Monday, October 08, 2007

1st day volunteering at Kona

Our Swag Building Industrial Complex!

Long Long LONG Day!

Today was my first volunteering day.


I woke early and hit the stationary bike then ran about 2 miles. So nice to run along the water with a nice cool breeze. I hope the weather stays like this all weekend for the racers.

Met a lot of cool folk and we got a lot of crap done! Throughout the day we had several jobs to complete and we got them all done with smiles on our faces.

Pretty good swag in these bags and they get more at actual registration/packet pick up time.

After a long day, I perused the “Official” IM World Champ vendor room. It I funny, there are about 20 placed in Kona that advertise as the “Official” Ironman this and that.

Rode back to the Hotel after my long day and hit the pool and absorbed many Long Island Iced Teas!

Tomorrow the racers begin picking up their swag and register. Woo Hoo!

I am working on two things right now:

For Scott: Picture with Desiree Ficker and I am going to ask her if she is interested in a coonass from Baton Rouge for you. I will get you a picture autographed too, anything in particular you want it to say??????

For RB: As a high quality Pro 1. What is the longest swim you’ve ever done? Then when they answer I am just going to laugh and laugh and laugh . . . When they as why I am laughing so hard, I am going to tell them it is an inside joke! A 32 mile inside joke!!!!! 2. What was your worst Bike Crash? 3. Do you eat fried chicken for a pre race meal? 4. Favotie Band? I think that is it, other than the last question which WOULD land me in a Hawaiian jail if I ask it . . . Still contemplating!

Everyone should experience this venue. Since most of us can’t do it as racers, you should plan a vacation here for this race one year . . . and volunteering seems pretty cool too.

Until tomorrow!

Peace out!

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Scott M. said...

How about "To Scott, Keep Tri'ing!" or "To Scott, Maybe you won't always be slow."

Or something else coolishly lame like that. Thanks Chris for the effort.

Continue having fun.