Saturday, October 06, 2007


First let me set this picture for you . . .

I am sitting beside the beach, the temperature is about 82 degrees, no humidity, with a light breeze. I am having coffee and a fruit plate while listening to soft Hawaiian music is piped in over the speakers outside, but you really have to listen for it since the ocean hitting the beach is stealing all the attention right now.

This is going to be a good day!

Kona Day two – Buggy Buggy Boo!

Louisiana ain’t got diddly on Hawaii when it comes to little pesky pests! (Except mayfly mating season)

This is a common occurrence in Hawaii I am finding . . . Lots of little bugs.

Stepping off the plane at Kona Airport was awesome. The cool yet slightly warm breeze on the tarmac, the sweet ocean smell, I was happy to finally be here. I arrived in my hotel room at the beautiful Sheraton Keauhou bay Resort at around 11:00pm (4:00am my time) and I was beat and the bed was gently calling my name when I reached my room.

It is about 8:00am here and I have a fun day planned.

My rental bike (a low rider) should be here by 10:00am and I am going to ride just up the street about 2 miles and pick up some produce from the farmers market. They say . . . Saturday morning is the best day to visit and get great local produce.

I plan to be at a local sports joint to watch the LSU vs Florida game at 2:00pm. This is going to be one heck of a game. I have a lot of respect for Meyer and the programs he has built, Florida is a power to contend with for many a year, but I don’t think we (LSU) are half bad either. GEAUX (Pronounced GO) TIGERS!

After the game I pan to grab the prep sights for Kona as I stroll through downtown and visit the bay that the swim takes place.

I am looking forward to ending the day by the pool sipping on a beer watching the sun go down in preparation for another day of adventure and one day CLOSER to the great race!

My friend Caroline Smith and her significant other Ryan are coming in Monday. Say a couple prayers for her since she has been really under the weather with chest infection. Our last email conversation she shared with me her goal that day was to get up as much phlegm as possible . . . NOW THAT is a fun day!!!!!!!! Get your ass in gear and feel better Caroline, see you guys Tuesday!

I am going to try and take some cool pics today and will post them later tonight.


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Ask Desiree Ficker.......Never mind just take some pictures.