Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello Nipples!!!

Sorry Sorry Sorry . . .

I have been backed up with work and so many other issues the past month I have neglected my blog . . . BUT this time away has given me a fresh view on my blog.

I have neglected the people who visit my blog as “newbie’s” to triathlon or healthy living in general.

My good friend Roose, Jett, and Cherokee as well as MANY others I have visited with and TRAINED with over the past two weeks have allowed me to realize that I might want to focus on some beginner issue and items I have not focused on in a long time.

 As I trained with several folks it hit my square in the nose that I have actually learned AL OT and become quite the aficionado when it comes to most things training. 

 Now let me be clear.  When it comes to the intricacies of training such as training programs and specific detailed individual metabolic issues you should seek a professional as I do.

 But for the basics of training, nutrition, race day procedure, I am a fairly good almanac and I plan to use the next few posts to discuss specific items that I think are important to everyday training, race day needs and expectations, and all other things training.

 I will post links to the products and websites I use in these specific areas and I hope this is all very helpful.

 I want to start with one of the more important items that I have become a BIG fan of.  My friend Roose and I were on a short 5k run early one morning and the discussion of nipple chaffing came up.


I have been blessed with baby nursing type nipples!  TMI I KNOW!  But, Amanda finds them kinda sexy.  The issue is that when I train and race their senses are heightened even more than normal.  I did the Body Glide (which I am a big fan of) band-aids, and even duct tape (that one was a VERY bad idea)

About a year or more ago I was introduced to NIP-GAURDS.



 They are not cheap, but after several ruined bloody Tech T Running shirts and countless skin ripping band-aid and taping sessions – I have decided these are MORE THAN WORTH their cost.

This is a fun one to get the training ideas from Tri-Ing Fat Man started! 


I am going to discuss Recovery supplements on the next post.



As for me:


I have been hitting it hard.  I got in about 16 hours training last week and 14 hours in this week so far.  Today is an off day.  I will run in a little 5k race with my friends tomorrow and put in about another 10 miles tomorrow afternoon before fun V-Day activities with the spectacular wifey.  Sunday there is a fun 2 mile run and I will again put in some extra miles afterwards.  I should get in about 16 to 17 Hours training this week.


I need every bit of it with Ironman New Orleans coming up in a month and a half!


Keep it up folks! 


Talk to you soon.


Stuart said...

Don't leave home without them!

IronBob (spawning?? at IMAZ 08) said...

Good to hear you are still out there. I've done plenty of marathons and always gone the band aid route.

Take it easy and dont forget to embrace the day....

amybee said...

glad you're back blogging. Good for you for getting your training in.

Missy said...

Yeah, you're back, you're alive, nipples and all! Nothing worse than seeing a guy bleeding from his baby boobies at a race, ouch.