Sunday, October 14, 2007

Coming Home

My Rental Bike and the engine downtown Kona

Fun Week

It is all over.

The streets as clean as a babies butt. Had you arrived this afternoon you would not realize there like was an event that covered the entire stretch of the Kona shore and hosted 1,800 athletes and their friends and family and finally a whole host of volunteers.

As I rode into town from the hotel I began to notice spots where individuals were picking up trash and duping the bags, then a truck came by and picked up the bags. It was quite organized, but then again that looks status quo with this group here in Kona.

The only evidence that the Ironman World Championships was held here just yesterday is the faded chalk messages to the athletes pushing themselves to the limit for 140.6 miles.

After I returned my steed to the bike rental shop, I visited a few areas that were packed with folks last night and then I simply sat on a bench and took it all in as I waited for the trolley.

I am sure this has been termed before now, but I am officially naming it the IMW – or the “Ironman Walk.”

I was sitting outside King Kaeamea hotel. This is the host hotel for the race. As FINISHERS came into the hotel to collect their FINISHER gear they each had earned for their exceptional feats the previous day.

Think of a person who might have ridden a horse all day – with no britches!!!!! That I the walk! A wide stance, with legs spread as to not let the inner thighs touch and a slight wobble from the shoulders to help the hips rotate.

My flight leaves at 11:00pm. I am going to hang around the pool, watch the Saints, and finish a few post cards, and then it is back to reality.

I hope I have given a small insight of a volunteer/spectators view, but I am sure I have missed many of the obvious spectacles, but that just means you need to come and experience it for yourself!!!



Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for your Wednesday update :)


All Kinds of Creative said...

Hey there. I just wanted to say that your story inspires me. I have wanted to run a 5K and complete a triathlon for about a year now... people always look at me strange when I say that. Maybe cuz they don't think a 290 pound girl can do it. I am not so sure myself! But reading your story has inspired me. I would love to get some tips from you. A friend just asked me if I would do a mini-tri with her July 2008. It is 3/4 mile swim, 12 miles biking and a 5K run. Easy for her to say - she weighs like 115 pounds! I am a little bit unsure of myself and I have no idea where to begin with training, but I know that this is something that I would love to do! Any tips?