Monday, January 09, 2006

Education . . . Who me!!!

I try and make my writings motivational, educational, and entertaining. I know that I fulfill the entertainment portion by simply telling the stories of my accomplishments or lack there of, in the sport of triathlon. I also hope that I am motivating by my examples of success and failure. I succeed at times and I fail as much but, I keep going. My only concern is the lack of education I provide in my writings. I don’t know anything!

Today I embarked on an excursion of nutritional learning.

I spent most of last Friday answering more than a hundred questions for a nutritionalist and today I spent another 30 minutes online doing the same. The questions, while at times obscure, were self revealing and confusing. I didn’t and still don’t understand what the thickness of my neck has to do with anything, but I m willing to work with it.

I hope that I am able to share with you the nutritional information I learn from Brandon, my nutritionalist. He is definitely on his game and has a wealth of information. Sitting with him today for about 45 minutes was mind blowing. He went over a preliminary list of foods I need to cut out immediately and once he receives my test results back he will then give me detailed plan of foods to have and avoid.

I was impressed and excited.

I am concerned however, with the training aspect of his directions for me. It seems I am putting my body at risk with the training I am doing while my body is nutritionally deficient. Therefore, Brandon wants me to focus on a regimented exercise program that consists of less impact and aerobic exercise, I think, I am all confused now, but my point is that what I am doing to prepare for my race season 2006, is hurting me more than helping me.

Brandon said that we could compromise and add in some of my running, biking, and swimming with the zone programs he has for me, but he informed me that continuing to follow the plan I have will result in just what is happening now. I am working hard, but going no where. I am building my endurance, but not losing weight or gaining much strength because my body has problems repairing itself.

Craziness huh?

I am going to log in to the blog the different test results and what it is I am supposed to eat and not eat. I will also log on how my body is reacting to that. I will post my weight and my food log on a weekly basis.

If this works for me I will be eternally grateful, if it doesn’t I will take it as a learning experience. I hope that is does work so that I can fulfill the educational portion of my blog by directing you to a local FITT Nutritionalist in your area.

Have a great day and train hard . . . and smart!

22 days until my Multisports training camp!!!!


Twice the Man said...

Sounds like you are really addressing those nutritional issues with Brandon - thats great.

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