Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Multi Sports Tri Camp . . .Here I come!

Today begins my first day of the 2006 race season. I am in Dallas/Ft. Worth sitting in the airport on a 3 ½ hour lay-over, woo hoo! I am heading to San Diego for my 5 day triathlon camp.

Do you ever find yourself looking around an unusual setting, daydreaming, wondering why you are there?

That is where I am right now, sitting here in Dallas. In 5 hours I will be in San Diego with 35 triathlete studs, I am assuming. The camp brochure and description says this week of training is for triathletes of “all” levels.

Did they mean the 400 pound level?

I began to stress Sunday on my drive from Shreveport to Baton Rouge. That is one thing about my work; I have long drives that allow for deep thinking. As Amanda and I cruised down the interstate, I began to dwell on my inferiorities and slowly the magnitude of this week began to smother me.

Amanda and I had a wonderful morning in bed Tuesday. Easy . . . Not that kind of wonderful, or at least I will never tell about that. I was really struggling with attending this camp and my weight. As you all know I sent in my video and application to the Biggest Loser and next week I am flying to Los Angeles for an open audition. We talked about the many things culminating in my life that has to do with my health.

My wife was such a wonderful support foe me, as she always is, however on that particular morning, she was brilliant.

I am I need of a different life when it comes to food. I am trying to re-introduce myself to food in a style that makes food a part of my life instead OF my life.

However, for today . . . I tackle a new experience in my library of this thing called life. I will walk into the camp with a smile and my chin high. I know triathlon folk. They will be stoked to see the 400 pound triathlete. I will do my best and push myself to new limits. I will be proud of myself and take time to enjoy each day with the eyes of a child, for this is how I must re-learn or re-introduce myself to the new relationship of health, as though it were for the first time, as though I were a child.

Until tomorrow when I update you of the first day in camp, be brilliant and be kind to someone. We all need it.


Anonymous said...

Good LUCK Chris on your quest for a healthy life. We know you can do it.

Janita ;) said...

Boggs, you are in inspiration not only as a friend but as human being! You will do great!

Mom Donna said...

You get'em Christopher.
This is just another mountain for you to climb.
You have so successfully climbed so many others in the past, I see no reason that this one should be any different. Go get'em, have them for lunch. CHARGE !!!!!!!!!