Friday, October 12, 2007

Kona - Right Around the Coner!

Kailua Bay - The Swim Start. This is at 7:45am - A little rough!
Faris Al Sultan, Tim DeBoom, Lisa Bentley - Nutrition Round Table at the Expo

On my ride back to resort - I would not want to wash this car tomorrow!

2 Days and counting!

I’m think we will have the type of weather that a person doing Kona would want to have. The question; who does this help, hurt or does it matter.

If Saturday is anything close to the past three day it will be awesome. Let me recap the last three day and it has been fairly consistent.

In the morning it has been actually very cool bordering chilly. I swam this morning at 7:15am and the water, OH THE WATER! So nice, so cool, BUT SO CHOPPY!

I took a picture (Above) of the pier at the race start. You ill see the waves crashing against the sea wall. But once you get out about 500m it is smooth sailing and it actually helps you back in on the last 500m.

All in all, the water will be fine.

It remains cool until almost 10:00am. Now, this is different than the first few days. It warmed up before 9:00, but it has remained cool and a little windy since then.

I am not sure how windy it will be out on the Queen Ka’ahumanu Hwy. I would think there will be a little windy, but it doesn’t seem to be too bad.

THE KEY is, I was running at about 2:45pm and it was overcast and lightly breezy AND this is how it has been the last few days.

This is about when most of the pros will be finishing.

All in all if this keeps up we might see some really fast splits out there.

Today I visited with Heather Fuhr at the Newton tent, then Roch Frey at the Canondale tent. Wow, the new canondale mountain bike is something to see.

I listened to a live nutrition forum with Faris, Lisa, and a nutritionist. It was interesting, but some of the questions were odd. I attribute my thinking it was odd to the Baton Rouge Tri club. We have some very up to date nutrition folk that have taught me a great deal.

The expo is pretty awesome.

I think I have been sold on the new endless pool. It is a collapsible pool and it is very durable . . . Now to talk the wifey into it!

I was trying to track down Desiree today. No luck. I was meeting another friend and made it to the place she ws a little too late, but . . . She emailed me yesterday and said we would do lunch before Saturday for my interview.

Bama – Got you covered bro. Scott – You too. RB – How many mile was that again???


When I was riding back to the hotel and I pass this couple jogging. The guy looked really familiar. I stopped at magic Sands Beach (Great snorkeling) and as I was locking up the bike and changing into my trunks the couple approached, I looked closer And it was Luke Bell and his new Bride!

OK, Almost ALL of the triathletes I have met most have been much smaller than they appear to be on TV or in magazines. Not Luke. Luke is a fairly big dude (for a Triathlete) and when I shook his hand he matched mine in size.

He was super cool and I think he was surprised I recognized him. As he approached I said Luuuuuke – Kick a$$ Saturday bro.

He stopped. They both were laughing in a manner like, how does this guy recognize me??? I told him I had followed him a bit, watched “What it takes” a video he is in and read about him in a few magazines. He was impressed. I told him I would holler for him. He shook my hand and off they went!

What a sport!

Now I am off to the beach to do a night swim with the Manta Rays. The resort I am in has a night time swim right off of the resort beach and dozens of Manta Ray come to the feeding and you get to swim with them, cool!

Until tomorrow!

Peace Out!

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rocketboy said...

more pro questions.
I think i can help these pro's better market themselves. Here's how

Would Farris consider changing his name to Ferris in honor of Ferris Bueller's Day off? If so I would then spring for 1000 "save ferris" bumper stickers, and try to ge the band Save Ferris to play a party in his honor.

Please see if Heather Fuhr will allow me to go forward with production of "Heather Fuhries" a new line of fuzzie ear muffs and headbands for those chilly winter rides.

For the folks at Newton. I am now a believer. I will for no fee (just free shoes) track my progress over the winter and show that Newton's have given me a 15-20 sec improvement per mile in my running. i wear 11.5. Just for fun i will show that they also improve swim speed by swimming a mile or two in them and holding 1:30 or better pace. (need a week or two of testing before filming)

For your new friend Luke Bell, a very loud bike bell molded in his likeness. I know this is pretty crummy but i am working on short notice.

yours truly