Friday, October 27, 2006

30 Hours and counting . . .

30 hours and counting . . .

I am in Conroe TX. It is about 68 degrees and sunny. I am wearing a fleece jacket. I am happy!

It is said to be 40 degrees Sunday morning. High of 71 degrees! The Lord has answered one of my prayers today!!!!!!!! Let’s just hope he knows his Fridays from his Sundays! (Just kidding big guy)

As the start of the race becomes closer my muscles begin to tighten. I ran this morning, 3 easy miles. This afternoon I am going to drive the bike course and ride about 10 easy miles.

So, this morning I did it!


It you ask?

Shaved my body!!!! I know geeky, and it feels as weird as it sounds! If I had thought ahead I would have brought a BIG plastic trash bag, you know the size for your lawn to pick up leaves. I could have made so serious cash with the amount of hair I could have sold to a sweater making shop!

Instead, I have simply pissed off some poor hotel cleaning person. (I left a pretty good tip for my mess and the new vacuum cleaner they will have to buy)

Let me tell you how odd this feeling is. It’s odd!

I don’t have anything to compare it to so I’ll do my best to describe the feeling.

The shaving part was tough first of all. First I used my beard shaver/trimmer and took off the long hair. Then in the shower I lathered up with soap and went to town. I probably should have notified someone of what I was doing so there would be confusion if I were found dead in the tub as a result of the loss of blood. Poor women . . . Poor women.

I look real stupid right now out in public with Kleenex tissue stuck to the blood spots!!!!!

Once I was out of the shower it was instantly obvious this was new to me. As I tried to dry off, the towel just stuck to my body. I had to sort of pat try.

Then there was walking by the A/C. WOOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Cold!

Putting on my pants and shirts was wild! The clothing just flutters around me now, touching me in ways that some might find erotic. This is a whole new clothing wearing feeling.
THEN! There was the sunlight!

Once I hit the sunlight I began to see the infractions of my earlier work! I missed some serious real-estate!!!!!! There are long stripes going up the back of my calf, and worse from my elbow to my wrist I missed two big patches!!!!!!!!

I am first time shaving gone bad.

However I will say, it feel quite liberating. I feel lighter. I know I’m not . . . Well, maybe? While I think about it I did see about 4 pounds of hair around the bathroom! I know TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of you may be reading this and asking yourself, “why would he do this?”.

Great question. I have no idea.

I really don’t. I read about it I a tri article about 6 months ago and it basically said that it doesn’t improve you performance really, but it creates a unique feeling on race day. Well, I have to disagree with that article. It creates a unique feeling, INSTANTLY!

As I am writing I just noticed a new patch I missed, on my right wrist!!! HAAAA!

I need to give a shout out to my friend that sent me two mix tapes (isn’t it funny, I still call them mix tapes even though they are CDs!!!) just for the race. I have been listening to them non-stop. I am listening to them right now. This friend is the best Triathlete I know period. And she is smok’n hot! Thanks for the CD/s C.

My friends from the BRtri club are heading over tonight. My friends Bear and Momma Bear come over tomorrow. Race Packet pick up is from 11:00am until 6:00pm tomorrow and the lodge where the race is.

I thought about shaving my head, but I thought is the key there. I don’t know how much thought into shaving my body, but once you start, you really can’t stop. Stopping would be much worse. Much worse. (I did leave my chest hair)

I am in very good spirits. I am excited, but focused. I have confidence, but I realize it will be very difficult to finish and that finishing is all I am here for.

Thanks for ALL and I mean AAAALLLL of the positive emails and phone calls. Please understand this . . . Your emails and calls are the number one motivator for me in the endeavor I call health seeking. Thank you.

Well, I will try and write tomorrow about my pre race mental state. If I don’t forgive me, I am probably going over my check list for the four hundredth time.

Thanks again and I will post after race for sure.

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