Monday, October 23, 2006

T - Minus 6 and counting . . .

T – Minus 6 days and counting!

Monday – It is 4:15 in the morning. I am tired. I didn’t sleep at all. I am on my way out of the door to run.

My run will be 3.5 miles to the NAT (where I swim) then back home 3.5 miles.
The swim in between will consist of 3200 yards mix drills.


I will detail how it all went when I get back!!!

7:33 AM

WOW! I can only hope the weather is like this in Conroe next weekend. It was brisk and chilly, perfect for what I did this morning.

Got off on my run right at 4:22 AM. Took it easy the first mile to warm up. Once I made it to the lakes at LSU I picked it up to my top speed! Sadly the turtle I startled moved faster than me to make his escape.

I have never ran to the LSU Natatorium before. I wasn’t sure the best route so I simply ran the way I drive there every morning. It seems so much shorter when you’re in your vehicle.

About mile 2.5 I realize I was going to be tired on the way back home.

I have a friend who is an awesome Triathlete, she said something twice to me, once in a letter and once in an email.

She said when something negative comes up, acknowledge it, then let it go.

I put this into practice several times on the way to the pool and double that on the way home.

I twisted my ankle just a tiny bit on a curb, nothing bad at all. I acknowledged it and let it go.

Got to the pool right about 5:10 AM. Had to go to the bathroom the last mile, thank goodness I made it. I could just see calling home at 5:00 in the morning . . . “Yeah, hun, it’s me, can you a come bail me out? . . .What for, well, uh, public peeing.”

The pool has never felt better. I swam in the slightly heated pool. It was like magic. I headed straight into my 800 warm up, nice and easy making sure my mechanics were on time and smooth.
I have this one horrible problem in my crawl, I forget to kick. Sound ridiculous I know. I don’t mean I let my legs go limp and drag behind me, but I just sort of flutter my legs behind me, not really making them work. I actually have to remind myself to kick. I hope no one else has this problem.

After 4 sets of 100 descends, 200 kick, and 500 at just above race pace, and 400 at race pace, then another 800 cool down I was ready to run home.

After 3100 yards in the pool I actually felt ready to run, until I hit the out doors and realized just how heated that pool was. For the first mile I thought I might lose a nipple. I was pretty darn cold and anyone who knows me, realizes what a feat that is, to cool me down.

But it didn’t take long until I was hot and back to sweating like only a Boggs can.

The run home was definitely a mental test. I forgot to mention that my Garmin 305 registered 4.2 miles form my drive to the pool, so I was putting in 8.4 miles this morning with a nice little swim.

As I passed my Friends Gloria, and Scott’s house which was about mile 2.7 I was pretty pumped. My heart rate was in good shape, my breathing was awesome and my legs hurt like heckle and jeckle! I was ready to be home.

The sun was coming up and it was ending up to be a really pretty morning. I crossed Stanford and new I only had 1.3 miles to go and I began to get a second wind, too bad my legs weren’t in on that plan!

As I coasted in on my street I let out a short little woo hoo!

I thanked the big guy upstairs and headed straight for the dry clothes then the computer to make my post.

I will ride later today if I get back from New Orleans in time if not I will put in double time tomorrow.

Everyone, have a brilliant day!

I am off to shower and begin my day and make a difference, I am not sure how yet, but it will happen.

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