Monday, April 14, 2008

Tough Week and Weekend

I will give you a little recap of my week:

Monday - Emergency Room

During a lunch visit with a couple very special people in my life I began to have bad back pains.

IT was miserable and I was sad I didn’t get to spend quality time with family. Then during my Office Meeting I began to have bad stomach pains and soon I couldn’t see straight. I laid ON THE FLOOR of our conference room and called my wife to take me to the ER.

Turns out I have a plethora of gallstones in my gallbladder and one was trying to make a run for it!

Let me tell you that this is not a fun thing and I don’t recommend anyone do this if you don’t have to. With that said, the gallbladder is coming out April 29th.

Why so far out you ask?

Because I am a moron who is addicted to triathlon and my “A” race is coming up and I don’t want to miss it.

Tuesday –Thursday I spent in pain and on high level pain killers while the stone tried to pass, which it finally did Thursday morning.

I had plans to race in Dallas at Ply Tri Festival, but had canceled those plans as a result of my medical situation. BUT! Now that the stone had passed . . .

Friday: Driving to Dallas!!!!!

I check in to the hotel. Take a quick spin on the bike and rest. The week of pain had taken its toll. I felt horrible on the bike.


Race!!!!! Short Sprint tri and I did ok, but not good. My bike average was below 20mph for the first time in a while . . .

I spent the afternoon at a friends (Derek and Laurie) to visit with their beautiful new-born, Emily!!! I fell in love.


I was supposed to race in the Oly, but Saturday night I began to have those same pains that I was having on Monday . . .

I woke Sunday morning in bad shape. No racing for me. I went and watched two of my club members and cheered them on to the finish and headed south to Houston.

Had a great dinner with my Cousin Michael and then made my way to Lake Charles to begin a solid work week.

What a fun week!


Caroline Smith said...

GET THAT THING TAKEN OUT!! My dad had that same pain and thought he was going to die right there. after the surgery - he's feeling great! just do it - think about the long run....dont prolong the agony! your body will suffer more the longer you wait...and think of how much sooner you'll feel better (3 weeks from tomorrow vs 3 weeks from the 29th..?) love ya! - c

Damie said...

I am so sorry to hear about this!!! Yuck!!!!! I agree with Caroline above. I have heard good things too about having it removed.
PS: I am friends with Lane C and Lisa F in memphis! They both said they know you, and maybe you have stayed with Lane for MIM before?