Tuesday, May 02, 2006

To Train or . . . Not.

Training and Then again, Not . . .

I have had an incredible time training since my last race (LA Tri) and I am not sure why. My body was beaten up in that race.

Let’s recap the abuse:

I re-opened two blisters from the CCC 10k the week prior. Now these weren’t your typical little blisters.

a. Blister #1. Located on the insole of my left foot. Nearly one inch in diameter and strategically positioned to cause deep discomfort with each step taken.

b. Blister #2, code named, One Big Muther!!!! Over one inch in diameter and possibly the deepest blister I have seen ever in my lifetime. Located on my outer sole of the left foot.

c. Last, Blister #3. The icky sticky, tricky pesky blister. Located on the heel of my left foot, where the shoe rubs and makes delightful friction tunes of melodies gone by.

I also . . . This is so disgusting. I have obtained and little cyst on my inner right leg, closer to my buttocks. UMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Who’s ready for dinner! It is not inflamed yet and at the time of this race was only a nuisance as it is now a bother.

During the race I re-aggravated my left calf and the constant cramping feeling is back after many weeks of its joyful absence. It is so annoying to sit there stretching it ALL DAY LONG. But, that is all that gives it relief.

After the race I upchucked about 6 times and my stomach hasn’t been the same since.

My running shoe, after the race, looked like the site of a murder scene. The entire shoe was bloody form the blisters, then turned creators of the deep and beyond in my shoe.


Since then I have been sitting around thinking of ways to get around training. I have created every possible opportunity NOT TO TRAIN.

Did you know, I cleaned my house last week? YES! Shut up! I know!!!!!!!!

The means I will go to in order not to train is intense. I considered watching a girly TV show with my wife the other day, in stead of running. I know, this is extreme. I may need, INTERVENTION!


Tonight I will train.

Or read War and Peace again.

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Dr. J said...

"GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE" - As said so eloquently by Queen, Fat Bottom Girls.

Sounds like you need some extra motivation to train right now.
Send me an email if you'd like and I can let you know when the YaYa's and YoYo's are training (swim, bike, and run). jjeansonne@selu.edu
Keep it up!
-Dr. JJJ