Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Can't Quit You!

Well Well . . . Look who’s been a big ole slacker!

Let’s recap:

I November 2010 I completed Ironman Florida in just over 15hrs.  In early January I had a major surgery to remove the loose skin between my legs.  Ironman Florida caused some serious issues for me there and I had to take care of it.

I had major complications after the surgery.  Staph infection then abscess and finally by April 1 I was given permission to begin training again.

I put in 3 hard weeks of training and I think it was too much too soon.  I became very ill – to the point of not being able to breathe.  Could have been a combination of illness and allergies, but it took me down.

That lasted about 3 weeks and here I have been the last 3 weeks doing NOTHING.  Sitting on my rump, gaining weight and wondering why?????

I have zero motivation.

I’ve gained 45lbs and my body hurts (even though I’ve done nothing).

I have goals mind you, but I have done nothing about them.

My numero uno goal is to complete Ironman Arizona in under 13 hours.  How’s that for a goal for a fat ass like me!!??

I have much work to do before then.  Here is the priority list:

1.     Begin eating correctly again.
2.     Focus on consumption (eat less)
3.     Start light but begin consistently training.
4.     Turn up the volume in August and bust tail.
5.     Post twice weekly on progress and situation.

I think I have the tools to complete my main goal of sub 13 hr IMAZ.

I have a great coach in Will Jones at and I know I can do it mentally and if I get my tail in gear I can do it physically.

How’s about we begin this week.

Let’s do this!!!



I'm just the blogland guy that ran by you several times at IMFL 09 (and didn't say Hi because we were both in our own world).... But I suggest you don't set yourself up for failure (sub 13 IMAZ).

You know what it takes to finish an IM. The finish is the goal, screw the time. FOCUS ON YOU RIGHT NOW!!!

Kristi said...

Please don't quit us! I am also from Louisiana (the piney hills), I was also extremely overweight (about 140 pounds - 100 lost), I am also pursuing triathlons (one sprint completed)and I am training for an Ironman. I have read all of your entries and it was just what I needed - practical talk and advice. I look forward to continued reading as you complete your goals and finish lots more races!

amybee said...

Don't be too discouraged or hard on yourself. Just get back on the pony and you'll be moving towards your goals.


Andrea said...

You can do it!!! I have faith in your Boggsy! Love you tons! xoxoxo

dpaff said...

I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. Your blog helped to inspire me to finish a half ironman last year. I'm not so sure that I'll ever get to a full IM but who knows for sure. I very much enjoyed your account of IM Florida and hope you get your sub 13 hr IM.

Lynnea B said...

Just saw this and am glad you are getting better again. My DH is unfortunately bigger than ever but after this week on vacation he learned (because we made him) that he can walk a lot more than he thought and eat less than he does and still survive. I hope you can get motivated to keep going, it is a lifelong struggle to maintain your health. Speaking as a wife, taking care of yourself shows her you love her.