Friday, March 26, 2010

2010 Goals

I Chris Boggs will:
1. Bring my short distance run to sub 8 min miles and my 1/2 IM and IM to

sub 10 min miles.

2. Drop to 195lbs by 11-21-2010

3. Finish IMAZ in SUB 12hrs

4. Train consistently and smartly

2010 - A good year.


amybee said...

Rock ON!

Melissa said...

So I was wondering if I could get your email. I'm on my journey to losing about 153 pounds I'm about 82ish pounds in and I'm stuck. I could really use some encouragement from someone who has been there. Thanks. Also wondering how your 2010 goals are. I will be at IMAZ volunteering. Would love to meet you.