Friday, October 05, 2007

Kona Baby!

Kona – The travel day . . .

When you are traveling from one side of the US to the furthest point (Hawaii) plan on it taking a while, secondly plan on a long layover for a cheap fare!

The three seater plane (slight exaggeration, but not much) from Baton Rouge to Dallas was quick and almost painless. The 737 from Dallas to LAX was a little more taxing, but again, painless.

Then . . .

Arriving at LAX just after 1:00pm I hadn’t thought through the 6 hour layover that was in my immediate future as in NOW!

I tried to do the walking around seeing the airport thing, then to the sit and watch all of the unique folk who travel in and out of LAX. I think the most interesting was a group of what appeared to be Amish folk, but I don’t know how with the whole horse and buggy thing, who seemed to be lost and looking for a restroom for their youngest compadre . . . I don’t think he made it.

After this experience it was now 2:40pm, only 5 hours to go.

Dined at a Chili’s to go. Had the Chicken Tortilla soup and a sprite. Dat was some SALTY soup! As I ate I took in some of the Cleveland vs Yankees game (GO RED SOX!) but, my server made it clear I was to move along and not take up his table for my remaining 4 plus hours, so I went to my terminal and decided to do something I haven’t in a long time. Sleep on the floor in public.

I put on my Ipod on the meditation track and within mere moments I was SAWING LOGS!

Now it is 5:55pm and I have about 1.5 hours till my plane takes off into the wild blue yonder known as KONA HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I woke it was nice to see I still have the capabilities to set a trend here and there. In the terminal with me now are about 5 floor sleeping individuals sawing logs of their own. I want to take a picture but, I don’t want to offend anyone!

In this time I decided to blog Ironman Hawaii until the race is complete next Saturday. I am going to blog from the spectator’s point of view as well as a volunteer point of view. I begin my volunteering Sunday (Help set up – day of labor) then I am going to register racers at packet pickup Mon-Wed. The rest of the time I am going to take it all in.

Amanda and I were here in March so I know the area as much as one can on a one week visit. I plan to hit the Kava bar we liked so much, but other than that I will take pictures and write daily blogs regarding my adventures!

I thought of one fun thing . . .

Let’s call it an adventure run. If you think of something you’d like me to set out to do one of my days here (THAT WON’T land me behind bars!) I will do it and post about it.

For example: If someone wanted me to search out a particular pro athlete and ask a certain question or something kooky that is in the back of the sick part of your brain, shoot your idea in my comments section and I will see what I can do.

Until tomorrow – GEAUX TIGERS, eat some Gator! – Peace Out!

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