Monday, January 30, 2006

2006 Race Schedule

2006 race schedue

2006 Triathlon Race Schedule (REVISED)

I am preparing for an eventful year in 2006. I have lofty goals and no fear!

Let’s have a recap and then I will list my schedule for the entire year.
I plan to be down to 300 LBS. by my first race in May.2006

I am to complete 1 International/Oly sized TriathlonBy 12/31/2006

I am to weigh 250 LBS.2007

I am to complete 1 Half IM12/31/2007

I am to weight in at 210 LBS.2008

I am to complete my first FULL IM (probably IMFL)

So that is the recap of the goals I had set for myself. In 2005 I raced in nine sprint triathlons and completed eight. Since the former post of my 2006 race schedule I have been motivated through peer pressure and kindness from the BRtri Club to complete a Half IM in 2006 so that I can complete my FULL IM in 2007 instead of 2008.
After much deliberation and prayer . . . I will race in a half Iron-man in 2006

I will race in IMFL in 2007


Feb. 1-5 training campSan Diego CA

Feb 11th Evangeline Oak Duathlon (my first Du)

April 2 T-Gator Series tri at Lake Charles LA

April 22 Louisiana Tri at New Roads Sprint

May 6 Crawfishman, Buch LA (Sprint)

May 21 Memphis in May Int/Oly Triathlon Memphis TN

June 10 Buster Britton Sprint Tri Pelam AL

June ? Yam City Sprint Triathlon Opelousas LA

July ? Disco Triathlon - Sprint Dallas TX

July ? Abitaman #3 - Sprint New Orleans LA

July 23 Tri-America Int/Oly Tri Louisville KY

Aug. 6 Rivercities Tri – Sprint Shreveport LA

Sept. 10 Cajun Man – Sprint tri Lafayette LA

Spet. 24 Disney World Int/Oly tri Orlando FL
Sept. 24 Meat Pie - Natchitouches (I am unable to do because of Walt Disney tri)

Oct. 1 Tri-Andy's Tri - Sprint Houston TX

Oct. 29 Ironstar HALF IRON MAN Conroe TX

I hope all of my friends and family in the Kentucky Ohio area can make plans to come down to Louisville for the race in July.

Notice I am doing 3, yes THREE International size triathlons in 2006!


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