Sunday, April 06, 2008

T-Gator #1 - My Best Race to date!

My Triathlon cCub, BRtri is lighting it up!

Special thanks to Scott for his kind words before the swim start.

DebE, seriously, you are getting fast sista! CarolineO was cranking it out there.

NormanN - Missed it by just thaaaaaaaat much, but you smoked. And your pointers and advice are coming in handy and paying off on the bike. I will put the check in the mail along with that certain item you put in my glove box - thanks my man!

ChadS in da house. Thanks to his lovely better half for the pics, love em. And you brutha are picking this tri thing up quick. Your learning curve in awesome. I don't expect to hold you off at LA tri . . .

It was nice meeting . . . (forgive me) Kent (?????) I think your name was? Nice to see you out and racing and I look forward to seeing you in our tri uni soon!

DebT - Also equally nice to meet the myth and the legend! Way to go out there!

And last but never least - Beth (poopyliz), you keep doing it and waking up and making your body GO. I am so proud of you and I know where you are right now and I know where you will be!


Nice leisurely drive with great conversation on the way to LC.

Arrived, checked in, and set up.

I was concerned about the water temp and thought I was going to freeze my nipplets off, but it was warmer than Galveston and actually kind of nice. I did something for the first time today with my homemade race uni. I wore the shirt part instead of tucking it in my tri shorts and pulling it out after swim. I figured the drag wouldn't be that bad for 400m. WRONG! Lesson learned.

Decent transition. Coach Will has been on me about my Transitions.

Once I got on the bike (which seems to be a bit of a labor for me) It was Hammer Time! While my goal of riding the big boy's speed was not obtained today and any goal I had of matching THE NormanN bike split was thrashed, I did feel good.

I WAS PASSED BY - NO ONE . . . Ha Ha Ha! <------ (what a prick)

I did some passing and once I figure out proper riding technique, watch out, because I had some still in the tank (and it's a big ole tank).

Average Speed – 22 MPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

T-2 was ok.

Run - Goal - sub 12 min mile pace.

I headed out on the run and wanted a steady bounce. "Bounce" is my technical term for my run body motion. I determine my comfort level and ability to go faster by the "bounce" of my big ole fat belly. I had a moderate bounce on the way out. HR was really low (about 134) and I felt fine, but if I decided to increase the "bounce" too soon I would slow because of the pain it causes to my lower back and actual gut.

At the turn around I decided to increase the "bounce". It was a heavy bounce, but manageable. HR still good at about 148. I really and truly felt great.

I have been doing predominantly long, low HR training the past month with tempo work mixed in on the run and bike. That crap works.

As I turned the final corner to the finish I stepped it up to the uncontrolled "bounce" where there is belly flying in all directions and mothers pull their children close out of fear that the "bounce" may fly in their direction and take them out! This is very painful, but worth it.

My average pace per mile – 10:48!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My goal today was a bold - Sub 1hr race.

I missed it by a little over a minute and a half - AND DAMN IT, I could have made time on the run and bike.

Thanks to all that have always been pushing me over the years. I am a product of your motivation. Thank you! But, it has only just begun . . .

You guys rock.


CVSURF said...

Nice race and great run time. Congrats on the race. All the hard work is paying off.

Damie said...

Hi! My name is Damie, former New Orleanian-now Memphian. I just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing such a motivational and inspirational blog. I hope you don't mind me reading it! Keep posting and have a great 2008 season!