Saturday, April 18, 2009

Louisiana Triathlon in New Roads LA just north west of Baton Rouge.  One of my favorite races.  I was volunteering since the foot is in the boot for another 5 weeks.

It was an ugly day with rain and wind but any race day is a GOOD DAY!

Congrats to our members who stuck it out today!


Brady Hendrix said...

You should get some artwork done on that boot similar to your know, since its gonna be with you for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Sweet vid Bogger Boy...and as always nice to visit your site. Wew all lov ya like a club can for what you do done did.


Don said...

oh ok here we go

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Mr. Kellog did extensive research with regard to broken bones in the 1920's??? Yes, I know, and it's true. He used 'removeable splint type' casts for armes and legs. (there were completely rigid and secure when on)
Remove the splint VERY CAREFULLY for delicate, specific massage of the foot and leg in your case. Thirty minutes for 3 times a day.
Heal time was reduced by 2 weeks in most cases. love you, mom donna

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Brady,
The art work on your boot is great.

It will be some serious art...
and you call it: BOOT PORN !!!!!

love ya. xoxox

cjmancebo said...

Hey, Chris...

Can you get in touch with me....cjmancebo at or at my blog --

I've got a big guy specific cycling question for you. No need to publish this..just didn't know any other way to contact you.