Sunday, July 22, 2007

WEIGH-IN and Rip Van Winkle

July 22, 2007 (392 pounds)

June 28, 2007 (434 pounds)

Where to begin? I guess with my 3 week pictures (which I am very put off by) and my weigh-in.

Above are the results of three weeks, eating 1200 calories or less per day and doing my triathlon training. As you can clearly see in the pictures . . . THERE IS ABSOLUELY NO CHANGE!!!!!! I am really frustrated and set back by this.

My weigh-in:

June 28, 2007: 434lbs
July 22, 2007: 392lbs

Difference: 42lbs! (My question . . . why can’t I tell in the pictures?!)

Enough on that. While I am pumped about the weight loss, I am sad about the lack of change in my body’s appearance.

I will WEIGH-IN and picture take again on August 26, 2007.


I was very anxious about this race since I am only 3 weeks out from my liver surgery, but I feel like I know my body and its potential, therefore I went for it.

Amanda and her Dad went to the race in new Iberia, LA with me. The race was on a beautiful piece of property named the Rip Van Winkle Gardens. Amanda and I are going to go back and visit in the future, maybe when her Mom comes down from Ohio.

It is a VERY short race, 300m swim, 12mile bike, 2mile run.

We were a little late arriving. I didn’t know it was as far as it was. When I arrived I met my email friend Emile, or “E” as I call him. E has lost over 200 pounds recently and this was going to be his first ever triathlon. I was very excited for him. I remember my first tri as a big boy and I am sure he had some of the same thoughts going through his head as I did 3 years ago when I did the tri-it-on tri in Birmingham AL.

As I was heading down to the swim start I saw Doggie and Gloria. They are absolutely the cutest couple not to mention two really awesome people.

The swim was smooth. I took it easy and didn’t push it. I am not sure yet what my finish time on the swim was, but I am sure it was average. The ladder getting out of the lake was fun, with a capital F! Let’s just say I was a little embarrassed that I almost fell back into the lake! Then there were the stairs. Here I had the ONLY advantage on everyone else participating. The stairs and ramp were very slippery. Why did I have an advantage? I am used to going slow, so I was better at it than everyone else!!!!!!

The grassy hill we had to run up was not so fu either, especially since there was this nice spectator lady who decided to push her child, in her stroller op the hill, right beside me . . . AND she beat me up the hill!!!! HA! The pebble, rocky path was not real fun, but wasn’t too bad. I bet if they bought some cheap big industrial mats it would make a lot of people happy in the future.

E was in the transition right behind me and I gave him a shout out! This was one of my faster transitions. I saw Amanda and I heard Scott (aka Doggie) holler out for me. Thanks Doggie.

If there was one issue with this course it would be the first 6.5 miles of road. Far anyone who has done Yam City tri, you will remember the frontage road part of the bike course beside I-49. Well, the first 6 to 7 miles of the Rip Van Winkle bike course is a little worse than that. It is really rough road and then there are these pot holes that will shake your core! I lost a water bottle and I have never lost a water bottle. The last 5 miles is heaven after the first 6! There was a pretty good bit of wind on the bike course and it seemed to always come straight at me!

I entered transition to a lovely face, Angel (AKA Momma Bear). I was struggling in transition. I was on track to finish in less than 1:30min but I think the after effects of my surgery were taking effect on me. I was a little dizzy and my legs were heavy.

I headed out on the run and walked the first mile. I saw Gloria coming in to the finish and she was moving! She was much focused. I am not sure what her time was either, but I think she smoked it.

It was HOT. As I was making my way through run course I saw all of these sprinkles for the gardens . . . How I wished they were on and shooting nice cool H2O on the run course, but no help. I began running about mile one as I hit the water station, but then I began walking again as I made my way through the garden on the way back in to the finish.

This is where I saw E. He was rock’n it and I was thrilled for him. I hadn’t seen him since transition so I was happy to see him now.

I began running as I came out of the tree area of the run course. I wasn’t feeling it and I was a little dizzy still. When I cam around a slight bend and saw the finish I was ecstatic. I crossed at about 1 hour 49 or so minutes. Momma Bear gave me bookoo hydration and I poured COLD water over e and that revived me back to clarity.

E crossed just a few seconds after me! He was making serious ground on me. When he gets a good bike he will be smoking the bike course and I will be chasing him!

Amanda drove me home and I slept. If I had thought it through I may not have rced so soon after surgery, but I am glad I did.

All in all, it was a good day.


Anonymous said...

I bet you can tell you've lost. That is a huge loss in less than a month. The old saw about it not taking overnight to put it on is true. I predict that by September 15th you are going to be down 70 lbs. You are soing awesome! Can't wait to see you in October.

Anonymous said...

My Christopher,
How can you NOT see the differences? May I point them out to you, please. Me thinks you failed to realise the importance of taking a 'true' picture.
Note: 1. not on same side.(you have one right and one left)
2. pic not taken at same place for backgroud. 3.shorts are of different color. 4.pic's were taken at different distances.
I could go on but just these 4 things tell the story. You are not giving yourself credit for all that your body is doing and going thru. To me it is very obvious that things are very different in the june and july photos,
Just look at your neck.You have lost 3-4 inches.
Be happy and nice to you. I love you. You do so good. mom d.xoxoxo

Anonymous said...


I know your pictures may not show your weight loss but you can see it. I told Scott when I saw you at the race that it looked like you had lost a significant amount of weight. Keep it up. It is for your health!!!! Keep on keeping on. GW

Anonymous said...

Continue to be tough on yourself, but allow yourself to see your success. It is obvious! Keep up the hard work. Good luck with your IM training, I'll be rooting for you.

Cherokee said...

I think the beard throws you off in the first pic. LOL! Just teasing bro.

Like many have said before me you may not see it in the pics but I know you're able to tell it. I bet the clothes fit better any way.

Again your an inspiration to me dude!

Keep it up. Love the blog.