Saturday, April 19, 2008

Louisiana Triathlon

What a day for racing!

Thanks to Hunter, P, Team Rome, and everyone else who cheered us on and volunteered today. It meant a lot and i needed it.

My goal was sub 2 hrs. Below is my LA Tri race 2 years ago:

2006 - Swim 25:26 pace 3:11 T1 2:59 Bike 1:12:44 pace 15.3 T2 2:20 Run55:07 pace 17:47 2:38:34

My goal time was a sub 2hrs for today.

Swim was uneventful. I had the first major skull kick today. It was a little freaky at first, but after I shook off the dizziness i was fine. I wanted to a smooth swim and for the most part that was what I had.

I have got to make better decisions on the bike! I tried to clip in at the bottom of the hill and ride out of transition, but was on my azz a few seconds later. (dummy) So I lost a little time regrouping, but once I was on the bike I was cook'n. I passed a bunch of folks and never really felt tired.

T2 was a bit slow.

I wanted to average sub 12 min miles. It wasn't to be today. I really have to get rid of this belly. That is what is keeping me back on the run. The weight I carry there really begins to hurt my back when i run too hard. SOON, that will not be a problem . . .

I crossed the finish line at about 1:56 and some change! Sub 2 hrs! I'll take it.


I want to thank my best friend Brent for coming out and watching me race. he is no morning person and lives halfway between BR and NOLA so it was a long drive for him. It meant a lot to me, thanks Brent.


Going to watch my friend Caroline and Philippe race at St. Anthony' tri this coming weekend. Surgery the following week to remove gallbladder, recover, race in Memphis in may . . .

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Timbeaux said...


Awesome job. Not only in this race, but all your races this year. And the remarkable body transformation.

When I do manage to race again, I have a lot to worry about. Your bike splits will kill me! If your run catches up you will be unstoppable.