Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!



Today was a pretty darned good day.

I woke at 5:45am. I ran 40 minutes (almost 3 miles).

I watched football and had black eyed peas and rice for lunch.

After the Saints game I began making Lima Beans from scratch – with a healthy twist – No butter, no salt pork (pure fat) and less salt.

I had two bowls of that, I would say it was 8oz total.

I also had cran-water and water with lemon.

The ONLY bad thing was . . . I didn't eat dinner until 9:30pm.

All in all I was pretty satisfied with my day.


Tomorrow I am meeting a few folk for a ride around river road. One loop from where we are starting is probably 15 miles, flat.

THEN IT IS A DAY OF FOOTBALL!!!!! I love Jan. 1!!!!!!!

Even though it is a football day – No fried food, No fast food.

No sodas.

No more than 3 beers, of pint size.

I will also begin my half ironman training tomorrow. Woo Hoo!

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Kisses to all!

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