Monday, October 08, 2007

What a Rough Day (not really)

Lazy Days Are Here Again!

Short breakdown of my day:

6:45am – Wake and shower
7:30am – Treadmill over looking ocean
9:00am – Breakfast (miso soup for breakfast!! Gotta love it!)
11:00am – Pool, read, sun . . . Wow, what a life!
2:00pm – Football at the beach grill – Packers vs Bears
4:00pm – Deep Tissue Massage
6:00pm – Dinner
7:15pm – Sunset
9:00pm – In Bed ready for another hectic day in Hawaii!!!!!

I have been doing my breakdown of the race this weekend. I have been quizzing a few folks here at the resort on their opinions about the race and here is my synopsis of the potential upcoming Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii!!

First my sentimental picks (Those I am rooting for big time) – Desiree Ficker, I would love to see Desiree win this race. She is the epitome of hard work, the queen of kindness, and not a bad looker. Michelle Jones, I think she has an awesome chance to repeat and word is she is in great shape and mentally ready to rock and roll. Michelle is probably on most folks radar as the top pick and that is a pretty solid choice. Faris Al Sultan, he is a heck of a guy and very humble. His bike will have to be strong, but I think he could pull out another solo as he did in 2005.

Second, my no chance to win but . . . (those I am excited to root, holler, and cheer for) – Caroline Smith, my buddy and I think she will do great in her age group, I would not be surprised to see a top 8 finish in her age group. Roch Frey!!!!!!! A former Triathlete turned awesome coach to the starz (including super cool wife, Heather Fuhr) doing his first Kona in 13 years!!!! You gotta see his spread in this months Triathlete Magazine.

Finally, My Two PicksChris McCormick - Course record on the 70.3 this year and super strong. I think he pulls off his first win at Kona. Samantha McGlone – Also 70.3 winner this year, but is making a transition to full Ironman which is a big hit against her, but there is something in my gut that says she will transition well to this distance as Michelle Jones did. It took Michelle 2 tries, but I think Sam has an edge on time with her success at the 70.3 race.

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Timbeaux said...


I hope you are enjoying yourself. Because you sure aren't making my Ironman training any easier!

Sitting on the beach, deep tissue massage, etc. What a rough week you are having.

Have fun.