Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I never claimed to be incredibly bright . . .

It has been over a month since my surgery january 5th. I have hit a few road blocks with this recovery. Infection has kicked my butt and I am done with this resting and recovering thing!

I've been eating out of control the last couple of weeks. I've identified it and am correcting it, but it was a feeling I thought was done with. Problem addressed and problem taken care of.

I dropped out of Ironman CDA in June. My Dr feels I might be able to get back on the training horse by April and that is simply not enough time to get my body ready.

With that I am setting and goal for Ironman Arizona: SUB 13 hours.

That's right.

OK, for most people that is a silly goal and for hard core Ironman participants they will giggle and some even mock this goal, but most of those guys I can sit on or break them in half - (that was passive aggressive . . . or was it just aggressive?) But for me sub 13 hours will be a serious accomplishment.

Ironman FLorida was my ice breaker. My goal was to have fun and enjoy the day and I did just that finishing in 15:11.

I believe I can knock off 2 hours and I will.

I am going to race a couple times this year, but mostly focus on training.

I am looking for a half ironman in August in the South West . . . (SUGGESTIONS).

Whatever your goals are - Set them HIGH and go for it!




Lofty goals my friend. Mine go in opposite directions. With 13 09 at IMFL, I am just hoping for sub 14 at ST George (hills, you know).

But you know what, I figure an hour for every 15 pounds... so make one goal and the other should follow.

skierz said...

way to go! go big or go home is the only way to push it! Hope your recovery cntinues along well! CHeers!

Amanda Boggs said...

St George is massive with the rollers! You'll kick butt!

And thanks - Good news today . . . Abscess on my leg it going to heal up well we think. I am tired of the Doctors, but they's be good peeps to me.


amybee said...

Cute pic!

Sounds like you made the right choices re: racing.

I can relate to the eating issues. Hard when they get out of control again -- hard to reign them in, so good for you for getting them in check.

Anonymous said...

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deardooley said...

Silverman is a great full and 1/2 IM outside of Vegas. Great organizers, great schwag, and a challenging course. It's about the same time as IMFL, so it would be a good cap to the year if you're up for it.