Friday, January 09, 2009

Heck Yeah Friday #1

I've decided to try this new Vblog thing.  I am not sure how it will turn out, but here goes.  I am going to attempt this every Friday to give a short update on my weight, health, training, recent races etc.

Be brilliant!


Uli said...

Hell yeah, it takes alot to blow over porta potties! Nice blog btw! Best of luck in your training and races this year!

Denise said...

Love the caught me right up to where you are with your incredible journey!! You are truly an inspiration! I scrolled through your blog a little...yikes, wasn't ready for the surgery pic. I hope you're doing ok.

Tri-ing Fat Man said...

Uli- Cracking me up! Glad you're all good! Especially the good attitude.

Denise - It has been and still is a journey. Yeah, sorry about the little surgery scar, infection suprize . . . I try and not be vain and show those who may be considering my choice for this surgery the good the bad and (as in the photo!) THE OOOOOOOOGLY!


Be Brilliant today!

Janice {Run Far} said...

WOW! You are awesome. I am so excited to have found your blog and to be inspired by your motivation. I have not done a tri, I am kind of scared of them, I guess its the swimming that scares me. =) So I Stick with running.

Is that really you with Jillian? I love her. How is she in person? I just know that I would hater her if she were training me, but I would need her attitude to keep me going. She is not just mean and tough, you can tell she truly cares about the people she is working with on the show. She really wants to help them get to the bottom of why they gained all the weight.
Any-who, thanks for sharing with the whole blogging world your story.

Tri-ing Fat Man said...

Janice - Jillian is AWESOME. I was having lunch with my wife, mom, mother in law, and grand mother in law (yes there was not enough testosterone there for me I was highly out numbered!).

Jillian was having lunch at comanders palace in New Orleans and I sent her an anonomus note telling her thank you because biggest loser gave me motivation in the beginning of my struggles.

Well the waiter told her who I was (which I asked him not to do since I didn't want her to feel like she HAD to say hello) But he did. When she finished eating she came and sat with us for more than 20 minutes.

Let me tell you, she is SO FREAK'N awesome and I am not star struck ever, but she was so down to earth. She teared up a little durning our conversation. She was just a fantastic person.

You can do a tri. Every person that comes into our club, if they haven't taken on a tri their number 1 reason - THE SWIM! You can do it. GO to your local Y and join masters swimming or a local swim club. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Be Brilliant

amybee said...

Love the video update -- very cool.

I'm just catching up with your blog.

Sorry you are having some prob with the tubes/draining, but this too shall pass.

Zipp wheels! WOW. I'm impressed!

This is your year for the 1/2 iron and IMNO -- I'm sure of it.

Hey: if you are feeling bad that you can't get out and train now, just come to Minnesota. It is so flipping cold, snowy and icy we actually have an excuse to NOT train....

(I miss training too...)

Tri-ing Fat Man said...

Minnesota! Burrrrrrrr. I was up there last winter for a T-Wolves Celtics game and we caught a hockey game the next night and I almost froze to death . . . I dodn't feel too much like a wuss since even the locals were freaking out too!

There is a bright side to my not training because of recovery!
Thanks for the well wishes everyone.

Anonymous said...

What a great site.
I like 'bike porn'.
That is pretty cute. AND I
feel so special because I was
with Amanda when we dropped
off the bikes.(it made me feel
special, brillant even) Boy,
do I have a stupid life now.
If it is ok with you i would like to go to Florida race in Sept.
I was just aalking to Audrey Mom and all she could say was "I just
love that boy." Sugested she write you a letter. I need to do the same. xoxox (don't post this-too personal) or you can if you like. daaaaa xoxox