Saturday, October 13, 2007

I DNF'd!

I Crashed

OK. I have DNF’d being a spectator at Kona.

I was riding around the back side of Alli Dr. Heading over to Queen K to see the runners on the turn and a VERY nice lady and her two children ran right out in front of me and I was making the turn.

I busted my but. The front tire of this crapy bike what twisted, but a little tug of the handle bars with the tire between my knees – kinda straightened things out.

The lady was very apologetic because I think she knew I took the dive so I wouldn’t run over her child and then when she saw my size, I guess she understood my sacrifice!!!! HA!!!!!

I landed on my left hip and left shoulder, over the front of the bike. Not too much blood, but I have ridden back to the room since my shorts well ripped and left a little inside view.

I didn’t see Caroline and was heading over to try and catch her turn up the hill, but I am in a little pain and will take my time heading back, I am about 8 miles from downtown where race start and finish is located.

Basically EVERYONE has busted on this race. I am thinking Timbeux’s pool is sucking up right now.

I am going to clean myself up and head back out to see Caroline finish.

This is an awesome event.

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