Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Massage . . .

Once a year my Broker Dealer has a conference in San Diego. At this conference we are in meetings all day, but they are so enlightening and full of good information to help me and my team better serve our clients.

The other great thing is, it is in San Diego!

71 to 79 degrees all day low humidity, it is awesome and coming from Louisiana that is heaven! I still sweat as bad on my morning runs, but the breeze coming off the water and 72 degree weather, I couldn’t have been happier during my runs.

The reason for this post is a new friend Cara. I treat myself on trips such as this and get a sports massage. Today was an awesome experience! Cara races in triathlons. She also loves Exterra (s/p sorry Nissan) off road races, and runs races such as 5k, ½ marathons etc.

Why is this so unique? Why am I so excited about it? I have met and ridden with Heather Fuhr, Michelle Jones, Roch Frey, and talked with Farris Al-Sultan, these are the top pros in triathlon. I am excited because she was where I am and now she is where she wants to be . . . Maybe I lost you there.

She may not want me sharing everything, but she was once bigger than she wanted to be. She made a decision to change her body, her life and SHE DID IT! She looks awesome now. I am sure she was beautiful before, but I could tell she was happy with where she is today and is more beautiful for it.

I love seeing and hearing people success. I am not as excited about one thing in particular it is the culmination of many pieces of the puzzle that creates harmony and self confidence, TRUE self confidence in ones self. I am confident, but I am not self confident.

Sound weird? I am confident in many skills that I have in business. I am confident in my kindness. I am confident in other areas of my life, but I am not self confident. I don’t have close to the whole packaged product that I want, that I will one day have and seeing Cara’s success is so motivating.

You know, we have so many questions when we are fat and wonder so many things about being healthy. One of my biggest hurdles is my skin. Bear with me here. I am so fat that I have like 4 spare tires. I have a belly that hangs well over my belt line.

Here is the kicker. One of my biggest set backs that I use to dissalousion myself is what will happen when I lose all this weight? I will looks so ugly with all of this loose skin and yuck.

Isn’t that stupid!

Seeing Cara and seeing that it is a false concern helps me set that fear aside and focus on what is important to me, my health.

There is one bad part to this story. I don’t want anyone to think that all is perfect in the world of triathlon. If you have read my posts you know through my experiences in races there are some shallow people in this sport as there are in life, no different. The majority of folk in this sport are AWESOME! They are supportive, motivating, and kind. But you do have a few who don’t think we (fat people) belong out in their sport.

You see it in those trying to lobby for shorter cut off times in long distance races. I read a post in Triathlete Magazine (which I love) where an accomplished racer questioned those who race and, in his opinion shouldn’t be because of their size. I have heard comments. Mean ones, but you have to find it within yourself to shrug them off and stay focused.

Cara was talking to me about a few of her experiences with triathletes in San Diego. In case you don’t know, San Diego is the triathlon mecca of the world. Most of your pros train here and many of them move and live here. This is a great place for triathlon. Cara expressed her dislike for the attitude of the sport in San Diego. That saddens me.

I have friends in my club in Baton Rouge that are TOP NOTCH races. They finish number 1 or 2 in their age group at every race and could stomp the average joe racer into the ground, but they are kind and supportive. I am sure a couple of them questioned this 400 pound dude showing up at their meeting last year to join. I am sure there was talk, but through my dedication and their support I couldn’t be happier with they friends I have made in the club.

I think this sport is going to have to realize that there is a change in motion. The popularity of this sport is taking hold of the average person and in my case, not so average, but none the less it is a sport that is on the rise and becoming more popular every season.

If you are an advanced athlete that has a problem with those of much lesser skill and ability competing along side of you, or as I read in that same article the racer who questioned in his opinion, unqualified racers with his support of shortening the cutoff time, he also made a crass statement that went something like this . . . If you’re putting a cheeseburger in your special needs bag, then you might want to re-think doing an Ironman or other long distance triathlon.

What a prick. If only he knew how hard we had to work to just finish a race, to just SHOW UP, he might think differently, however with a comment like that . . . He probably wouldn’t.

I am going to work on finding Cara a good club here in San Diego. I know they exist. This is too awesome of a sport for there not to be at minimum one club that is supportive of the average joe who wants to do triathlons.

If not, I will help her get one started!!!!!!!!!!!!

My point again for writing this post . . .

You can do it! Period. I know you can. It may take a long time, but just stay focused, when you stumble, who cares! Get back into it. We all stumble and if you have a run in with one of those triathletes that doesn’t respect what you are doing out here . . . Remember this . . .

Respect goes both ways and someone who would look down on you for your drive, they are the ones deprived of respect. If their only motivation in the sport is split times, and winning . . . Just remember respect goes both ways.

I know the best of the best in this sport. They have a desire to be the best and as a matter of fact they just happen to be the best, but they also have a love for this sport and its success. People such as that, they have my respect and you have my respect, even if you haven’t ran a mile yet, or even gotten up off of your couch yet, you still have my respect, but now you need to earn your respect within yourself, get out there and DO IT!

Have a great day, do something, walk, ride, swim, or mow the lawn, I believe in you!

Cara, thanks for an awesome massage and better conversation!

Peace Out!

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