Monday, March 06, 2006

Biggest Loser Comments

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking valuable time from your day to write to NBC’s The Biggest Loser on my behalf.

I received emails from many of you that have touched my heart and increased my motivation!

Most of you know that the email address that NBC has on their website is not working right now and your emails have been returned. I am sorry that you took time out of your busy days for not. However, it meant so much to me.

I wanted to post the emails I have received from those of you who forwarded me your letters to The Biggest Loser.

Thank you again for all of your support.

Next week I will be posting a look into my world of obesity and my questions as to why I am so fat.

Greetings friends at NBC,
I have been asked by my close friend and financial advisor, Christopher Boggs, to write to you. I have known Christopher about 6 years, since I asked him to aid in planning my retirement from the local telephone company. I want this to be brief, yet to convey to your shows producers, what an excellent choice Christopher would be for your program. I want all of America to know Christopher as I do. The entire time I have known him, he has been struggling to stay healthy and to lose weight. I have seen the astounding transformations that have taken place on your program, and I want so very much to see this fine, kind, man healthy and happy. I have often stated to my wife and friends, that the principles you instill on your show, could be used to help with other debilitating habits or life styles. The structured enviornment at the ranch is vital to the success of these folks, hoever, the fact that nearly all of your guest's continue their strict regimens after the show, is what is the most astounding fact about it all to me. Please, give Christopher Boggs all of the consideration you can when selecting the new "stars" for you program.
Most Sincerely,
Robert Louis McGrath
Walker, Louisiana

What follows is a non exhaustive list of why you should have my friend Christopher Boggs on your show. If you would like pictures of him in compromising positions and or dirt for future episodes, please feel free to email me at your convenience. With that said here goes.

1.He is FAT and is not sensitive about the subject. I thought I would start with the obvious.
2. He will do anything you say to lose weight. This includes drinking pure garlic puree, 500 sit-ups, eating a goat’s nut (or probably any nuts for that matter, goat or otherwise, etc. etc.

3. He is serious and unafraid. Also if he refuses to do anything you say, you may email me and I will let him have it on our triathlon forum (a place where much smack talk is delivered).
4. Did I mention he is FAT!
5. He showed up at our Triathlon Club meeting last year unashamed and ready to get help with his training and weight loss. No one at this meeting approaches anything close to overweight. THIS TOOK MORE COURAGE THAN ANYTHING I HAVE EVER DONE! Now that is a set of balls. (I cannot attest to the physical size thank goodness)
6. He takes well to being called names and being yelled at, which is good for training. I have not yelled “Hey fat ass, get moving!” to him as he would probably kick my ass, but he wouldn’t hold it against me.
7. He will out will anyone in this competition.
8. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals of being around 200 lbs.
9. He is going to do a half Ironman triathlon this year and a full Ironman the next. To those of you who don’t know the distances, a half is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run 70.3 miles of fun. A full is double that for 140.6 miles.

10. He has completed something like 8 or 10 already. Most people will never complete a sprint tri (800 m swim, 18 mile bike, 5 k)
11. He spent a ton of cash to go to a triathlon camp with 15 other people all of whom were some of the best triathletes in the nation. It was led by 5 or 6 professional triathletes. Again, big balls. 12. He called me one day to come to his house and take pictures of him in his drawers which he promptly posted on his blog so the world could see how fat he was.
13. He is the type of guy who would give a stranger a $20 if they really needed it.
14. He likes puppy dogs, bubble baths, romantic walks on the beach, teddy bears and those who will really listen to his dreams of being a dancer.. I would appreciate it if you did not tell his wife that I know that.
15. He is the type of guy who would wipe an eye booger out of a dogs eye. And I mean that in a good way.
16. I jumped his case on his blog one day about his eating/slip ups etc. My phone rang and he said, “Damn you got me good, what can you help me with.
17. He is FAT!

So there’s seventeen (13 if you count the repeats). What is most interesting about all of the above is that I have only known Chris since June of 2005. He is one of the nicest, genuine guys I know and he is willing to do anything to lose weight. I want him to be successful because he deserves this. On his own he has taken it on. However, he needs help. He has issues with food that need attention. Whether it be an imbalance, psychological issue or something else, I feel this could be the jumpstart that could get him over the hump. All dramatic bullsh*t aside, if this show was simply who could work the hardest and want it the most, Chris would be the winner. Easy. I hope you folks in TV land make the right decision and give him a shot. He would be the star of the show on so many plains, you all may have to hire him on a soap-opera or at least on one of those crappy shows that gets cut every year. Clearly he has the skills to be on COP ROCK or something.
Patrick Fellows

Dear Biggest Loser Show Host:

I am writing to express my support for Christopher Boggs of Baton Rouge as a candidate for your show. Christopher is a business associate who I have had the pleasure of working with for some time. One of his finest qualities is that he is a very sensitive individual who cares for his clients. He takes care of them, is patient with them, and is always empathetic to their needs. I have been fortunate to be able to observe him personally interact with many of his clients on numerous occasions – and I call on many financial advisors in my profession but few ever display the kind of compassion and professionalism that Chris does.

He has been fighting the battle of obesity with every fibre of his being. As you may know, he has entered (and finished) 8 triathlon events – a true testimony to the lengths he is willing to stretch himself to in order to accomplish his goal. I’m not sure that I could personally imagine just how difficult a triathlon would be at my own (normal) weight – much less with the weight Chris is so desperately trying to lose. Even after mustering this strength and fortitude, his battle has continued with much desperation and disappointment at not being able to lose enough weight.

I know you get many candidates to pick from, but I think your listening audience would not only enjoy watching Chris but I think they would be able to really FEEL his struggle and hopefully his victory. You will also find Chris very articulate and entertaining with a great sense of humor – qualities that should really help you hold your audience in their seat. As just one example of his sense of humor – he and his wife, Amanda, thought about going to a Halloween party last year in a very uniquely paired costume. Chris would dress up in a chicken suit (what a huge chicken!) and Amanda would simply wear a royal blue swimsuit but paint herself to look like one of the Blue men. Amanda would put a red rope around her waist and Chris would hold the rope. You have to picture this in your creative mind – she is so cute, but so tall and skinny – they almost look like Popeye and Olive together! You are probably wondering by now what they would represent with this pair of strange costumes . . . Chicken Cordon Bleu, of course! What a sense of humor and what a great pair for your show!

So, I highly recommend them and would tell everyone I know across 6 states to watch. Thanks for listening and considering Christopher Boggs!

Brian Ragle
Richardson, Texas

Dear Biggest Loser NBC Program Director -
I'm a slightly overweight 52 yrold female, who also participates in triathlons in Louisiana, just likeChris Boggs. Chris has applied to your network, to participate in theBiggest Loser show. I think Chris would be a great candidate because he hasthe will to "JUST DO IT" and would definitely give 150% to be the biggestloser on your program. He has never been concerned with what other peoplethink, or if he looks like the typical triathlete. He just "DOES IT". If he were selected for your show, he would motivate other overweight peoplethat YES you can participate in sports and YES there is a healthy way tolose excess pounds and body fat. His motivation has inspired many of thehard core athletes in our Baton Rouge Triathlon Club, and we've all acceptedhim as an inspiring, highly motivated team member. He would truly inspireall over weight people who have dreamed of competing in sports, that thereis a means and a process to make that happen. Regards,

Janice Owens
Membership Chairperson
Baton Rouge Triathlon Club


Steve said...

I had e-mailed you previously and hadn't heard back. I didn't know if you got my e-mail, I hope you make TBL and would love to heard your advice for another aspiring triathlete.

Steve in Texas

Tri-ing Fat Man said...

Hey Steve,

I thought I did respond in a previous post, but these days things are a little busy so I am sorry if I didn't.


The main thing that helps me is surrounding myself with people who motivate me. They may motivate me with their support or their struggles they deal with.

Also, make sure you plan. Schedule each training detail. Chose the exact time you will train, stick to it.

THis may sound dumb, but lay out your training clothing the night before. Give yourself no excuses for not training.

Before you go to sleep, tell yourself how excited you are to wake and train and the benifits you will get form your training.

Schedule the easiest tri you can find for your first race. 150m to 250m swim, 8 to 12 mi bike 2 to 3 mile run.

For tri wear. it was tough for me. I am really big and fat. I had little that would fit as far as cycling and runnning and especially swimming gear. So, I just wore whatever fit. Don't worry about what the other folk are wearing, you will find ways to make your racing experience better, but that should be the least of your concerns to start.

LAST, don't hurt yourself. It is ok to push yourself, but don't hurt yourself. Make sure you talk to your Doctor about what you plan to do.

I had to walk my bike up hills my first AND second race. I had to walk most of the first three races.


You will slip with your eating. You WILL slip with your training, maybe even stop training for weeks, but remember to start again.

We all slip. We all stop. Not all of us start back up.

I hope this helps.

Go get em! You've already made great leaps by starting.

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