Friday, February 24, 2006

Ballerina's Rule!

The Bet Is On!!!!!

Oh what a fun race season it will be!!!

In the world of triathlon it is essential that you find new methods to push yourself to new highs or Personal Bests. For my first season in racing, simply finishing each race was my motivation and that was all I needed to push me. However, I found that towards the end of the season I began to finish with energy still “in the tank”. I was complacent with my racing and my times didn’t improve too much. I wasn’t happy with this.



Last year two of our top club racers in BR-tri challenged two racers from a nearby club in Alexandria Louisiana. They raced in five events and combined each team member’s time then which ever team had the lowest race time total won the event.

The prize . . . The non-winners had to do the last race of the year in a skirt.

The BR-tri members Vanilla and Brianna won the challenge or bet. Bammaboy and Don from the other club had to wear the skirt. Which I am not sure they did, however I am not sure.


My new motivational tool had been spawned. Many of you have read my blogs where I have written about my friend Michael Pate. He too is from Alexandria Louisiana and a member of the Tri Club there. Michael was my motivation and mentor to even begin triathlon after much contemplation. He has struggled with the bulge for many a year as well. What better way to get us going!!!???

I pitched the idea on our forum. The members of my club Brianna and Vanilla were a bit hesitant at first I believe. I am not a fast racer AT ALL. Michael Pate and I split the two races we were in last year 1-1. Michael has been racing much longer than I have, so the odds are not in my favor, but I understand that and I am prepared to face this challenge.

I want you to know they beauty of this is more than the challenge. More than the bet.

This is very important for me to relay to you. Win or lose, that is not my motivation. I am going to tell you the PRIZE for the winners at the end and you will love it, however that is not my motivation.

I want you to think about yourself for just a second. Ask yourself these questions.

Do you feel comfortable exercising in public, especially with buff, in shape, Adonis’s?
Do you wish some times that you could hang out with those elite individuals in the gym or at the jogging park, or in your tri club?

Why don’t you?

I asked myself those questions and then I FORCED myself on two of the best in our club. I posted on our forum antagonizing the other club and my friend Mike was all for it right from the start. His friends, Don and Bammaboy were all over it too and excited for him. My friends Brianna and Vanilla are psyched about it now and we have a challenge!


Christopher Boggs, fat, slow, last in almost every race, is on a team of elite racers where his race counts.

I am in. I am one of the team. Not that I need this for my self image. I don’t need friends to make myself feel better. People are going to love me for me no matter, but this is different. This is me being a contribution to a team in an atmosphere that two years ago I would not have attempted. I have surrounded myself with awesome people who are willing to . . .


TAKE A CHANCE ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is it. That is my motivation. Period.

Everyone is happy for me when I finish. If I am not too slow and people have waited around I also love that feeling I get when I cross the line and people are cheering and clapping.

However, this . . . This is a new feeling that I have found in my fight for health. These guys on my team are not just giving me obligatory pats on the back. These guys are putting themselves on the line. Their humility on the line. Their compassion on the line.

I am touched AND . . . I am motivated.

This is the challenge schedule and the prize:

We all do, Louisiana Tri (4-28-2006)
Heatwave Classic (06-03-2006)
T-Gator #3 (07-16-2006),
River Cities Tri(08-06-2006)

Mike and I are doing T-Gator #1 on 04-02-2006. We will add our times to you guy's IM MOOO for total times on that "event".

That will give us 5 opportunities before Meat Pie.

Non-winners at Meat Pie will

Do the swim portion in pink Speedos, the European style.

The bike with pink ballerina skirt, the pink European Speedos, and pink bra that is "stuffed" accordingly.

The run will require a platinum blonde shoulder length wig that make be put into a scrunche, however no hat or cover is allowed.

That is it.

Think positive thoughts for team BR-tri and I will keep everyone posted with the results!

Be brilliant today!!


Myles said...

Great bet, I know it would get my butt moving!

Tri-ing Fat Man said...


My butt is moving. Although I think a pink tutu would look good on me, with the speedo, it is the fact that I WOULDN'T have to stuff the bra that bothers me!!!!!

Thanks for th enote myles,