Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Day at the Office!

The "clouds"

Today was an in room office day and lounge by the pool. I had a lot to do for work, but I am not complaining since I get to do the work while looking outside at this beautiful ocean!!

So the past few days there have been many clouds and I thought this was weird since it is so sunny. I just chalked it up to Hawaii weather thinking that rocks, even when it is overcast . . . It is sunny!

Today i received a little Big Island Education. Those aren't clouds per say, or at least not clouds of precipitation. They are clouds of smoke. The Big Island (where Kona is located) has the only active volcano and it is constantly smoking and the clouds right at my resort is at one of the closest points to the escape for the smoke.

Yes I thought about that too - Doesn't that mean i am am the closest point of potential hot lava!!!?? I haven't asked out of the - what i don't know can't hurt me theory.

Things are really picking up around here.

Little update on Caroline:

Her plane was delayed. Then she was unable to catch her flight to West Coast which meant she couldn't catch her flight to Kona. She finally got to West Coast late Monday Night and had to stay overnight. (She was supposed to be in Kona Monday night) She finally arrived in Kona Tuesday night with no clothes or bike. That was the last I heard from her. She has the best attitude. I am incorporating her saying - "It is what it is." I am sure things will be fine today and I will keep you posted.

The downtown area near the pier is rocking. Lots and LOTS of people. Sunday and Monday it was sorta light traffic with more and more people showing up. Yesterday there were a lot more folk, but today it is like a pseudo Bourbon Street on a slow night.

Tomorrow I am going on my Pro search. I have scheduled to see Desiree, Heather, Michelle, Roch, and hopefully Faris. But I want to try and visit a few others.

The Underwear Run is in the morning. I will take plenty of pictures.

The Banquet and Carbo load dinner is tomorrow night and then the count down begins.

Here is the talk:

Everyone is saying Michelle Jones - Which I Absolutely agree with, but I am sticking with Sam McGlone (Who I saw running Monday).

It is really mixed for the men - Most are saying Norman, but there is a rising voice for Macca if he can close the gap on the bike a little he could catch him on the run.

I am still saying Macca. I think it will be tough for Norman to have the GREAT bike he had last year (But who knows) and Macca had a less than sub-par run last year and only lost by a little more than a minute.

But I would LOVE to see Caroline and Roch win!! Obviously I don't see Rock winning, I simply think he is awesome! As awesome as Caroline is I don't see her pulling this one out, but placing VERY high in her age group.

So, Now I think I will go down to the pool and get my tan on some more.

Peace and word to yo mutha!

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