Friday, October 20, 2006

Nine days . . . Nine days.

Nine Days.

Things happen.

It has been a tough two weeks. My favorite part of the training I haven’t been able to do. I have had a major ear infection that is today still fighting to stick around. My doctor has restricted my swimming and I am miserable.

I have been running and cycling, but the ear is not letting me train to my needs to complete the race.

I am keeping my spirits up and I will try and get enough in this next week to complete the race.

I have been prescribed physical therapy for my nagging calf issue. My doctor feels that there was at some point a tear in it and it needs to be worked with.

There you have it. “Things happen”.

I am remaining optimistic.

I am not an Olympic athlete. I am not going to place in my age group. I am going to finish.

One of my best friends from college, who I miss a great deal, said it best. He said “I know you will do great, you’re too stubborn to quit.”

I would say that about sums me up.

I race tomorrow (Saturday) in a very small sprint triathlon. I am looking forward to it.

Keep me in your thoughts the next nine days. Send me positive thoughts. I will need them and I will also need your thoughts and prayers on Sunday, October 29th.

I am going to attempt to post immediately after the half Ironman, but forgive me if I can’t.

On October 29th I will Swim 1.2 miles – Bike 59 miles – Run 13.1 miles. I will.

Have a great week!

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