Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Will Be Back Next Year!

It Was A Great Day . . .

I am signing off and going to have a few many beers!

I recovered from my bike spill and then found out LSU lost!

I am heading back to the finish to party the night away and try and stay awake (sober) until midnight.

What a great day.

I was close on my predictions.

Chris McCormick (Macca) did win – which I called.

Sam McGlone had a valiant effort for second place, but Chrissie W something won. Next year Sam!

Caroline should be crossing just about the time I get down there so I hope to get to see her cross.

It has been a great week and a great day. I know I have said this a bunch, but save your pennies and come view this spectacle. It is the cream de la cream.

Flying home late tomorrow night. I miss my wife! I love you honey, thanks for the yard pass!!!!!

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