Friday, February 03, 2006

The Day of Redemption . . . Sorta


I find myself regretting moments in my life as I had yesterday. There is no use for that, none the less, I regret it.

Today has made that regret much worse since I woke in high spirits avoiding all mirrors and focusing on the day that lay ahead. The sun was coming up, the air was crisp and chilly, and the soul was shinning, soulshine shining.

All of these things left me thinking about what the day could have been yesterday, but no worries as the my Canadian friends here say relentlessly.

We took a short ride, about 1 ½ miles to the pool. I think we did about 1,200 all together?? It was nice. We practiced the drills Roch taught us and the filmed in the water. I felt great. I love the water. I think I may have been a turtle in a previous life, maybe an otter, I like otters. As I swim I always feel fluid and . . . thin actually. I can’t explain it really, but I feel the water elongates me somehow?? Later we watch the video, I probably will recant this feeling thin thing once I see that!!

After we finished in the pool we headed out for our ride. In Louisiana, no hills, none, Nadda! In San Diego, Hills. But we didn’t hit the really tough hills, we only hit the steady long hills and I almost lost my cookies twice and had an out of body experience once, until I almost ran off the road. I came back to in body quite quickly.

My highlight was having Heather Fuhr as my personal coach today. Wow, so cool and easy going and makes you feel good about yourself, even when you clip in and layout flat on your back in the middle of the road. Yes, that would have been me. I hit the ground like a rock, however, to even my surprise, I got my big butt up lightning fast!

I told her about the only other time I had fallen, in Georgia, when I feel UNDER a car. I was pulling up to a red light and was clipping out (taking my foot off) of the right pedal, but the bike began to lean to the right. There was a car full of nice looking women to my left. I proceeded to tilt and fall onto and then under their car. Smooth, that’s what they call me.

Back to my awesome day. Heather and I rode and she helped me with my pedal stroke, I tend to lead with my toe and I need to have my heel flatter or even lead with my heel. We think that is why my calves cramp so much.

We did a little more than 18 miles today and called it quits. I had a great day.

To top it off, as you see above, Mechellie Jones and Heather took a picture with me!! Woo Hoo! They are just too cool, what a great sport.

If you don’t know, Heather is a Hawaii winner in 96, and multi winner of Lake Placid, and several other IronMan races.

Mechellie (Pronounced mAkili, sorta) was second and led most of Hawaii last season and was silver in the 06 Olympics. She will win Hawaii very soon.

Off to lunch.

Again, thank you all so much, my success is a result of your commitment to me and I cherish you dearly.


S said...
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Anonymous said...

Chris that is the attitude that will get things done for you. Keep up the good work. Just remember days like today when you are down and they will get you right back up and out. One more thing. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!

i hope you figure out who this is.

rocketboy said...

smile, relax and have fun. you are in my thougts and prayers. i am sorry for your bad day and happy for your good. i know no one who wants express our low moments when we were most ashamed or humiliated. think how strong you have to be to put that post up and feed (no pun intended) on that. you are great....we know just be that greatness.
i better drop an f-bomb lest someone think i am going soft.
fuckin fuckitty fuck....
there much better
your freind.

Anonymous said...

i meant friend.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Many people love you and are praying for you. You have GREAT courage to write your self doubts and fears. Every time you battle back from those tortuious moments you get stronger. Remember it is PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. Everyone has those moments of doubts. Stay with it. At the times when you lack faith in yourself, lean on the faith in you that all of us have in you. Another words if you don't believe in yourself borrow our belief in you til you do. Joie