Tuesday, April 14, 2009



What a week.

I knew before IMNOLA 70.3 on April 5th that something was wrong with my right foot.  I was pretty sure it was either a really really bad bruise on the top of my foot or a fracture.

I really struggled on the run in New Orleans.  My left leg almost gave out on me and I now know that is because the left leg was doing 90% of the work.

I’m pretty ticked off and frustrated right now.  I was livid on Monday.  Today I have become a little more focused.

I have a stress fracture on my 4th med – something or other??????  It is the bone that runs from your ankle to your toes next to your pinky toe.  



I am out for 6 weeks minimum on run and bike.  Initially my Dr. said I could bike, but then after knowing how I ride – I am not going to be riding either.  He didn’t want me pushing it or standing and all I do is crush it on the bike AND I want to heal fast therefore . . .


I am going to kick butt in the pool for the next 6 weeks AND I am ordering the AQX Sports – pool running shoes and floating belt.


I am not going to be able to race in Gulf Coast which I really wanted to do in preparation for IM Florida.  AND I am missing Louisiana Tri which I have not missed in my 4 years of triathlon.  I am kinda sad about that.  It is the closest triathlon to my home here in Baton Rouge.


The good news.  I GET THIS REALLY COOL BOOT!!!!!  WOO HOO! 



Time to get really really really fast in the water.

You can also do pool running. It's not just for old women.

You know the saying about lemonade?

Missy said...

Hey, I got lots faster in the water when I had a sprained ankle and could only swim for ~6 weeks. I was pissed and it sucked at first but it's the best thing that ever happened to my swim:)

Frustrating, hot boot.

IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

Too bad. Good thing is we have 6.5 months left. When you get back into it, slow down so you dont get hurt again. Comprende?

Scotth72 said...

Missy is right.
Everything happens for a Reason. You have to find the positive in this situation. Focus on what you CAN DO, not what you Can't.

amybee said...

I'm so sorry this happened! the boot rocks though.

Hey! If you need anyone to keep your bike in shape while you recoup, you could send it to Minnesota and I'll ride -- er, watch it for you:

Lane said...

Hey man, sorry to hear about the stress fracture. Just watched the video and loved it, even with my cameo appearance at the finish line of Memphis in May with you! I am now making plans to be there November 7th like I promised a while back. Actually timing is good, I am transferring back to Pensacola (in Jan) and want to register for IMFL 2010, so looking forward to being there to see you cross that finish line too!

Vickie said...

Sorry to hear you are laid up. The 4th metatarsal. Been there, done that. Although I never had a boot and pretty much only took 2 weeks off, which led to 6 months of pain. Take your time coming back to running or it will hound you for longer than you want.