Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I had a slackers weekend.

I have not been at the top of my game for the past three weeks. This is what happens to me when I don’t have a race in my immediate future and I am paying for that now.

July 23rd in my Olympic Triathlon in Louisville KY and I am not nearly prepared for it. I have a small 800m swim, 15mi bike and 5k run triathlon this coming weekend, but I am no where near ready for my OLY in two weeks.

Woo Hoo!

I missed my triathlon this past weekend due to a family reunion and I am not so happy about it. I am happy that I went to the family reunion and was able to meet some truly special family that I had not seen since I was a small boy. Don’t you love when people tell you stories of how they remember you as a small child, I do, even though at times I am a little afraid of what they might say!!!

I am frustrated that the tri and reunion was on the same day 300 miles apart. I was trying to go to the tri AND the reunion, however wiser heads (my wife) prevailed and helped me realize that would have been an impossible feat. Since this was important to family that I be there the decision between the two was not too difficult as to which one to attend.

This leaves me with the not training scenario for next weekend in Louisville.

I will be ok, I won’t look good and it will be an ugly finish but, I will finish. I think I will have a bunch of friends form Cincinnati coming down to see me race so that will give me added encouragement and motivation to do well, but I don’t think I will be breaking any records of my own there.

Why am I writing this on my blog? You might be asking that question. I am writing this because I received a wonderful piece of advice from a fellow tri club member while discussing my concern for lack of preparation for this race.

He said “Nothing you can do about what you haven’t done, there is only today, so what are you gong to do today?”

Therefore, TODAY I am going to run 3 miles and drink a lot of water. Then tomorrow I am going to pick up where my training schedule is and get back on track for the rest of the season . . . Remember that half Ironman I am doing in October. All of this training and racing is for that and I must be prepared for that.

1 ½ mile swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run

I better be prepared for that.

I am looking forward to seeing my friends from NKU at the race in Louisville. The link is below for any information you might need. Email me if you want my cell phone so we can get together. I know Saturday night we are meeting at The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner and anyone is welcomed, 5:30PM.

And the race info is below as well. I can’t wait to see all of you and I know you can’t wait to see me in SPANDEX!!!!!!!


Thanks to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

woowwwwwie, you are beautiful in spandex. You have a very wise friend, start today and be on your way. Get out the way now!!! Here comes our CB. Please, fellow peeps, see you in Louisville.love you, da And tell your lovely wife...
"oh shoot, yeah, shoot." bye