, but it is also a pilgrimage!

I am going to the finish-line of Kona and I am going to pray there. I am going to meditate and feel the strength of so many who have completed the ultimate goal for me when it comes to triathlon.

I begin my season in 21 days. I am putting in BASE miles right now (base simply means building up your “base” for endurance. You put in a lot of long easy miles running, swimming, and biking) I begin my training program on March 19th. I am using my friends at for my program. They do race specific programs for buku (a lot) ½ Ironman races and it is VERY interactive.

I am going to use an offer from a very dear and awesome person named Big D to help me focus and train hard. Big D wins her age group in EVERYTHING! If there was and age group for pancake making, she would win.

I am doing two races before my half Ironman in Florida; LA triathlon and Crawfishman. Louisiana Tri is a Sprint and Crawfihman is a semi Olympic distance, semi because the run is only 4 miles.

I want everyone to think positive thoughts from march 19 to May 12 (the day of the half IM).

Woo Hoo!

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